3 Best Vegan Feta Cheese Brands (2024)

Whether you want to try the viral TikTok feta cheese pasta or you’re craving the classic Mediterranean feta salad, you need to find its dairy-free version to give your recipes a vegan twist.

Wondering where you will find the best vegan feta cheese brands? Right here! (Not literally, only the names)

I have shortlisted some of the best vegan feta cheese brands from the available options so you can experience the same taste and texture of this crumbly, creamy cheese that your non-vegan friends and family members rave about. Let’s get to our list without further ado!


Don’t get your hopes too high when shopping for vegan feta. Unlike other cheese varieties, there aren’t very many dairy-free feta options available. There are even fewer choices on Amazon.

3 Brands That Make the Best Vegan Feta Cheese

My top picks for the best vegan-friendly feta cheese brands include:

1. Violife (LINK)

Who can make feta better than a company based in Greece? So you can trust Violife’s vegan feta to hit the spot.

Made with coconut oil, this plant-based cheese comes in the form of a block, allowing you to use it in whatever way you want. Cube it or crumble it; Violife’s dairy-free feta will take your simple dishes to a whole new level. It’s silky and salty, with a mild tartness cutting through it. It’s simply delicious.

In addition to being vegan-friendly, Violife’s Just Like Feta is also non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free, making it suitable for a wider audience. Like all other Violife products, it also doesn’t contain any preservatives, so the health-conscious out there can eat it too.

2. Follow Your Heart (LINK)

Follow Your Heart is another leading name in the dairy-free industry. Based in sunny California, the company has been making dairy-free cheese and mayonnaise since the 70s, when they were not even as popular as today.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Follow Your Heart is one of the real OGs of the dairy-free world.

Follow Your Heart’s vegan feta comes crumbled, allowing you to whip up salads, sandwiches, and wraps quickly. Rich and creamy, the dairy-free feta is made with coconut oil and potato starch. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and PARVE-certified.

Versatile and easy to use, Follow Your Heart’s dairy-free feta cheese will satisfy not only your cravings, but your heart, too.

3. Trader Joe’s (LINK)

Trader Joe’s is the first grocery store chain that comes to mind when it comes to specialty foods. And rightly so! The place has established itself as the Mecca of unique, interesting, specialty products.

Whether you’re looking for healthy food options or those that are light on the pocket, Trader Joe’s won’t disappoint you. No wonder it has a cult following around the country.

For dairy-free feta, Trader Joe’s reached out to one of its suppliers in Greece to provide its vegan consumers with an authentic feta experience.

Called Vegan Feta Cheese Alternative, this creamy, crumbly, savory cheese is made with coconut oil, potato starch, and a little bit of potato protein and comes in the form of a block stored in brine to give it the authentic feel and flavor.

According to some user reviews, Trader Joe’s vegan feta is a bit milder than Violife’s, which makes it a great option for those who do not like robust-flavored cheese (there are quite a few such people out there).

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What is vegan feta made of?

There’s no fixed set of vegan feta ingredients, but most varieties available on the market use coconut oil as the main ingredient. This is often combined with potato starch and a few other ingredients to whip up a vegan version of feta cheese.

While this seems like a complicated task, did you know that you can make your own vegan feta at home using tofu? Check out the following video for a quick and simple vegan feta cheese recipe…


Feta may not be many people’s priority cheese option, but the versatility of this Greek cheese makes it one of my top favorites. From salads and appetizer platters to pasta, sandwiches, and wraps to dips, feta cheese goes beautifully with everything.

You can even have it on its own. Just grill it with a touch of olive oil and herbs and enjoy it as a snack. Finding vegan versions of feta can be a little hard, though.

There aren’t as many vegan feta options on the market as there are for other types of cheese. But you can surely find some.

While the three highlighted above are my top picks for vegan feta cheese brands, you may find some more (artisanal) options in your local grocery store.

Since we’re talking about cheese, you may be interested to learn about boxed vegan mac and cheese brands to stock your pantry with. Check out my article Best Vegan Mac and Cheese Brands to have your comfort food supply sorted.

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