5 Best Vegan Combat Boots (2024): Edgy and Comfortable

It’s been quite a while since combat boots made their way from military personnel’s closets to runways, designer collections, and civilian closets. But their game in the fashion industry is still going strong.

Scroll through any fashion magazine or look at celebrity looks for street style inspo, you’ll see combat boots everywhere on the style front. It’s not difficult to understand why. 

Combat boots are practical, stylish, and, if you make the right choice, comfortable as well. Today, I’m here to help you make that right choice by highlighting some of the best vegan combat boots available out there.

Matt & Nat Morton Chili
Matt & Nat Morton Chili
Editor's Choice
Dr. Martens Unisex Vegan 1460 Combat Boot
Dr. Martens Unisex Vegan 1460 Combat Boot
Reader's Choice
DailyShoes Women's Ankle Bootie
DailyShoes Women's Ankle Bootie

An Important Consideration When Buying Vegan Combat Boots

When buying vegan combat boots (or any other potentially non-vegan product, per se), it’s important to make sure they are 100% vegan. 

While we all know this means avoiding shoes made of animal-derived materials, like leather and suede, what many of us do not know or tend to overlook is that sometimes even synthetic material shoes can be non-vegan due to the use of animal glue.

This can be the case with shoes coming from non-vegan brands. Though it doesn’t always happen, non-leather combat boots from brands that are not 100% vegan may contain animal glue. So, make sure to check for that as well.

The 5 Best Vegan Combat Boots – Upgrade Your Shoe Closet with These Animal-Free Boots

Even though there are companies making combat boots without animal-derived materials, the majority are still made the traditional way, using leather and/or animal glue, making it difficult for vegans to keep their style game on point without compromising on their ideology. But not anymore!

I decided to put together this list of vegan combat boots, so you no longer have to stay behind this fashion trend. Take a look to upgrade your shoe closet with 100% vegan combat boots.

1. Matt & Nat MORTON Women’s Vegan Combat Boots (link)

Matt & Nat is a PETA-approved fashion brand known for manufacturing cruelty-free, vegan handbags, but it now also offers vegan shoes and outerwear (coats).  Matt & Nat’s vegan shoe collection also includes combat boots.

These Morton lace-up vegan combat boots for women are made of synthetic biodegradable material. There are no animal-derived ingredients used in any of the materials or bindings. 

The boots feature a side zipper, so you won’t have to deal with the laces every time you put them on or take them off. The low-stacked heel adds a style element without compromising comfort.

The Matt & Nat vegan combat boots come in two classic colors – black and brown. Get these, and you’ll be sorted. The classic style and colors will go with any outfit you want to elevate with combat boots.



  • The only downside or limitation of Matt & Nat is that the brand isn’t fully sustainable yet (they are working for it, though)

2. Dr. Martens Men’s Vegan 1460 Fashion Boot (link)

Dr. Martens is a brand that can quite arguably be classified as the leader in the combat boots world. It’s the brand everyone instantly thinks of when we talk about chunky military boots. The company also offers a range of vegan varieties, allowing plant-eaters to choose the one that best suits their style and budget.

This particular style is the vegan version of one of the brand’s original masterpieces – the 1460 boot. Characterized as the iconic Dr. Martens style, this pair of combat boots will go with all outfits and all your looks.

As one may expect from a brand of this stature, Dr. Martens’ vegan combat boots feature Goodyear construction.

For those who may not know, this is the gold standard for boot construction and entails soles being heat-sealed and sewn. This not only guarantees higher durability but also allows for replacing the soles multiple times and making your boots last for a lifetime.

Although this Dr. Martens vegan boot is labeled for men, I don’t see a reason why women can’t wear it. If you’re one of those women who don’t pay much attention to the labels, you may want to give these a try.

For hardcore Dr. Martens fans, I would like to make it clear that the only difference between these vegan combat boots and their original version is that of the material.

These, of course, are made with 100% vegan, synthetic materials. Apart from this, the boots are still a classic Doc style with an air-cushioned sole, grooved sides, iconic yellow stitching, and great post-break-in comfort. 


  • 100% vegan-friendly
  • Goodyear Welt construction guarantees durability
  • Slip-resistant
  • Water-resistant 
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Super comfortable


  • Not waterproof
  • Dr. Martens is not a fully vegan brand

3. DailyShoes Women’s High Lace Up Military Combat Boots (link)

A pair of military-style high ankle booties made with all vegan materials. Sounds like the kind of shoes you would love to have in your collection?

For most of us women, it’s a yes. But, if you answered no, it’s only till you know that these combat boots come with pockets. Yes, you read it right.

These DailyShoes vegan women’s boots feature a zipped pocket to store your small essential items when out and about on your adventures. The pocket can hold items like money, credit cards, keys, and a pocket knife. 

The boots themselves are made with premium quality vegan leather that can withstand wear and tear and slip-resistant rubber sole for enhanced safety. The padded insole guarantees superior comfort on all terrains, whereas the lace up front offers a perfect fit. 

With 9.75 inches of shaft height, the boots sit mid-calf, offering optimal support on rugged terrains. The wide 13-inch circumference ensures the boots can fit plus-sized women, while the adjustable straps at the back warrant women of smaller sizes can wear them, too.

The silver finishing adds a style element and gives it a biker boots appearance. 


  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • Feature a zipped storage pocket
  • Available in around 25 colors
  • Anti-slip rubber sole
  • Padded insole for enhanced comfort 
  • Straps to adjust the fit from the calf
  • Excellent traction


  • According to the people who have used these, the material doesn’t look like leather. 

4. Dr. Martens Men’s Combs Combat Boot (link)

Another vegan combat boot for men from Dr. Martens’ animal-free, ethically manufactured shoe range, this one’s made with 100% synthetic leather/nylon, which makes it lightweight. But don’t mistake its lightweight for its lack of toughness and durability.

It’s made with high-quality materials, and like all Dr. Martens, it features the Goodyear welted stitch.

The air-cushioned sole provides superior comfort, the grooved sides guarantee higher traction, and Dr. Martens’ iconic yellow stitch adds a pop of color to this otherwise simple black boot and enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Like the previous Dr. Martens vegan boot for men on the list, I feel this one can also be worn by women.


  • Slip-resistant
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Goodyear welted stitch on the sole
  • Grooved sides provide higher traction
  • Air-cushioned sole guarantees comfort


  • Dr. Martens isn’t a 100% vegan brand
  • According to some reviews, they run a little bigger, so you have to size down

5. Alohas Gouache Combat Boot (link)

Alohas is another fashion brand that has come up with a line of vegan shoes in response to the growing demand for responsible fashion. These Gouache Combat Boots are a part of the brand’s Svegan FW 21/22 collection.

They may not be the most stylish combat boots out there, but they are one of those wardrobe basics that never go out of style and can be used with anything and everything year over year.

These Alohas vegan combat boots are made with 100% polyurethane, feature a 5cm platform height, and come in three colors – black, warm white, and cucumber green (interesting).

For those who may not know, Alohas is a sustainable fashion brand from Spain that functions on an on-demand model to reduce waste. The brand also refrains from using toxic dyes and strongly advocates against unfair labor.

They claim to provide the best working conditions and fair treatment to all their factory workers. Moreover, as stated on their website, Alohas has a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination.


  • Made with 100% vegan materials
  • Available in three colors
  • 5cm platform height


  • Alohas is a highly sustainable brand but isn’t 100% vegan.

Choosing the Best Vegan Combat Boots for Yourself

Choosing the Best Vegan Combat Boots for Yourself

A good pair of combat boots is one that’s tough enough to handle rough terrains and different weather conditions, durable, offers maximum protection to your feet, and yet breathable. For vegans, the boots also need to be free of animal materials, which is what often creates the problem. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the things you must take into account to buy the best vegan combat boots:


As is common knowledge, as a vegan, you should avoid combat shoes made from real leather. As a replacement for leather, the materials used for making vegan shoes include:

  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Natural Rubber
  • Cork 
  • Pinatex
  • Microfiber

While all these materials can be used for vegan shoes, PU and Rubber are the most commonly used materials for vegan combat boots.


When I say quality, I am talking about both comfort and durability. A good pair of combat shoes (or any shoes, per se) should offer both. You shouldn’t be compromising one for the sake of the other.

Break-In Time

Making past the break-in process is one of the most common issues people face with boots. Look at the manufacturer’s guidelines beforehand to make sure you know how long the pair of combat boots you’re considering buying will take to break in and what you’re signing up for.


Some combat boots are designed for city concrete, while others are made for rugged trails. It’s important to consider what kinds of terrain you’ll be wearing the boots on to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Are Vegan Combat Boots Eco-Friendly?

The eco-friendliness of vegan materials used for shoes, bags, and other fashion accessories has been a topic of debate lately. And I hate to say this, but those on the other side of the fence aren’t entirely wrong.

Some of the vegan materials used today aren’t the best choices in terms of eco-friendliness. However, all of them are certainly better than real leather and other animal-based materials.

According to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index, even polyurethane (PU), which is highly criticized for being bad for the environment, is better than animal materials, like wool, cow leather, and silk.

The purpose of mentioning this is not to make you overlook the environmental impact of PU but to clarify that using PU products is still a better choice than using items made with animal materials. You’re at least reducing your environmental impact. 

Conclusion – What Is The Best Brand For Combat Boots?

Even though most people instantly think of Dr. Martens when it comes to combat boots, I wouldn’t rate them as the best combat boots brands for vegans. They make great quality vegan combat shoes that also look super chic and classy, but the fact that Dr. Martens isn’t a vegan company is a kind of deal breaker for me.

It is for this very reason I have put Matt & Nat combat boots at the number one spot on this list of vegan shoes. Not only is the brand 100% vegan and PETA-approved, but it’s also working to become fully sustainable by 2023.

Not sure what sustainable fashion means? Check out the following video for a quick explanation…

Want to expand your shoe collection with more vegan items? Check out my article Best Vegan Slippers to walk around the house comfortably without compromising your ethical commitment. 

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