5 Best Vegan Restaurants In Austin 2024: A Taste Of Texas

Texas might be the last place you’d think of as being friendly. While that may be true about the majority of the state, the city of Austin begs to differ! I just got back from my latest trip to Austin, where I attended my little cousin’s graduation and spent a week sightseeing around town. 

These days, I try to make great content wherever I go (even if it’s just for graduation). So, I decided to visit some of the best vegan restaurants in Austin while I was at it! 

Below, I’ll show you some of my favorite vegan-friendly joints that I visited last week. You’d never believe how amazing food is in this city… 

Is Austin, Texas Good For Vegans? 

Is Austin, Texas Good For Vegans

Texas has always had a bit of a “cowboy” reputation. Some of the country’s largest beef farms are in Texas, along with some of the country’s most audacious, meat-eating anti-vegans. I didn’t go to Texas to visit a ranch in the middle of nowhere, though. I came to Austin. 

Austin is, by far, one of the most artistic and eccentric cities in Texas. It’s the place where all of the artists, musicians, dancers, hippies, and fellow plant-based eaters end up. In my friend’s words, “Austin is like the Denver of Texas.” 

In short, Austin, Texas, is a great city for vegans. There’s a higher concentration of vegan restaurants here than in any other Texan city. Plus, there are tons of vegan-friendly groups, an increasingly young and vibrant population, and a very accepting atmosphere. 

To me, Austin feels a lot closer to the West Coast than a Texas city. It’s full of friendly people, has plenty of culture, and loads of excellent vegan food. 

Can You Be Vegan In Texas? 

Can You Be Vegan In Texas

Being vegan in Texas may seem a bit… ironic

After all, Texas is known for cattle ranching. It’s known for leather, steak, guns, hog-hunting, and doing everything “big.” It’s the state where people modify their trucks to make them less fuel-efficient (just to “stick it to the liberals.”)

This is why stereotypes can be harmful.

If you just went with what people say about Texas, you’d never discover Austin

While Texas might not be the most vegan-friendly state in the country, Austin is a super-friendly city for vegans. Here, you’ll get a big-city vibe with small-town rent and affordable groceries.

This makes Austin one of the best cities for younger vegans who are trying to save money and get established!. 

Additionally, large cities like Dallas and San Antonio have a growing vegan culture as well! 

Vegan In Texas: The Best Vegan Restaurants In Austin (2024)

You can’t visit Austin without seeing the slogan, “Keep Austin Weird” printed on purses, shirts, and bumper sticks. This slogan came from the Austin Small Business Alliance in an effort to keep Austin’s tourism industry centered on local attractions rather than big businesses. 

Austin certainly has a lot of “weird” (in a good way) spots. Some of the vegan restaurants I visited were the perfect example. Amazing food, unique menus, super-friendly folks, and artistic spaces. 

So, without further ado, here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Austin that I got to try during my most recent trip! 

1) The Vegan Yacht

The Vegan Yacht

The Vegan Yacht is one of those one-stop-shop types of vegan restaurants. They don’t really have a specific cuisine that they specialize in. Instead, they sell a mix of burritos, wraps, and pizzas.

Everything here is 100% vegan and plant-based, so you can order anything on the menu without having to double-check the ingredients. 

To me, this is the perfect vegan lunch restaurant in Dallas. If you’re looking for a quick, fresh, affordable bite to eat in a chill, laid-back environment, then you can’t go wrong with The Vegan Yacht

When I came, I ordered the Freeto Burrito, which one of the customers there recommended to me. It’s a grilled flour tortilla burrito that’s stuffed with vegan tempeh chili, vegan cheese sauce, avocado, and organic corn chips.

It’s a healthier, more delicious alternative to Taco Bell’s famous “Fritos Burrito.” Except this burrito is purely plant-based. 

They also have a nice selection of organic sodas, herbal tonics, and sparkling waters, which are perfect to help you beat the Texas heat! 

I didn’t get a chance to try them, but their loaded vegan hot dogs looked amazing as well.

2) Counter Culture

Counter Culture

If you’re looking for some really unique vegan food, you have got to check out Counter Culture vegan restaurant in Austin. This place has some of the coolest food I’ve had since the last time I visited Portland.

Take their Buffalo Mac and Cheeze Balls, for instance… 

These cheesy fried balls are stuffed with vegan mac and cheese that’s made with vegan cashew cheese. They’re crispy and fried on the outside while soft and gooey on the inside. I recommend getting them with a side of hot sauce! 

If you’re a fan of buffalo sauce, they also have a buffalo cauliflower pizza that’s loaded with fresh plant-based toppings. 

I started with the Buffalo Mac and Cheeze Balls as my appetizer. Then, for my main dish, I ordered their Seitan Pastrami Sandwich, which features thin-sliced seitan that’s seasoned to mimic the taste of real pastrami. 

They offer a variety of other different classic sandwiches as well. They even have a vegan Reuban! 

Counter Culture also offers beer and wine, if you’re in the mood to crack open a cold one with your sandwich. All of the beer and wine they sell are 100% vegan as well, so you don’t have to worry about any animal-derived “fining” agents being used in your wine. 

3) Wasota Vegan Paradise

Wasota Vegan Paradise

Wasota Vegan Paradise is, by far, one of the best vegan food trucks that I’ve ever eaten at. This awesome little food truck is parked in a cute spot that offers a few outdoor seats and tables.

There’s nothing overly fancy about the plating, seating, or environment. It’s all relatively simple and low-key. However, the food is out of this world! 

They offer a mixture of different cuisine options, including vegan burgers, vegan sandwiches, vegan platters (with plant-based foods), fried plantains, and house-made soups. 

I got the fried plantains as an appetizer because I absolutely adore them. Then, for my main course, I ordered the Wasota Platter.

This all-in-one platter features black-eyed peas, their signature jollof rice, plantains, fritters, and sauteed spinach. It’s a wholesome, healthy, and very fulfilling meal that won’t leave you any room for dessert! 

They also offer some awesome fresh-pressed juices, such as Guava Carrot Juice and Pineapple Ginger Juice. These are a great way to get your vitamins in and give yourself a boost from plant-based energy. 

4) Sassy’s Vegetarian Soul Food

Sassy’s Vegetarian Soul Food

Sassy’s Vegetarian Soul Food easily has some of the best vegan soul food that I’ve ever had. I did find one other great vegan soul food spot in Portland, but I think that this food truck beats it. 

I love their vegan interpretation of chicken and waffles. It’s made with seasoned seitan that tastes almost exactly like real fried chicken. Plus, the waffles are 100% vegan and aren’t made with eggs or butter! 

My favorite part was the spicy coconut curry syrup that they drizzle over the waffles… I’ve never had spicy vegan chicken and waffles before, so this was definitely a new one. 

Sassy’s also offers several great-tasting side options as well. Whether you’re looking for black-eyed peas, fried veggies, collard greens, cornbread, fried okra, or sweet potato fries, they’ve got it all

5) WHYLD’s Vegan Kitchen

WHYLD’s Vegan Kitchen
  • Website: http://wvk1.square.site/ 
  • Address: 2324 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702
  • Favorite Dish: Smoked Jackfruit Tostada

WHYLD’s Vegan Kitchen is another awesome vegan food truck in Austin. If you haven’t realized, most of the good vegan food in Austin comes from locally-owned and operated food trucks! 

WHYLD’s has so many good options, that it was hard for me to figure out exactly what I wanted. So, I went with the most exotic-sounding item on the menu- a Smoked Jackfruit Tostada

If you’re curious about what jackfruit is and why so many vegans love it, check out this interesting short on it: 

This smoky Texas vegan interpretation of the classic Mexican dish made it one of the best vegan tostadas that I’ve ever had. It’s an organic GMO-free toasted tortilla topped with jackfruit BBQ, cashew queso, refried beans, carrot habanero agave hot sauce, turmeric cashew sour cream, and burnt lime. 

It was an explosion of flavor that was completely unexpected. 

They also offer breakfast burritos, large sharing platters, and a handful of delicious plant-based smoothies.

The Verdict – What’s The Best Vegan Restaurant In Austin? 

What’s The Best Vegan Restaurant In Austin

Of all of the restaurants that I got to visit, I’d say that Sassy’s Vegetarian Soul Food is one of the best vegan restaurants in Austin.

Even though it’s just a small food truck with outdoor seating, the quality, and variety of delicious vegan food they offer is simply unrivaled. I’d also say that WHYLD’s Vegan Kitchen is a close second. 

So far, the best vegan tacos I’ve ever had have been from a small restaurant in San Diego. To read about my most recent trip to San Diego (and see my favorite restaurants), be sure to check out my latest post on San Diego next

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