5 Best Vegan Hot Dog Brands: Right Off The Grill (2024)

Hot dogs and sausages have been an American staple since 1870 when German immigrant Charles Feltman opened the first hot dog stand in Coney Island, New York. They’ve been sold at ballparks, on the street, and shared amongst friends at barbeques for over 150 years!

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean that you have to stop grilling out. While you may have to abstain from your typical beef, pork, and chicken franks, there are plenty of great vegan hot dog and sausage brands that plant-based eaters can choose from.

If you’ve been searching for the best vegan hot dog brands to grill at your next family barbecue, then look no further! Below, I’ll break down what vegan hot dogs are made of as well as my top 5 favorite vegan hot dogs. 

It’s grillin’ time, baby! 

Lightlife Foods, Smart Dogs
Lightlife Foods, Smart Dogs
Editor's Choice
Field Roast Vegetarian Grain Meat Sausages
Field Roast Vegetarian Grain Meat Sausages
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Beyond Meat Sausage Plant-Based Dinner Links
Beyond Meat Sausage Plant-Based Dinner Links

What Are Vegan Hot Dogs Made Of? 

Vegan hot dogs are a form of vegan meat. Most vegan sausage brands use similar ingredients to those being used in plant-based burgers, meatballs, and other vegan meat alternatives.

The main difference is that vegan hot dogs are seasoned a bit differently, to make them taste more like hot dogs and less like burgers. 

If you’re curious about what vegan hot dogs are made of, then check out this quick graphic breaking down the most common ingredients used to make vegan franks: 

Ingredients In Vegan Hot DogsWhy They’re Used
Plant-based protein powderIsolated plant-based protein like soy or pea protein gives vegan sausage high protein content. It also provides a meat-like consistency. d
Wheat gluten Often referred to as seitan, wheat gluten is pure wheat protein. When cooked, it has a similar taste and consistency to chicken, making it one of the most common ingredients in vegan hot dogs. 
Vegetable oilVegetable oil provides fat to the recipe, which helps the vegan hot dog franks stay together. 
StarchStarch provides texture and consistency, giving the vegan hot dogs form. 
Salt and seasoningAll vegan hot dogs use some type of salt to flavor the vegan meat. Depending on the flavor of the franks, various seasonings may also be used. 

If you’re curious about how plant-based meat is manufactured, check out this interview with Ethan Brown, the CEO of Beyond Meat: 

Are Field Roast Hot Dogs Vegan? 

Field Roast makes some of the best vegan hot dogs and sausages! The Seattle-based company specializes in vegan alternatives to animal products and is known for its line of vegan cheese, vegan sausages, and more. 

I’ve reviewed a couple of their products below, so be sure to check them out! 

Do Lightlife Hot Dogs Taste Good? 

Do Lightlife Hot Dogs Taste Good

Lightlife vegan hot dogs are one of Field Roast’s top competitors! Once they’re in a bun with a bit of ketchup, you’ll barely be able to tell the difference between Lightlife franks and traditional meat-based franks. 

The 5 Best Vegan Hot Dog Brands To Try In 2024

Are you starting to get hungry yet? If so, here are the best vegan hot dogs that you’ve got to try this year! 

1) Lightlife Foods, Smart Dogs (link)

Rating: 8/10

If you’re looking for the closest thing to a traditional ballpark-style beef frank, then Lightlife Smart Dogs are the way to go.

These vegan hot dogs are made with a simple base consisting of water, soy protein, and soybean oil. Brown sugar, salt, smoke flavor, and smoked sugar are added for flavoring to give them that savory meat-like taste that we all crave. 

Throw them on a potato bun with some diced onions, vegan-friendly ketchup, and hot sauce, and they taste just like the real deal. 

The main downside that I’d have to say about these is that they’re made from mostly-soy. Personally, I don’t have a problem with soy; but I know that some people with soy allergies may be triggered by the large amount of soy in these vegan hot dogs. 

What I Like About Them: 

  • Simple soy-based recipe. 
  • Flavored with brown sugar, smoke flavor, and smoked sugar. 
  • Taste similar to ballpark-style hot dogs. 
  • Affordable. 

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • They’re not as rich and flavorful as other vegan sausages I’ve tried. 

2) Field Roast Vegan Sausages, Smoked Apple & Sage (link)

Rating: 10/10

Field Roast Vegan Sausages are, by far, the best vegan hot dogs I’ve ever had! My favorite flavor is the Smoked Apple Sausage and they taste very similar to the applewood-smoked chicken sausages that I used to eat for breakfast before going vegan. 

These artisan-style vegan sausages are made using vital wheat gluten, safflower oil, apples, yukon gold potatoes, onion, garlic, barley, sea salt, sage, natural smoke flavor, and a secret blend of spices. 

They’re extra-large kielbasa-style sausages, which makes them incredibly juicy with a bit of flame-kissed char from the grill. I also like to dice them up and mix them in with rice and beans for good old-fashioned rice, beans, and sausage bowl. 

What I Like About Them: 

  • Taste like applewood-smoked chicken sausage. 
  • Made with all-natural ingredients. 
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. 
  • Rich, earthy flavor from spices and seasoning. 

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • They have a lot of sodium (560 mg per sausage). 

3) Beyond Meat Sausage Plant-Based Hot Dogs, Hot Italian (link)

Rating: 9/10

Beyond Meat is currently the leader in plant-based meat alternatives. After the success of their plant-based burgers, they created Beyond Meat Vegan Hot Dogs! Although they offer an Original flavor, I far prefer the Hot Italian variety. 

The base is made from pea protein, coconut oil, safflower oil, and natural flavors. They have a slightly spicy aftertaste, but it’s not overpowering.

One of the main benefits of Beyond Meat Vegan Hot Dogs is that they’re 100% soy and gluten-free.

Soy protein and wheat gluten are commonly found in most brands of vegan hot dogs and can cause allergies in some individuals. The only real drawback is that they’re a little bit on the expensive side. 

What I Like About Them:

  • Taste similar to real beef-and-pork sausage. 
  • Soy-free and gluten-free. 
  • 16 grams of protein per sausage. 
  • Good source of iron.  

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • They’re a little expensive. 

4) Field Roast Vegan Sausages, Italian Garlic & Fennel (link)

Rating: 9/10

Field Roast Italian Garlic & Fennel Vegan Sausages are my second-favorite flavor by Field Roast. Like the Smoked Apple & Sage flavor, these vegan hot dogs use delicious all-natural seasonings and flavors. 

They’re made from a base of wheat gluten, eggplant, safflower oil, onions, and wheat protein isolate.

They’re flavored with barley extract, onion, red bell peppers, red wine, sea salt, spices, and fennel seed (which gives them a wonderful, earthy flavor profile). 

What I Like About Them: 

  • Seasoned with real spices, seasonings, and red bell pepper. 
  • Earthy, herbal flavor thanks to the added fennel seed. 
  • Large, juicy franks. 
  • No artificial ingredients. 
  • Soy-free. 

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • They have lots of sodium (600 mg per frank). 

5) Loma Linda – Plant-Based Vegan Hot Dog Franks (link)

Rating: 7/10

Vegan hot dogs and sausages can be a bit expensive. If you’re looking for tasty, affordable vegan hot dogs to cook at your next block party, then Loma Linda Vegan Hot Dog Franks is an affordable alternative to Field Roast or Beyond Meat’s more expensive vegan sausages. 

They’re made using a blend of plant protein (wheat and soy), corn oil, and torula yeast. They’re flavored with garlic, onion, and spices. B vitamins are also added, which provide a bit of much-appreciated nutrition as well! 

Overall, they taste like a pretty average ballpark-style beef frank. They’re not the best-tasting vegan hot dogs, but they are the most affordable, making them great for events and parties. 

What I Like About Them: 

  • Affordable. 
  • Added vitamins. 
  • Taste like ballpark-style hotdogs. 

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • Contain unnatural ingredients. 
  • Heavily processed. 

Conclusion – Are Vegan Hot Dogs Healthier Than Non-Vegan Hot Dogs? 

What Are Vegan Hot Dogs Made Of

Vegan hot dogs are a cruelty-free alternative to their butchered, animal-derived counterparts.

However, vegan hot dogs really aren’t any healthier than non-vegan hot dogs. Both vegan and non-vegan hot dogs tend to have lots of fat and sodium. 

When eaten in moderation, vegan hot dogs are perfectly fine. Just don’t go overboard! 

If you’re the type who likes to put mayo on their hot dogs, keep on reading to find out the best brands of vegan mayonnaise next! 

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