5 Best Vegan Cookie Dough Brands: A Tasty Treat (2024)

I remember how my mom would always chide me for eating raw cookie dough as a kid. She’d always tell me that I was going to get sick, and I’d never listened to her… Until I got sick.

Thankfully, kids just like me grew up and decided to make raw cookie dough that you can eat right out of the jar without cooking it!

It tastes the same as real cookie dough, except it doesn’t have raw eggs, raw dairy, and other ingredients that could cause indigestion. You can even bake cookies with it too! 

That being said, not all cookie dough is vegan. So, it’s still important to read the labels to make sure that you’re not consuming anything that could cause your stomach problems or break your plant-based diet. 

Today, I’m going to show you some of the best vegan cookie dough brands as well as a few of my favorite store-bought vegan cookies, so you can treat yourself to something delicious! 

Gourmet Keto Snacks - Healthy Edible Cookie Dough
Gourmet Keto Snacks - Healthy Edible Cookie Dough
Editor's Choice
Ready to Eat Cookie Dough with Superfood by Deux
Ready to Eat Cookie Dough with Superfood by Deux
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Ben & Jerry's Dough Chunks Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Ben & Jerry's Dough Chunks Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Is Cookie Dough Vegan? 

The majority of cookie dough recipes are not vegan. Whether you’re baking your own cookie dough from scratch or you decide to buy a pack of cookie dough to bake in the oven, you’ll notice that most recipes and products contain at least one of the following ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Dairy (milk, butter, cream)
  • Refined white sugar
  • Milk chocolate (chocolate chips made with dairy)
  • Milk protein (casein or whey)

Dairy and eggs add protein and fat to the dough, which helps the cookie stay together and gives it texture and flavor. Unfortunately, these ingredients also make the dough non-vegan. It also makes them unsafe to eat raw:

Thankfully, humans have discovered a number of plant-based protein and fat alternatives to use instead! 

What Is “Accidentally Vegan” Cookie Dough? 

What Is “Accidentally Vegan” Cookie Dough

If you’re out shopping, you may notice that some cookie dough brands are “accidentally vegan.” These products aren’t intended to be vegan and probably aren’t branded with the vegan symbol.

However, if you look at the ingredients list, you’ll see that they don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients, making them perfectly safe to eat on a vegan diet. 

Is Pillsbury Cookie Dough Vegan? 

Is Pillsbury Cookie Dough Vegan

Pillsbury has well over thirty different varieties of cookie dough. Although many contain eggs and dairy, a growing number of them are “accidentally vegan” and are safe to eat raw or cooked!

Since their flavors are always changing, though, you should always double-check the ingredients before you buy them. 

Is Nestle Cookie Dough Vegan? 

Is Nestle Cookie Dough Vegan

Nestle is Pillsbury’s biggest competitor. Most of Nestle’s traditional cookie dough varieties are not vegan and include dairy and eggs.

However, Nestle’s latest raw, edible cookie dough is dairy and egg-free. It’s also certified vegan, so you don’t have to worry about any questionable ingredients. 

The Best Vegan Cookie Dough Brands For 2024

Whether you’re looking for raw cookie dough to eat out of the jar or you prefer to bake real cookies in the oven, these are some of the best vegan cookie dough brands I’ve tried recently! 

1) Eat Different Smart Vegan Cookie Dough (link)

Flavor Rating: 9/10

Eat Different “Smart” Vegan Cookie Dough is, hands down, my favorite raw cookie dough brand. It’s completely egg and dairy-free, so it’s not only vegan but it’s perfectly safe to eat right out of the jar! 

It’s available in two flavors: chocolate chip and birthday cake. Of the two, I’d say that the chocolate chip vegan cookie dough is better. 

It’s also very low-sugar (no added sugar) and is made with mostly natural ingredients.

Eat Different Vegan Cookie Dough is made using almond butter, coconut oil, cocoa chips, tapioca fiber, pea protein, molasses, sea salt, and cocoa powder. It’s naturally sweetened with monk fruit extract and allulose. 

If you’re looking for a traditional cookie, then you can also bake this vegan cookie dough in the oven! 

Why I Love It:

  • 100% vegan. 
  • Low-sugar. 
  • All-natural ingredients. 
  • Can be baked or eaten raw. 

What’s Not-So-Great: 

  • It’s not very sweet. 

2) Deux Vegan Cookie Dough With Superfood (link)

Flavor Rating: 7/10

Deux Vegan Cookie Dough is a plant-based cookie dough mix that also contains ultra-healthy superfoods, so you’ll never feel guilty about eating it (no matter how much you eat)! It can be eaten raw or baked in the oven, depending on what you’re in the mood for. 

It’s available in six different flavors: birthday cake, chocolate chip, pumpkin spice, ginger doodle, brownie batter, and peanut butter chocolate chip. Personally, my favorite is the ginger doodle since I’ve always been a fan of gingerbread cookies. 

It’s made using organic oat flour, vegan maple syrup, water, vegan chocolate chips, coconut sugar, almond and cashew butter, flaxseed, real vanilla extract, salt, and baking soda.

It also contains added zinc and elderberry extract, giving the cookie immunity-boosting properties

Why I Love It:

  • Made with organic superfoods. 
  • Added zinc + elderberry for immune support. 
  • Available in six delicious flavors. 
  • Can be eaten raw or baked. 

What’s Not-So-Great: 

  • It’s on the more expensive side. 

3) Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks (link)

Flavor Rating: 10/10

When it comes to vegan options, Ben & Jerry’s is one of the more progressive mainstream companies. In addition to their growing variety of vegan-friendly ice cream, they’ve also started offering vegan cookie dough chunks!

These tiny chunks can be eaten straight-up or mixed with other foods. My favorite way to eat them is to mix them with peanuts, dried cranberries, and pretzels to make a kind of semi-sweet cookie dough trail mix. 

Unlike the previous two cookie dough brands I mentioned, these cookie dough chunks are a lot sweeter, so they’ll taste the closest to real cookie dough.

They’re made with wheat flour, brown sugar, coconut oil, vegan chocolate chips, soybean oil, tapioca flour, molasses, vanilla extract, salt, and sunflower lecithin. 

The only real disadvantage to these vegan cookie dough chunks is that they can’t be baked. I mean you could try… but they’re super-tiny and mostly designed for snacking. 

Why I Love It:

  • Sweet and delicious. 
  • Small, edible chunks perfect for mixing. 
  • Affordable. 

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • They can’t be baked like other vegan cookie dough brands.  

The Best Store-Bought Vegan Cookies To Snack On

Eating raw cookie dough or baking your own cookies is great and all, but sometimes you just want a fast, crunchy, delicious treat.

So, if you’re looking to cut out the baking time, these are some of the best store-bought vegan cookies to try! 

4) Lenny & Larry’s “The Complete Cookie” With Plant-Based Protein (link)

Flavor Rating: 10/10

I first reviewed these cookies in my guide to the best vegan cookies, as they’re one of the healthiest, best-tasting cookies I’ve ever had in my life. Lenny & Larry’s “The Complete Cookie” are large, palm-sized cookies that are packed with plant-based protein and naturally sweetened.

They’re available in twelve different flavors, ranging from chocolate chip to lemon poppy seed, oatmeal raisin, salted caramel, and more! There are so many flavors that you’ll never have to worry about getting bored. 

The texture is relatively soft, but if you want to make them super-gooey and soft, just microwave the cookie for ten seconds! 

5) Catalina Crunch Chocolate-Vanilla Keto + Vegan Cookies (link)

Flavor Rating: 8/10

If you’ve been searching for the perfect “vegan Oreo” alternative, then Catalina Crunch Chocolate-Vanilla Cookies are guaranteed to hit the spot.

These low-carb, low-sugar sandwich cookies are marketed towards the keto community but are also 100% vegan-friendly as well. 

They’re packed with healthy pea protein, contain chicory root fiber to make them extra-filling, and are naturally sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf extract. 

They taste almost exactly like Oreos, except they’re not quite as sweet. But I always thought that Oreos were too sweet, to begin with, so I actually prefer these. Plus, they’re all-natural, plant-based, and 100% guilt-free! 

Conclusion – Don’t Forget The Milk!

Is Cookie Dough Vegan

Raw vegan cookie dough is, by far, one of my favorite sweet treats to eat for dessert. It’s plant-based, relatively healthy, and contains a lot more protein than your typical store-bought cookie dough. 

If you end up baking your cookie dough in the oven, there are few better pairings than a tall glass of oat milk with warm, oven-fresh cookies! Keep on reading to find out the best vegan milk alternatives next

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