9 Best Vegan Nike Shoes 2024: For Men and Women

If you’re a vegan athlete (or just live a healthy, active lifestyle), then having a high-quality, reliable pair of running shoes is vital.

Without the right shoes, you’ll quickly develop knee pain, back pain, ankle pain, and even neck pain due to the lack of foot support in non-athletic shoes. 

Due to the lack of vegan shoe brands on the market, I decided that my best bet was to search for vegan-friendly shoe options manufactured by my favorite brand, Nike. 

While they don’t specifically make “vegan shoes,” Nike does offer plenty of shoes that are “accidentally vegan,” due to their use of 100% synthetic materials.

Nike has even started to make some athletic shoes using 50% to 75% recycled plastic, which is another great reason to buy them. 

If you’ve been looking for the best vegan Nike shoes, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, I’m going to show you the best vegan Nikes for women and men.

From running shoes to soccer cleats, I’ve tried my best to provide you with a wide variety of vegan-friendly options, no matter what activities you participate in. 

Are you ready to go shopping for some fresh vegan kicks? 

Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes
Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes
Editor's Choice
Nike Women's WMNS Wildhorse 7 Running Shoe
Nike Women's WMNS Wildhorse 7 Running Shoe
Reader's Choice
Nike Womens Hypervenom Phelon 2 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats
Nike Womens Hypervenom Phelon 2 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Does Nike Make Vegan Shoes? 

A few months ago, I read Shoe Dog, the memoir written by Nike’s creator, Phil Knight. Growing up, I’d always appreciated Nike shoes. Every Christmas or birthday I had, I remember always asking for the latest pair of Nike running sneakers.

When they were brand-new, I’d wear them like fashion sneakers, being sure to keep them clean and avoid creasing them. Once I’d broken them in a bit, though, they became my favorite athletic shoes in the gym, running track, and playing basketball. 

Thankfully, Nike has a wide variety of vegan-friendly athletic shoes! 

After going vegan seven years ago, I made a personal commitment to stop consuming and wearing animal products. This included wool and leather. 

At first, I thought that it would be hard trying to find synthetic and vegan-friendly athletic shoes. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were tons of options.

Not only are vegan Nikes just as good as their non-vegan counterparts, but they’re often more affordable as well!

What Type Of Vegan Shoes Does Nike Make? 

I would say that around 70% of all Nike running shoes are synthetic or made from mostly-synthetic materials.

Although leather was commonly used to make Nike’s original track shoes, advancements in synthetic shoe materials helped create running shoes that were significantly lighter-weight than leather running shoes. 

If you’ve ever run track or cross-country, then you’ll know that lightweight shoes are often the key to victory. An extra couple of ounces on a shoe can cause your legs and ankles to wear out quicker, costing you your position and even causing injuries. 

Seeing as Nike is one of the top-selling brands among high-performing professional athletes, every gram of weight they can reduce matters. This is one of the main reasons why Nike has been incorporating more synthetic materials into their shoes. 

Even athletic cleats, which have traditionally always been made from leather, are being made with synthetic materials! 

The only Nikes that are still primarily made with leather are their signature basketball sneakers and their line of boots. That being said, Nike does offer several vegan-friendly basketball shoes for the hoopers and fashion-forward vegans out there. 

The Best Vegan Nike Shoes For Women

Being that I’m an athletic woman, I figured that I’d start off by sharing the best vegan Nikes for women first. As I mentioned, I’ve been a huge fan of Nike’s since I was a kid, so I’ve owned all of the shoes on this list before! 

Whenever possible, I try to review products that I’ve personally tried and used. So, everything you read below is based solely on my personal experience and a little bit of background research to fill in the more technical details. I can vouch for the quality and comfort of each pair. 

Let’s kick it! 

Style Rating: 7/10

If you’re looking for a simple lightweight running shoe, then Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoe is a solid option. It’s made from 100% synthetic materials and contains no leather, wool, or animal-derived glue, making it a great choice for vegan cross-country runners. 

The ultra-lightweight design is ideal for anybody who spends a lot of time on the treadmill or simply enjoys long runs outdoors.

The upper is made from a high-tech mesh material that allows plenty of air to flow through, keeping your feet cool and dry. It also prevents unpleasant odors from building up over time! 

The sole is made with Nike’s patented Air Zoom technology, which consists of small air-filled pockets and tightly-stretched fibers.

Air Zoom soles are designed to provide superior shock absorption and give you an excellent “bounce” with each step. The result is a shoe that you can run in all day long without experiencing knee or ankle pain. 

Another thing I love about these shoes is that they don’t have traditional laces. Instead, they feature a pre-laced system that’s connected to a fly-wire tightening system.

Not only does this reduce some of the bulkiness of the shoe, but it saves time lacing up your shoes and lets you quickly slip your foot in, pull the top laces, and create a snug fit. 

They’re available in a wide variety of colors, but my favorite ones are pink and black. I typically use these whenever I’m going for a run on the treadmill or have a day full of walking ahead of me. 

What I Love About The Shoe:

  • They’re super-lightweight. 
  • They’re one of Nike’s more affordable running shoes. 
  • They feature Nike’s patented Air Zoom air-cushioned sole. 
  • Easy fly-wire lacing system reduces bulk. 
  • Great for walking or long-distance running. 
  • Available in several different color combinations. 

What’s Not-So-Great: 

  • They’re not the most “stylish” or “hip” running shoes I own. 

Style Rating: 8/10

This is my favorite pair of running shoes to wear whenever I’m going hiking or going on a morning beach run (something I did every morning on my last beachside vacation).

They look super-cool, have an open mesh upper that lets in plenty of air, and a synthetic lower that prevents moisture from getting in if I happen to run through a puddle. 

Unlike your typical track running shoe, the Nike Wildhorse 7 shoes feature a pegged bottom sole that acts similarly to a pair of cleats. This, in turn, gives you a superior grip on loose or wet terrain like mud, sand, or gravel. 

Another feature I really like about the sole is that the pegs extend up towards the toe, slightly behind the heel, and to the outer sides of the sole.

This provides great traction if you’re running up or down an inclined trail, so you won’t slip or lose your balance. 

Like my Pegasus track shoes I reviewed above, the Wildhorse 7’s feature an easy-lacing fly-wire system so you don’t have to mess around with annoying laces.

With my old trail running shoes, I can’t count how many times my laces would get caught on a stick or branch and become unlaced while I was running. I’ve never had that issue with the Wildhorse 7’s! 

Last but not least, they’re fairly comfortable as well. They’re definitely a little bit heavier than the Pegasus shoes, so I wouldn’t exactly choose them for the treadmill. However, if you plan on running outdoors, these shoes are perfect

What I Love About The Shoe:

  • Pegged bottom sole that extends to the outer edges, providing excellent traction on soft trails. 
  • Mesh upper allows for good airflow while running. 
  • Water-resistant synthetic lower provides a good moisture barrier if you run through a puddle. 
  • Easy-lacing fly-wire system so you don’t have to deal with annoying laces. 
  • Features a heel loop which makes it easier to take the shoe on and off. 

What’s Not-So-Great: 

  • They’re heavier than track running shoes, so they’re more ideal for outdoor running than treadmill running. 
  • The pegs on the sole may make running uncomfortable on a hard, flat surface like concrete or asphalt. 

Style Rating: 8/10

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I’m a weekend warrior when it comes to soccer. Every Saturday morning, I wake up super-early before the sun rises, pour my coffee, slip into my favorite cleats, and meet my soccer buddies at our local field at 7 am.

We’ll usually run hard and play till around lunchtime (or whenever we’re too hungry and tired to run anymore). 

Nike’s Hypervenom Phelon 2 Cleats recently became my favorite pair of vegan soccer cleats! Unlike traditional leather cleats, these vegan Nikes are made from 100% synthetic materials.

While you may think that it would make them weaker, I’ve found that synthetic faux leather is actually a lot more durable. I’ve quite literally put these cleats through hell and back over the past year, and they’re still reliable. 

The top cloth sock liner is really comfortable, and it’s never given me any blisters. That’s most likely due to its diagonal orientation.

That same feature also ensures that there’s plenty of surface area for my foot to make contact with the ball, which makes my passes and goals cleaner and more accurate. 

The studs are aligned perfectly and provide great traction, fast response, and allow me to change directions at the drop of a hat.

The only time I’ve ever slipped in these cleats is when the field is super-wet after a rainstorm (and we honestly shouldn’t have been playing in those conditions, in the first place). 

What I Love About The Shoe:

  • They’re 100% vegan and made from synthetic materials. 
  • Super-comfortable sock liner and tongue prevent blisters and discomfort while running. 
  • There’s plenty of toe space, allowing my foot to make solid contact with the soccer ball. 
  • Studs are perfectly aligned, allowing for quick turns and rushes. 
  • They’re lightweight and provide good ankle support. 

What’s Not-So-Great: 

  • They’re white, which means you’ll have to clean them more often than black cleats. 

Style Rating: 10/10

I’m not going to lie, when I first got my pair of Nike Space Hippie 04’s, I didn’t want to wear them to the gym. They looked so great, I wore them almost exclusively as fashion sneakers for the first few months.

It didn’t matter if I was wearing jeans, leggings, or shorts, these shoes always attracted attention and earned me plenty of compliments. 

Today, they’re one of my favorite pairs of cross-trainers and general walking shoes! These are hands down, some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. This is thanks to the extra thick foam sole that features a slightly raised heel, giving you a really nice spring in your step. 

The uppers remind me of the Adidas Yeezys a bit, but they’re a lot more affordable and 100% vegan, so that’s another plus. The mesh is great and provides decent airflow, and the lack of a traditional tongue makes them super-comfortable. 

Looks and shoe tech aside, though, the Space Hippies are one of the most vegan-friendly shoes that Nike has ever made.

The lower and mid-sole are made with 25% recycled plastic materials and the recycled yarn upper is made from 75% recycled yarn scraps and plastic threads. 

By buying this shoe, you’re not only making a fashion statement, but you’re reducing the amount of plastic waste in landfills and the ocean! 

What I Love About The Shoe:

  • They’re incredibly comfortable. 
  • They’re a great pair of cross-trainers and are good for walking, light running, or some interval training at the gym. 
  • They don’t have a traditional tongue, providing a snugger fit for your foot. 
  • They’re made using recycled plastic, so they’re good for the environment. 
  • They look trendy and fashionable. 

What’s Not-So-Great: 

  • They’re light-colored, so they’ll get dirty quickly. 
  • They feature traditional laces, so they’re not as convenient as some of Nike’s other quick-lacing shoes. 

Style Rating: 9/10

Like the Space Hippies I mentioned above, I got my pair of Nike Air Vapormax 2020’s as a fashion sneaker. I specifically got them to go with a colorful birthday outfit I had.

The blue, purple, and pink midsoles contrasted with the white background give them a cool, futuristic appearance that none of my other shoes have. 

Enough about how cool they look, though… 

What makes Nike’s Vapormax line interesting is that they’re designed to give a softer, more spring-like feel than Nike’s established Air Max system.

Instead of filling small cells up with as much air as possible, the Vapormax system is designed to release air when you step down and allows more air to flow in and fill the cells when you step up. 

If you’ve ever wondered what’s inside a pair of Vapormax shoes, check out this cool video where they cut it in half and show you what’s inside:

These shoes also feature Nike’s latest FlyEase lacing system that makes it incredibly easy to make the shoe tighter or looser, without having to bother with long, annoying laces.

From the high-tech innovation to the futuristic look and the overall comfort, these are some of my top-five favorite shoes! Plus, they’re made with 75% recycled plastic, so they’re as eco-friendly as they are vegan-friendly. 

What I Love About The Shoe:

  • They’re made from 75% recycled plastic materials. 
  • They feature Nike’s patented Vapormax sole that provides an extra-bouncy feel. 
  • They feature Nike’s latest FlyEase lacing system that eliminates the need for traditional laces. 
  • They have a cool, futuristic look. 
  • They’re incredibly comfortable as both a walking shoe and a cross-trainer. 

What’s Not-So-Great: 

  • They’re slightly heavy for running shoes, so they’re not good for long-distance running. 
  • The bright color means they might not pair as well with different outfits. 

The Best Vegan Nike Shoes For Men

Don’t worry gentlemen, I didn’t forget about you guys! If you’ve been looking for the best vegan Nike’s for men, I’ve got you covered. 

While I don’t have quite as much experience shopping for men’s shoes, I got some help from a couple of my fellow male vegan athletes. I asked them what their favorite vegan Nike’s were and they gave some great feedback, which I used to create the list below. 

Check it out! 

Style Rating: 8/10

If you’re looking for a super-lightweight track running shoe, walking shoe, or something to handle long treadmill sessions with, then the Nike Air Zoom Winflo 6 is perfect.

It provides moderate arch support, a mesh upper to provide airflow, an easy-lacing system, and a reinforced toe to give you extra traction when you’re sprinting off-the-block. 

These shoes are made with Nike’s patented Air Zoom technology. The soles are filled with highly-pressurized air pockets and use tight-stretched fibers to provide rapid response and give runners better traction, allowing them to “feel” the ground more. 

Depending on your personal fashion taste, they’re available in fourteen different color schemes, so the sky’s the limit! 

What I Love About The Shoe:

  • They’re lightweight and ideal for long-distance running. 
  • They’re made with Nike’s Air Zoom soles, to provide rapid-responsiveness. 
  • They’re available in fourteen color patterns. 
  • They feature an easy-lacing system. 

What’s Not-So-Great: 

  • The bottom sole is relatively thin, so they’re not a good choice for outdoor running. 

Style Rating: 9/10

If you’re looking for a great all-around cross-training shoe, then Nike’s Air Max Torch 4’s are a great choice. They feature a thick bottom sole that provides excellent traction, whether you’re running outdoors or doing some high-intensity Crossfit indoors. 

The Torch 4’s feature an air-filled Air Max heel that provides superb comfort and shock absorption. So, if you’re going to be standing or walking on your feet all day, then these make for a great everyday shoe. 

Another feature I like about these vegan Nikes is that they feature a reinforced midsole, which means that you can be a little bit rougher with these shoes.

You don’t have to worry about the upper separating from the bottom sole after a hard run. They also have plenty of mesh, which allows for good airflow and keeps your feet cool on the hottest summer days! 

What I Love About The Shoe:

  • Made from 100% synthetic, vegan-friendly materials. 
  • Features an air-filled heel for extra comfort and impact absorption. 
  • Available in six different color schemes. 
  • Reinforced mid-sole resists tearing and abrasion. 

What’s Not-So-Great: 

  • The shoes are a bit bulky/heavy, making them not-so-great for long-distance running. 

Style Rating: 10/10

As I mentioned, Nike still doesn’t offer many options when it comes to vegan basketball shoes. However, the Air Force 270’s are one of the coolest-looking vegan Nikes I’ve ever seen. My friend, Carlos, owns a pair and he gave me the inside scoop. 

Despite the fact that they look like they’re made from real leather, they’re actually made from 100% synthetic faux leather and plastics.

They feature an extra-thick Nike Air Max sole, which makes them super comfortable if you’re landing after a high jump shot or need to come to a sudden stop. 

The shoe’s high-top design provides excellent ankle support and allows the wearer to make rapid stops and direction changes while minimizing the risk of injury. 

One of the coolest features of the Air Force 270’s is that they have a wide strap that lays across the middle of the laces, providing an extra-snug fit and extra support across the top of the foot. If you’re a serious basketball player, these are some of the best vegan basketball shoes on the market! 

What I Love About The Shoe:

  • Features Nike Air Max heel for superb comfort. 
  • High-top design provides extra ankle support. 
  • Made from 100% synthetic materials. 
  • Center strap provides extra support for your feet. 

What’s Not-So-Great: 

  • The bright color scheme may be a bit “loud” for some people. 

Style Rating: 8/10

One of the guys on my recreational soccer team owns a pair of Nike Phantom Vsn 2 Elite’s and claims that they’re one of the best cleats he’s ever owned.

While he’s not exactly a vegan, the cleats themselves are 100% vegan-friendly and made from synthetic materials. 

They feature a mesh upper to provide decent airflow and foot-cooling action, while the lower is coated with synthetic rubber to prevent any water or moisture from seeping in. This makes them perfect if you’re playing on a wet field! 

They feature Nike’s “GhostLace” system without any traditional laces, meaning that you can use the entire top portion of the cleat to make contact with the ball.

This gives you superior ball control and allows you to make passes and shots that you’d otherwise miss out on. 

The footpegs are a bit deeper than my pair of Phantom cleats (reviewed above), which will give you a bit better traction if you’re playing on soft dirt.

Personally, I prefer the shorter pegs, but most of the guys I talk to prefer deeper pegs and the extra traction they provide. 

What I Love About The Shoe:

  • They feature Nike’s “GhostLace” system, allowing you to use the entire top of the cleat for ball handling. 
  • They feature a waterproof mid-sole to prevent moisture from seeping in. 
  • They’re super-lightweight and you can run around in them for hours. 

What’s Not-So-Great: 

  • They’re rather expensive for cleats. However, they’re one of the few high-quality vegan cleats on the market. 

Conclusion – Where’s The Best Place To Buy Vegan Nike Shoes? 

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice the performance of your shoes. Nike is one of the most well-known shoe brands in the world and makes some of the best quality athletic shoes.

If you’re looking to buy the best vegan Nikes, then Amazon is the best place to go. 

Not only will you be able to read customer reviews, but you can also compare and contrast shoes. Additionally, when you buy online, you’ll have more selections available, allowing you to find the right size, instead of showing up at the store just to find out that your size is out of stock. 

If you liked this post and you’d like to learn more about vegan shoes, then be sure to check out my latest post explaining what makes vegan shoes different from other shoes!

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