3 Best Vegan Motorcycle Gloves 2024: Keep Your Hands Safe

During the pandemic, I took the time to learn how to ride a motorcycle. My boyfriend has been riding for over ten years, and he’d been encouraging me to learn so I could go riding with him.

After getting a deal on a used Kawasaki Ninja 250 (everybody’s favorite beginner bike, right?), I started taking riding lessons. 

One of the first things my instructor made sure of was that I had the right safety gear. I had to buy a motorcycle jacket, protective pants, boots, a helmet, and a reliable pair of gloves. 

Today, I’ll be showing you some of the best vegan motorcycle gloves on the market! I have a couple of different pairs, but I came across several other great options while shopping as well. Below, I’ll show you the ones that I own as well as my other top picks. 

Biltwell Moto Gloves | Motorcycle Gloves
Biltwell Moto Gloves | Motorcycle Gloves
Editor's Choice
Powersports Motorcycle Gloves by Indie Ridge
Powersports Motorcycle Gloves by Indie Ridge
Reader's Choice
ILM Alloy Steel Motorcycle Riding Gloves
ILM Alloy Steel Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Do Motorcycle Gloves Have To Be Leather? 

Traditionally, motorcycle gloves have always been leather. I remember my dad used to have this beautiful pair of caramel leather gloves that he’d wear every weekend when he took his Harley out for a joy ride. 

However, motorcycle gloves don’t have to be leather! In fact, some of today’s top-rated motorcycle gloves are made entirely from synthetic polymer, carbon fiber, and other high-tech materials. 

Not only are many of these synthetic materials completely vegan but they also do a better job of protecting your hands than traditional leather motorcycle gloves! These materials are being used to replace a number of traditional leather items. 

Some clothing manufacturers are even creating synthetic leather out of old plants! To learn more, read my last post on the best vegan leather belts

The Difference Between Vegan & Non-Vegan Motorcycle Gloves

The Difference Between Vegan & Non-Vegan Motorcycle Gloves

Leather has a reputation for being comfortable and durable, which is why it’s traditionally been used for gloves, shoes, and everything in between. However, thanks to advances in modern technology, there are now several other materials that are just as comfortable and durable. 

Here’s a quick table outlining some of the key materials used to make high-quality vegan motorcycle gloves: 

Vegan Motorcycle Gloves MaterialsDescription
Reinforced Polymer Reinforced polymer is a thick, rubber-like material that’s as hard as plastic. This is often used to make armor-plated gloves that provide added protection to the knuckles and fingers. 
Synthetic LeatherSynthetic leather is both comfortable and durable. This is often used as the base material for armored gloves or used for lightweight non-armored gloves. 
RubberRubber is used to provide added padding and is typically used on the palms of the vegan motorcycle gloves to give them a better grip on the handle.  Rubber is also used to make the wrist straps and provide a bit of added padding for the wrists. 
Steel AlloySome of the racing-style motorcycle gloves use steel alloy for armor plates or to create rolling balls around the knuckles.  This helps the glove roll along the ground if you’re doing some seriously sharp turns. 
PolyesterPolyester is another common synthetic material used to create the interior lining of the glove as well as some of the more flexible surfaces of the gloves (such as the sides of the fingers).  A polyester thread is also used to sew the gloves together, as it’s lightweight, durable, and flexible. 

In case you’re not convinced that you should be wearing riding gloves, here’s a great video on the importance of wearing a proper pair of motorcycle gloves: 

The Best Vegan Motorcycle Gloves: Invest In Your Safety

A good pair of riding gloves can save your hands in the event of an accident. Plus, they also protect your hands from flying road debris while you’re riding.

My gloves have saved my hands from flying rocks, bugs, and sand more times than I can count! Plus, they keep your hands warm when it starts to get cool in the evenings. 

With that being said, these are some of the best vegan motorcycle gloves I’ve ever tried and used! 

  • Comfort Rating: 10/10

If you’re looking for something durable, comfortable, and lightweight, then this pair of Biltwell Moto Gloves is the perfect combination of the three! 

These gloves are the perfect vegan motorcycle gloves for everyday riding. They don’t have any armor, rollers, or other special features that you’d find in a pair of racing gloves. However, for the average rider who’s not doing crazy stunts or driving 150 miles per hour, these will do just fine. 

They’re durable, comfortable, and fit perfectly.

The back of the palm cover is made from a lightweight polyester mesh. When you’re riding, this allows plenty of airflows to pass through the upper side of the glove, keeping your entire hand cool. I really appreciate this when I’m riding on a hot summer day! 

However, the knuckles and fingers of the gloves are made from thick, reinforced polyester, which provides moderate padding and abrasion resistance. If you were to fall, it’s thick enough to not be torn apart by the asphalt

The palm liner is made from high-quality synthetic suede leather. Not only does this provide added protection and blister padding but it gives you an excellent grip on the throttle, allowing you to make split-second speed changes quicker and smoother. 

Plus, I love the red and black color! 


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Mesh backing for increased airflow
  • Synthetic suede palms for extra grip


  • No armor plating
  • Can’t stand up to cold weather, better for summer riding
  • Comfort Rating: 9/10

If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more armored and protective, then this pair of Indie Ridge Carbon Fiber Vegan Motorcycle Gloves is a step up from the Biltwell’s I mentioned above. 

While they’re both made from reinforced polyester, these gloves have one thing that the Biltwell gloves don’t. The knuckles are reinforced with molded carbon fiber. This gives the gloves a raised knuckle which will protect your real knuckles from hard impacts. 

The carbon fiber armor and the entire upper of the glove are made from extra-thick synthetic suede leather, which provides superior abrasion resistance in the event of a fall.

The leather is interspersed with flexible polyester fabric around the finger joints, allowing you to move your fingers easier, though. 

The inner lining of the glove is made from the same synthetic suede used for the upper. However, it features sewn rubber padding around the palms and fingers, giving you a better grip. 

Last but not least, there’s a special finger padding over the index and middle fingers, allowing you to text or use your other touchscreen products through the gloves! 


  • Carbon fiber knuckle armor
  • Lots of synthetic suede for abrasion resistance
  • Extra-grip palm pads
  • Compatible with touchscreen devices


  • They’re thick and maybe a bit hot for summer wear
  • Comfort Rating: 10/10

During the hot summer, I really enjoy the lightweight Biltwell gloves that I mentioned above. However, once it starts getting cold, I bring out my ILM STeel Allow Weather-Proof Motorcycle Gloves

These gloves are the perfect combination of a high-quality pair of snow gloves mixed with the armored plating of racing motorcycle gloves. 

The inner lining is incredibly warm. You could be riding your bike during the middle of the coldest winter day, and your hands would still be toasty and warm.

The outer lining of the gloves is made from a windproof and water-resistant material that can stand up to cold winds, snow, sleet, or rain as well. 

I don’t recommend riding in these conditions. But if you’re ever caught in a storm, these gloves will quite literally save your hands. 

As far as the rest of the glove goes, it features heavily reinforced and protected joints. The knuckles are padded with a thick layer of synthetic leather.

Above the leather, polymer armor plates are embedded with rolling steel alloy balls. These will keep your knuckles safe if they ever hit the asphalt. 

There’s a bit of added rubber padding along the back of the fingers, as well as a thin armor plate along the wrist lining to protect against sudden impact. The palms are padded for extra grip (even in the cold) and you can use your index and middle fingers to text or use your smartphone! 


  • Great for climate riding (snow, rain, sleet)
  • Heavily armored backing
  • High-grip palms
  • Incredibly warm
  • Windproof


  • Large and bulky
  • Too hot for summer riding

What Are The Warmest Riding Gloves? 

What Are The Warmest Riding Gloves

If you’re looking for the warmest vegan motorcycle gloves, I’d go with the ILM Steel Alloy Weather-Proof Gloves! I’ve ridden them through snow and rain, and they’ve kept my hands safe, warm, and dry. 

Conclusion – What Are The Best Vegan Motorcycle Gloves? 

What Are The Best Vegan Motorcycle Gloves

While the ILM Steel Allow gloves are great for riding through severe weather, I’d have to say that Biltwell Moto Gloves are easily the best vegan motorcycle gloves for everyday riding.

They’re super-comfortable, breathable, and provide the perfect combination of protection and flexibility. 

If you’re looking for a great jacket to pair with your gloves, make sure to check out my post on the best vegan motorcycle jackets next

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