4 Best Vegan Chocolate Chips (2024)

One of the latest achievements in the vegan world that I really like is vegan chocolate.

Our ancestors probably never dreamt about it, but here we are, making chocolates without a hint of dairy. Isn’t it astounding?

Let’s talk about one of the humans’ best innovations in the food sector – vegan chocolate – and list down the best vegan chocolate chips brands, so you can relive all your baking dreams with those special recipes that call for them once again.

Best Vegan Chocolate Chips Brands

From cookies to banana bread, you can now make your favorite desserts using real chocolate chips. Here are some of the best-reviewed vegan chocolate chip brands:

1. Pascha (LINK)

Pascha is a certified vegan brand that doesn’t just make chocolate chips but a variety of chocolate products in a completely dairy-free facility, so there’s no risk of cross-contamination.

Pascha is also a nut-free facility, which makes their products suitable for those with a nut allergy as well. Moreover, the brand is 100% organic and makes several different types of vegan chocolate chips. The options include:

  • 100% Cacao Organic Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Chips
  • 85% Cacao Very Dark Organic Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Chips
  • 70% Cacao No Sugar Added, Organic Bitter-Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips (Made with Stevia)
  • 55% Cacao Barely Dark Organic Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips
  • Organic  No Milk Baking Chips
  • Dairy-Free Vegan Organic White Baking Chips

Pascha is also non-GMO project verified, certified gluten-free, fair-trade certified, and kosher. Some of its chocolate chip varieties are also keto-friendly. This impressive lineup of vegan and organic chocolate chips makes Pascha a favorite brand of vegan bakers. And rightly so!

2. Enjoy Life (LINK)

Enjoy Life makes chocolates, cookies, snack bars, brownies, and a few savory snacks without dairy, eggs, and 12 other common allergens.

Though it isn’t a certified vegan brand (anymore), and online sources say they have a few non-vegan products, I couldn’t track down its non-vegan items.  Also, the brand asserts that all its products are suitable for vegans. As for the certification, it seems they had it at one point but didn’t renew it.

Regardless, all of its chocolate chip varieties are vegan-friendly, as well as suitable for those with different kinds of allergies. They are nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and also paleo-friendly.

Enjoy Life’s vegan chocolate chips varieties include:

  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips
  • White Baking Mini Chips
  • Dark Chocolate Morsels
  • Ricemilk Chocolate Morsels

Enjoy Life chocolates are also made from sustainably-sourced cocoa beans. The brand is also quite affordable.

3. Equal Exchange (LINK)

Equal Exchange is a brand committed to supporting small farmers and promoting fair trade in today’s highly exploitative corporate supply chain sector. The brand is also environmentally-conscious and is working to promote sustainability. It’s also USDA organic certified.

Is it vegan? I am not 100% sure (I couldn’t find relevant information on the brand’s website). But its chocolate chips are. They are not only made without animal ingredients, but they are also manufactured in a facility that doesn’t process dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanut, wheat, or any other gluten-containing ingredient.

In terms of products, Equal Exchange offers a variety of teas, coffees, chocolates, and foods. There are two types of chocolate chips:

  • 70% Cacao Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Chips
  • 55% Cacao Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

4. Endangered Species (LINK)

If you want a taste of premium chocolate without compromising your animal-free lifestyle, you should try Endangered Species. The brand makes chocolate bars and chips, and while they are not all vegan-friendly, the majority of them are (they come with a vegan label to make it easier for buyers to find them).

Manufactured with healthy, responsibly-sourced ingredients without any mysterious additives, Endangered Species’ vegan chocolate chips come in two varieties:

  • 75% Cocoa Oat Milk + Dark Chocolate Premium Baking Chips
  • 55% Cocoa Oat Milk + Dark Chocolate Premium Baking Chips

Though they are labeled as baking chips, Endangered Species’ dairy-free chocolate chips are also known to work great for garnishing.

The only downside of this brand is that its chocolate chips are manufactured using the same equipment that’s used for milk and nuts-containing products, which can be an issue for some vegans. However, if it doesn’t bother you, try Endangered Species’ chips for a fine chocolate experience.

Conclusion – What is the Best Vegan Chocolate Chips Brand?

All the brands we have discussed above have excellent reviews for their non-dairy chocolate chips. However, Pascha seems the best option to me. Not only it’s a certified vegan brand, but it is also organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, nut-free, kosher, and fair-trade certified. It’s all things good.

And just when you think it can’t get any better, the brand surprises you with its good variety of products.

There are six different types of chocolate chips available –all dairy-free and suitable for vegans. What more do you want? A recipe to use them? Check out the following video for a great vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe…

Don’t forget to get some non-dairy milk to enjoy with the cookies you bake using these vegan chocolate chips. Check out my article Best Vegan Milk Brands to know your top options.

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