Are Jack in the Box Tacos Vegan (2024)? Know Before You Eat

Jack in the Box may be best known for its juicy hamburgers and seasoned curly fries, but these are not the restaurant’s most sold products. It’s the humble taco!

Even though Jack in the Box’s menu has changed several times over the years, crunchy, fried tacos have been a constant menu item since the 1950s, when the first Jack in the Box restaurant opened its doors to the public. These crispy pockets filled with delicious goodness have delighted foodies through the decades.

But are Jack in the Box tacos vegan? Or does Jack in the Box offer vegan taco options for its non-meat-eating customers? Let’s find out!

Are Jack in the Box Tacos Vegan-Friendly?

Are Jack in the Box tacos vegan-friendly

As much as vegans wish for it, Jack in the Box tacos are unfortunately not vegan-friendly. They are not even suitable for vegetarians because they contain meat.

Jack in the Box neither offers meatless tacos as Del Taco does nor does the restaurant allows you to get vegan tacos made through custom orders, like Taco Bell.  

But, I Heard Jack in the Box Tacos Do Not Contain Real Meat!

Are Jack in the Box tacos made with soy meat

The news has been around for over a decade now and has been discussed at almost every vegan platform numerous times.

It’s high time we put it to rest because it’s only a rumor!

If you’re a new convert or somehow didn’t hear about it until now, there has been news circulating all over the internet (for quite a long time now) that Jack in the Box tacos are made with soy meat and not real meat. Hence, they are suitable for plant-eaters.

But, it’s far from the truth. Jack in the Box tacos are made with real meat (as real as it can get).

Where Did That News Come From, Then?

Can vegans eat Jack in the Box tacos

While I could not figure out where exactly this news came from, it was surely a misunderstanding. However, what probably made the news spread like wildfire was the lack of knowledge of some Jack in the Box workers.

The reason why I say this is because I came across multiple posts on various digital discussion platforms, including Quora and Reddit, that they were told by people working at Jack in the Box that their tacos are made with soy meat. Here are a few for your reference:

Since confirmation of the news came from Jack in the Box employees (current or former), it made many people believe that it was true.

Keeping in view the fact that Jack in the Box has been around for a very long time and has been serving tacos since the very beginning, it comes as a surprise that their workers do not know what their taco filling is made of real meat or vegan meat.

So, I did a little digging and found out that they get their tacos pre-filled with this meat-soy mix from the manufacturing site. They just fry them and top them with lettuce, cheese, and salsa before serving.

Now we know where the problem lies!

What is Jack in the Box Tacos Filling Actually Made Of?

What is Jack in the Box tacos made of

Jack in the Box taco filling does contain soy, and it’s mentioned as “textured vegetable protein” and “defatted soy grits” in the taco filling ingredients list. However, it also contains a number of other ingredients too, including real meat (beef or chicken).

Take a look at Jack in the Box tacos ingredients to list yourself:

The amount of meat is less than soy protein, though.

This could probably be also the reason why people easily believed the rumor that in Jack in the Box taco filling is made with soy because they couldn’t really taste the meat. Whatever the reason may be, it only got us poor vegans excited, only to be disappointed later.

Conclusion – Are Jack in the Box Tacos Meatless?

Oh! How I wish it was true. But, sadly, it’s nothing more than a rumor. Jack in the Box tacos are not meatless. Even though the quantity of meat is lower than soy protein, it’s still there. This means Jack in the Box tacos are not vegan or even vegetarian.

We really hope Jack in the Box introduces vegan tacos (it doesn’t seem likely, though). But, unless they do so, you have to rely on other vegan foods available at Jack in the Box (there are some) or make your own vegan tacos at home.

Check out the following video for a simple vegan taco recipe and make tiny tacos like Jack in the Box at home…

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