Are KFC Fries Vegan? (2024)

If potatoes are the king of vegetables, french fries are the star of the sides and snacks world. And if you’re to name places that have truly perfected the humble and utterly delicious fries, you can’t ignore KFC. But are KFC fries vegan?

They are to some but not to others. The french fries are vegan at KFC, but they are often cooked in shared containers, leading to cross-contamination. For this reason, some vegans avoid KFC fries.

Read on for a bit deeper insight into KFC’s fries to decide whether you want to eat them while following a vegan lifestyle or not.

Are KFC Fries Cooked in Animal Fat

No, they aren’t.

Unlike some other popular fast food chains, KFC doesn’t cook their fries in beef fat. They use vegetable oil to fry their potato chips.

Is KFC Fries’ Seasoning Vegan?

KFC’s Secret Recipe Fries got their name from the fast-food chain’s signature seasoning that’s also used on its chicken. This makes many wonder if it’s vegan.

While we don’t know what exactly KFC’s fries seasoning contains – remember, it’s secret – it’s known to be a blend of 11 different spices and herbs and hence, widely believed to be vegan-friendly.

Like it a little too much and wish you could have it for use at home?

The American celebrity chef Nick DiGiovanni posted a video on his YouTube channel claiming he had discovered (or stole, as he stated it) KFC’s secret seasoning recipe. Check out the video here:

Trigger Warning: Do not watch beyond 4:30 minutes if you feel uncomfortable with the visuals of meat.

Why Do Some Vegans Avoid KFC Fries?

Wondering why some vegans avoid KFC fries when the fast-food chain doesn’t use animal fat for cooking their potato chips or any non-vegan ingredients in its seasoning? It’s got to do with the equipment they use, not the ingredients.

KFC doesn’t have designated fryers for french fries at most (if not all) of its locations.

They are cooked in the same fryers that are used for chicken, leading to cross-contamination, which is an issue for many vegans. If you are also one of them and do not feel comfortable eating foods cooked in the same pan and oil as non-vegan foods, you have to give up KFC fries as well.

So, Are KFC Fries Vegan?

are KFC fries vegan

The answer can vary from person to person, depending on their definition of or commitment to veganism.

For some, it’s just the ingredients that matter; if they are all vegan, they consider them suitable for consumption. But for others, every single step, from preparation to cooking to supply of food, is equally important, and they consider all of these steps to determine the vegan-friendliness of food items.

So, the answer to if KFC fries are vegan depends on your vegan food ideology.

If you’re fine with eating foods cooked in the same space and equipment as chicken and other non-vegan items, you can have KFC fries without a second thought because that’s the only issue with them.

However, if you belong to the other group of vegans, you would sadly have to say goodbye to these crispy fried potato snacks from KFC.

Considering how even the simplest of foods like fries can get tricky for vegans, it’s only wise to know about fries from other popular fast-food chains, too. Check out my article Are Burger King Fries Vegan to know if you can have them on a plant-based diet.

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