8 Best Raw Vegan Wraps That Are Better Than Tortillas (2024)

Long before going vegan I’ve always loved wraps. From breakfast wraps to deli wraps and burritos, I used to eat it all. After going vegan, I had to switch out my meat for roasted veggies and vegan meat alternatives. Along the way, I also discovered that raw vegan wraps just tasted better with my plant-based wraps.

Plus, raw vegan wraps are a whole lot healthier and more wholesome than your traditional wheat or corn tortillas! If you’ve been trying to cut down on calories and carbs or you just want to start incorporating more superfoods into your diet, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I’m going to show you the best raw vegan wraps that I’ve ever tried. First, I’ll explain a bit more about what makes raw vegan wraps so special, and then I’ll show you my top 8 favorite raw wraps that I’ve been incorporating in my daily recipes.

It’s time to make some wraps!

Raw Wraps, Spinach Flavor
Raw Wraps, Spinach Flavor
  • For Vegan Deli Wraps
Editor's Choice
Raw Wraps, Kale Flavor
Raw Wraps, Kale Flavor
  • For Vegan dinner wraps
Reader's Choice
NUCO DUO Certified Organic, Kosher Raw Veggie NUCO Coconut Wraps
NUCO DUO Certified Organic, Kosher Raw Veggie NUCO Coconut Wraps
  • For sweet vegan crepes

What Are Raw Vegan Wraps Made Out Of?

If you’ve never tried a raw vegan wrap before, then you might be wondering what all the hype’s about. What makes them so different from other tortillas? Why are they so healthy? And, of course, what the heck are raw vegan wraps made of?

Unlike traditional tortillas that are made from a flour base (usually wheat or corn flour), raw vegan wraps are primarily made from dehydrated vegetables. The dehydrated vegetables are blended together with some ingredients to make them stick together and then flattened into a wrap before being packaged and sold.

Some of the most common ingredients used to make raw vegan wraps include:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Sweet potato
  • Tapioca
  • Coconut
  • Zucchini
  • Apple
  • Flaxseed
  • … And more!

Raw vegan wraps also typically include some added herbs and seasoning to provide a rich, complex flavor. Depending on which ingredients are used and what type of seasoning is blended into the mix, one type of raw wrap can taste completely different from the next.

Leaf Wraps Vs. Raw Vegan Wraps

If you perform a quick Google search for “raw vegan wraps,” you’ll likely find a lot of recipes that call for lettuce wraps. While these are technically as raw as you can get, they’re not the same as raw vegan wraps.

If you’re trying to be extra-healthy, then one of the best things you can do is to completely swap out your wrap or tortillas for a large slice of lettuce, kale, or collards. It’s incredibly healthy and is a great way to incorporate more raw veggies into your diet.

Using a leaf wrap is fairly simple, though, so I’m not here to recommend brands of lettuce to you today!

Instead, I’ll be showing raw vegan wraps that have a more tortilla-like consistency. These are made from dehydrated vegetables and natural plant-based flour mixes derived from potatoes, coconut, and others.

Are Raw Vegan Wraps Healthier Than Tortillas?

Raw vegan wraps are almost always healthier than tortillas! For one, they almost always have fewer carbohydrates, as they’re not made from carb-heavy flour like wheat flour or corn flour. If you look at the ingredients list of most veggie wraps, you’ll find that the main ingredients are almost always dehydrated vegetables.

This brings me to my next point… most raw vegan wraps are quite literally “raw.” Just recently, I wrote a post on losing weight with a raw vegan diet. Unlike regular vegans, raw vegans don’t cook or apply heat to any of their food. Everything must be eaten raw and uncooked.

Most of the wheat or corn tortillas on the market have been pressed and pre-cooked, making them unsuitable for a truly raw diet. However, raw vegan wraps are made with raw, uncooked vegetables.

Eating raw fruit and vegetables is beneficial for several reasons, including:

  • Raw fruit and veggies have more nutrients since cooking removes or destroys nutrients.
  • Raw plants aren’t cooked or soaked in any preservatives. They’re all-natural.

If you’re interested in learning more about raw veganism and why you should eat more raw foods, check out this awesome Ted X talk:

What Do Raw Vegan Wraps Taste Like?

For the most part, raw vegan wraps taste just like traditional tortillas. They have the same texture and consistency. The main difference you’ll notice is that raw vegan wraps have a strong veggie aftertaste. The exact flavor will differ, depending on the blend of fruits and veggies used to make the wrap.

In my experience, though, raw vegan wraps are far more flavorful than traditional tortillas.

The 8 Best Raw Vegan Wraps I’ve Ever Tried

I know it may sound like I’m hating on tortillas a bit… I promise you I’m not. In fact, I still use plant-based corn and grain tortillas all of the time (here are some of my favorites). I tend to get bored of eating the same thing day after day, though.

Whenever I’m looking to switch things up a bit or I’m trying to cut down on carbs and calories, raw vegan wraps are the next best thing! They’re healthy, delicious, and really pair well with a plant-based lunch wrap.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best raw vegan wraps I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying!

What I Use Them For: Vegan Deli Wraps

When my vegan roommate first asked me to pick her up a pack of “raw wraps,” from the grocery store, I thought she was talking about the brand of rolling papers that most head shops sell.

She laughed and explained that it was her favorite brand of veggie wraps and that she would make me an amazing wrap if I could bring some back from the store.

I’d never tried a veggie wrap before, so I agreed. It ended up being far better than I could have ever imagined, and I’ve been a fan of Raw Wraps ever since!

The company’s most popular flavor, by far, is their spinach-flavored wrap. They’re made from five simple ingredients:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Apple
  • Quinoa
  • Psyllium

No preservatives, no sugar, no added nothing. It’s as simple as it gets. Even though they don’t have any preservatives, they still have a long shelf life of up to one year. Since the ingredients are completely dehydrated, it takes a lot longer for them to go bad.

You might think that they’d easily fall apart without anything to hold them together, but they hold together remarkably well on their own. As long as you don’t try to make your wrap too tight, you shouldn’t have any problems with it.

As far as the taste goes, Raw Wraps’ Spinach-flavored wraps are incredible!

They have a mild vegetable flavor that’s nicely balanced out with the sweetness from the apple and the graininess from the quinoa. I love using these to make deli wraps with my vegan deli slices.

What I Love About Them:

  • They have a well-balanced, slightly sweet taste thanks to the added apples.
  • They’re 100% raw and are suitable for a raw vegan diet.
  • Each wrap contains only 60 calories and 14 grams of carbs.
  • They have a shelf life of 1 year.

What Could Be Better:

  • Although they taste great, they’re rather expensive.

What I Use Them For: Vegan dinner wraps

As I mentioned above, Raw Wraps offers several different flavors. While the spinach flavor is arguably my favorite, their kale-flavored wrap is an easy second. Kale is considered a superfood and contains four times more vitamin C than spinach and is also high in calcium and folate.

It’s also packed full of vitamin E and beta-carotene, making the dark green leaf amazing for skin health! Yet another fun fact is that a serving of kale has almost 3 grams of protein, making it one of the most nutrient-dense leafy greens in existence.

Okay, okay, but how do kale wraps taste?”

The first time I bought them, I had no idea what to expect. I was gratefully surprised. Unlike Raw Wraps’ Spinach-flavored wrap, these raw vegan wraps have a far more savory, earthy flavor. Raw Wraps uses several different ingredients to produce the unique flavor:

  • Kale
  • Apple
  • Onion
  • Celery
  • Quinoa
  • Psyllium

Some of the ingredients are the same (apple, quinoa, and psyllium), but the combination of kale, onion, and celery make for a nice savory twist that I wasn’t expecting.

Like Raw Wraps’ Spinach-flavored wraps I mentioned above, these wraps have a one-year shelf life and contain no artificial ingredients, GMOs, or preservatives!

What I Love About Them:

  • The combination of kale, onion, and celery makes for a wonderfully savory flavor.
  • Low calorie, low carb, and zero added sugars.
  • Long 1-year shelf life.
  • No preservatives, GMOs, or any other artificial ingredients.
  • 100% raw ingredients, never cooked or heated.

What Could Be Better:

  • Again, the high price point is a bit disappointing.

What I Use Them For: Sweet vegan crepes

NUCO’s Coconut Veggie Wraps are the closest thing I’ve ever tasted to real French-style crepes. Of course, real crepes are off-limits for vegans, as they contain egg, refined sugar, and dairy. However, these raw vegan coconut wraps contain just three ingredients:

  • Coconut meat
  • Coconut water
  • Coconut oil

That’s it! Oh, and it’s worth noting that all three of the ingredients are 100% organic. They’re also suitable for raw vegan diets, as they contain no cooked ingredients whatsoever.

Of course, since they don’t contain any added sugar, you may find that they’re not quite as sweet as a traditional crepe. However, coconut water contains some natural sugars that give these wraps a lightly sweet flavor that’s not overpowering.

Like crepes, you can use NUCO’s Coconut Veggie Wraps for both savor and sweet wraps. Personally, I like using them to make my own sweet crepes with fresh fruit, maple syrup drizzle, and a bit of homemade vegan whipped cream.

I find that the coconut flavor pairs remarkably with fresh fruit, and I definitely suggest you give these a try.

With three simple ingredients, just 70 calories per wrap, and 6 grams of total carbs, they’re a great choice for low-carb, gluten-free, vegan, and raw vegan diets alike!

What I Love About Them:

  • Made with three simple ingredients that all come from organic coconuts.
  • Just 70 calories per wrap.
  • Only 6 grams of total carbohydrates per wrap.
  • Lightly sweet flavor thanks to coconut water’s natural sweetness.
  • No added sugars, GMOs, or preservatives.

What Could Be Better:

  • The wraps are very thin, so they can burn easily if you’re cooking them.
  • They have a strong coconut taste, which not everybody may appreciate.

What I Use Them For: Veggie lunch wraps

Wrawp’s Organic Veggie Wraps are one of the most well-rounded, nutritious raw vegan wraps I’ve ever eaten.

Unlike the Raw Wraps and NUCO wraps I’ve shown you so far, these raw vegan wraps contain a few more ingredients. Fear not, though, because everything is still 100% raw and plant-based!

These flavorful veggie wraps contain:

  • Zucchini
  • Apple
  • Flaxseed
  • Coconut
  • Turmeric
  • Oregano
  • Onion
  • Black salt

The primary green veggie in these wraps is zucchini, which gives these wraps an earthy taste that’s similar to the kale wraps I mentioned earlier.

Personally, though, I find these wraps far more flavorful, thanks to the added turmeric, oregano, onion, and black salt. They’re perfect for making savory lunch wraps with some chopped-up tofu and fresh veggies!

These wraps aren’t quite as low-calorie as some of the other wraps I’ve listed, containing 120 calories per wrap, 17 grams of carbs, and 4 grams of fat.

That being said, I find that they’re a lot more filling, which is important if I have a long day ahead of me.

What I Love About Them:

  • Complex flavor thanks to the added spice and herbs.
  • More filling than some of the pure vegetable wraps on the market.
  • Large, thick wraps that don’t fall apart easily.

What Could Be Better:

  • They look kind of ugly (kind of like a piece of tree bark).

What I Use Them For: Vegan sushi rolls and sushi burritos

Nori is about as raw and plant-based as a vegan wrap can get because… well it’s a dried leaf. For the uninitiated, nori is a sheet of dried seaweed. They’re the crunchy, dark-green leaves that Japanese restaurants use to wrap sushi in.

What’s cool about nori is that it has a naturally salty flavor, thanks to the fact that it’s harvested out of the ocean. So, whether you’re using it to make your own vegan sushi or “sushi burrito wraps,” you don’t have to worry about adding extra seasoning to your vegan protein or veggies.

Each sheet of Raw Organic’s Nori contains just 10 calories, 1 gram of protein, and 1 gram of carbs, making them nearly calorie-free. Sometimes, when I’m craving a slightly salty snack, I just munch on the sheets by themself!

Another cool fact about nori is that it’s considered a superfood as well.

Nori is loaded with B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron. Lastly, this particular brand of nori is certified organic, so you can rest assured that you’re not consuming any pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, or any other non-natural substances. Just pure dried seaweed!

What I Love About Them:

  • They’re 100% organic and contain no additives.
  • Just 10 calories and 1 gram of carbs per sheet.
  • Nori is suitable for raw vegan diets since the seaweed sheets are naturally dehydrated, not heat-dried.
  • Nori is a superfood and is packed full of vitamins and minerals.

What Could Be Better:

  • They have a strong “ocean” flavor that some people may find off-putting.

What I Use Them For: Savory herbal wraps

The NUCO Coconut Wraps I reviewed above are made from pure coconut. These wraps contain the exact same simple base (coconut meat, coconut water, and coconut oil), with one exception- added turmeric!

For those who don’t cook with turmeric that often, it’s a rich, savory spice that’s commonly used in Indian cuisine. Since I’m on the subject, the majority of Indian food is vegan-friendly and plant-based, making it a great option for vegans.

I love using these wraps to make Indian-themed vegan curry burritos. When cooked, they have a lovely spicy aroma that really helps cut down on the otherwise strong coconut taste (which some people have complained about regarding NUCO’s original coconut wraps).

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that’s said to be able to reduce pain and even help with symptoms of arthritis in the body. It also has antioxidant properties, which are known for reducing the effects of aging and improving your body’s natural immunity.

What I Love About Them:

  • Turmeric aroma and flavor remind me of Indian food.
  • Just four simple ingredients: coconut meat, coconut water, coconut oil, and turmeric.
  • Made using organic coconuts.
  • No artificial additives, GMOs, or preservatives.
  • No added salt, making these a great low-sodium wrap.

What Could Be Better:

  • Turmeric is a rather strong herb, so if you’re not used to it, you may find it overpowering.
  • The wraps are relatively thin, so you’ll have to be careful so they don’t fall apart.

What I Use Them For: Vegan veggie tacos

So far, all of the wraps I’ve mentioned have been 100% raw vegan wraps. Since none of the ingredients are cooked, they’re suitable for raw vegan diets. While Maria & Ricardo’s Cauliflower Tortillas may not be 100% raw, they’re still some very good vegan wraps.

They’re made with a simple base of:

  • Tapioca flour
  • Water
  • Dehydrated cauliflower powder
  • Guar fiber
  • Potato starch
  • Avocado oil
  • Apple cider vinegar

In addition to these wholesome ingredients, Maria & Ricardo’s includes some simple seasonings, such as lemon pepper, black pepper, and onion powder.

The only non-natural ingredient in these veggie wraps is xanthan gum, which is added to help the tortillas stick together better and not fall apart as easily as other raw vegan wraps.

What I Love About Them:

  • Wholesome plant-based ingredients.
  • The flavor is remarkably similar to corn tortillas.
  • Each tortilla contains a full serving of vegetables.

What Could Be Better:

  • They’re not 100% raw wraps, as they’re cooked. This makes them unsuitable for a raw vegan diet.

What I Use Them For: Sweet vegan fruit wraps

GemWraps’ Apple-Kale wraps taste somewhat similar to Raw Wraps’ Kale-flavored wraps that I mentioned above.

However, these are a bit smaller in circumference and a good bit thinner (which is what allows them to get away with just 35 calories per wrap).

These also don’t contain any onion or celery, giving them a sweeter flavor thanks to the strong presence of the apple.

These raw vegan wraps are made from a base of apple puree, kale powder, palm wax, and soy protein. They also have added vegetable glycerin to hold the wraps together, fruit pectin, filtered, water, and salt to provide minimal flavor.

The only problem I’ve had with these wraps is how thin and fragile they are. I’d never use them to pack a giant vegan burrito with. That being said, they’re perfect for making small dessert-style wraps!

What I Love About Them:

  • Made with organic, non-GMO ingredients.
  • Only 35 calories and 7 grams of carbs per wrap.
  • A lightly sweet flavor that pairs perfectly with fruit.

What Could Be Better:

  • They’re very thin, so you can’t stuff them too much.

What’s The Best Raw Vegan Wrap?

So, if I had to pick the best raw vegan wrap on this list, what would it be?

I would have to go with the WrawP Organic Veggie Wraps (item #4 above). They have a perfectly balanced flavor, are 100% raw, and contain a nice blend of added seasoning and herbs, making them perfect for a wide variety of different vegan wraps!

In Conclusion

If you’re trying to take a break from traditional wheat and corn tortillas or you’ve recently switched to a raw vegan diet and can’t consume pre-cooked tortillas anymore, then these raw vegan wraps are the perfect alternative!

No matter how much I love my raw vegan wraps, though, I still eat my fair share of traditional tortillas!

Thankfully, there are plenty of vegan, plant-based tortillas on the market to satisfy my cravings. Check out my favorite vegan tortillas here!

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