5 Best Vegan Restaurants In Boston 2024: Healthy Meal Choices

Boston is a unique city that’s both forward-thinking and steeped in culture. The city is where the United States got its start and some of our founding fathers started the Revolutionary War. 

That’s not the only thing revolutionary about Boston, though. The city is quickly growing into one of the most vegan-friendly cities on the East Coast!

Whether you’re looking for the best high-end vegan food in Boston, creative takes on traditional cuisine, or just a quick, healthy vegan meal, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to visit Boston and stayed in a great little Airbnb located in Cambridge. The small Bostonian suburb is known for having several great vegan restaurants and is centrally located, making it a great spot to explore from. 

I made it my goal to explore as many vegan restaurants as I could during my week-long stay. In today’s post, I’m going to show you some of the best vegan restaurants in Boston that I found during my trip! 

How Vegan-Friendly Is Boston? 

How Vegan-Friendly Is Boston

Although Boston may not rank quite as high for vegan-friendliness as cities like San Diego or Portland, this is quickly changing. According to Wallethub’s “vegan score,” Boston is ranked as the 85th most vegan-friendly city in the United States. 

This may not sound like a big deal, but when you consider that there are over 19,000 cities in the U.S., 85 is actually pretty good. 

This score is based on several factors, including:

  • The percentage of vegan eaters in Boston. 
  • The number of vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Boston. 
  • The affordability of vegan food in restaurants. 
  • The affordability of vegan food in grocery stores. 

A quick Google search will show you page after page of vegan-only and vegan-inclusive restaurants. I only had a week, so I didn’t get to check out anywhere near as many vegan restaurants in Boston as I’d like.

Based on my first-hand experience, though, I’d say that Boston is very vegan-friendly! 

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Boston: Listed

Alright, now for the part you’ve all been waiting for – my list of the best vegan restaurants in Boston. It’s time to dig in! 

1) Double Zero

Double Zero

Double Zero easily has some of the best vegan pizza that I’ve ever had! This restaurant is the latest “project” by celebrity chef Matthew Kenney, who’s known for his creative vegan cuisine. 

Double Zero isn’t your average local pizza joint, though. It’s high-end Italian at its best, just without the meat. 

Due to the caliber of the restaurant, you do have to put in for a reservation. I visited the restaurant on a Thursday evening, though, and I was able to reserve a table the same day. 

Double Zero has a wonderful selection of fine vegan wines, and I started off with a wonderful 2018 Bordeaux from Château Haut Vigneau.

Then, I ordered the Eggplant Calzone Pizza which is made with hand-tossed dough, house-made marinara sauce, fried eggplant, rice and cashew mozzarella, macadamia nut ricotta, and almond parmesan. 

This restaurant is 100% vegan, so you can safely eat anything you want on the menu! All of the pizzas here are made in the traditional Italian style, using real dough, farm-fresh ingredients, and plant-based cheese.

The pizzas are small and personal, so I suggest ordering one pizza per person. 

If you’re not into pizza, Double Zero also offers several other vegan Italian dishes, including Pasta Bolognese, Eggplant Parmesan (made with plant cheese), and vegan Baked Meatballs. If you still have room for dessert, they offer a wonderful house-made Tiramisu! 

Fair warning – Double Zero is rather expensive. It’s a fine dining restaurant with a refined vibe and excellent service. The quality of the food is nothing short of outstanding, though, and it’s worth every dollar. 

2) Zhu Vegan

Zhu Vegan
  • Website: http://zhuvegan.com/ 
  • Location: 166 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474
  • My Favorite Dish: Malaysian Curry Stew

In the restaurant’s own words, Zhu Vegan is “casual fine-dining vegan Japanese cuisine.” In other words, they serve fine-dining quality with a relaxed, casual vibe that you’d expect from a small family-owned Japanese restaurant. 

Zhu has two locations; one in Arlington (the one I visited) and one in Brookline. If you’re looking for vegan Chinese food or vegan Japanese food in Boston, then this is the place! They have vegan interpretations of popular favorites, such as Sweet and Sour Soy Protein, Tofu Teriyaki, Sesame Tofu, and Malaysian Curry Stew. 

The Malaysian Curry Stew was awesome! Broccoli, soy protein, potatoes, and carrots are slow-cooked in a delicious curry sauce. I also got the Edamame and Vegetable Dumplings as appetizers. 

Another thing I really like about Zhu Vegan is its selection of house-made teas. You can order a pot of hot herbal tea or iced tea. They even have their own vegan, house-made beverages, such as Ginger Ale, Passion Fruit Lemonade, Thai Iced Tea, and others!

The food is all plated and served fine-dining style, but the prices are great! I’d say that the prices are about the same as you’d expect from a typical Japanese hibachi restaurant.  

3) Red White Ramen

Red White Ramen

Red White Ramen has some of the best vegan ramens in Boston.

Although ramen is typically a non-vegan dish, due to meat broth, pork, and fish sauce, every dish served at Red White Ramen is 100% vegan and made using veggie broth, and vegan umami flavor, and plant-based proteins. 

They offer six different flavors of ramen, which all have varying levels of umami flavor, spiciness, and herbal seasoning.

You can choose between the original ramen that’s topped with leeks, soy protein, corn, spinach, and bamboo or you can order the special that’s topped with crispy fried onions and plant-based shredded cheese. 

They also offer their signature seasoned Buddha Rice as well as Roasted Miso Avocado, which tastes remarkably similar to pork belly! I went with the Dragon Breathe Ramen, as I love spicy food, and it didn’t disappoint.

It uses the same base ramen recipe with added super-hot umami sauce for a fiery kick. 

You can dine in or take your food to go. If you have a few minutes, I definitely recommend dining in, as it has a really unique vibe. The prices are very fair, considering the quality of the food too!

4) Plantpub

  • Website: https://plantpub.com/ 
  • Location: 675 W Kendall St, Cambridge, MA 02142
  • My Favorite Dish: Kimchi Burger

Usually, pub food is the exact opposite of vegan. Not here, though. At Plantpub, you can order all of your pub favorites, such as wings, burgers, chili cheese fries, and loaded nachos – all vegan!

And, of course, there are loads of great-tasting beers from local brewers. What’s not to love, right? 

Plantpub’s specialty is its vegan plant-based burgers. They also offer vegan pizzas, vegan fried “chicken” sandwiches, salads, vegan ramen, and spicy buffalo cauliflower wings. 

Personally, I opted for the Kimchi Burger, which uses a plant-based burger topped with vegan cheese, kimchi aioli, pickles, and hot sesame slaw. I also got a side order of the Chili Cheese Fries as an appetizer.

Both were delicious, and I especially liked the vegan cashew cheese they used in place of typical nacho cheese! 

5) Veggie Galaxy

Veggie Galaxy

Veggie Galaxy is essentially a vegan twist on American breakfast diners like Waffle House and IHOP. Here, you can order all of your favorite breakfast foods, like french toast, eggs, omelets, and pancakes.

Everything is 100% vegan and they use vegan eggs, vegan milk, and vegan meat in all of their food!

I got the Stuffed French Toast, which is made using local farmhouse bread, stuffed with thick vegan cream cheese, and topped with strawberry sauce, vegan maple syrup, and caramelized banana butter.

I also paid a little extra to get it topped with fresh berries and coconut whipped cream. 

Was it healthy? Probably not… But it was one of the best-tasting, sweetest breakfasts I’ve ever had.

Looking For More Great Vegan Food? Try HappyCow Boston

Looking For More Great Vegan Food Try HappyCow Boston

Boston is home to many more vegan restaurants. These are just the ones that I was able to try during my brief trip. If you’re looking for more of the best vegan restaurants in Boston, be sure to check out HappyCow.net

HappyCow is an online directory that lists vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants all over the world. Whether you’re looking for high-end vegan dining, a hole in the wall, or vegan fast food, I guarantee you’ll find some great new spots.

According to HappyCow, Boston is home to 179 vegan/vegetarian-specific restaurants, so you have plenty to explore! 

What’s The Best High-End Vegan Restaurant In Boston? 

What’s The Best High-End Vegan Restaurant In Boston

If you’re looking for a high-end vegan restaurant to impress your business clients or your date, then I’d definitely go with Double Zero. The fine wine, amazing food, and upscale atmosphere make the restaurant one of the classiest in the city! 

Conclusion – What’s The Best Overall Vegan Restaurant In Boston? 

What’s The Best Overall Vegan Restaurant In Boston

With so many amazing choices, it’s really hard to choose. However, if I had to choose one vegan restaurant that I’d return to again and again, I’d say that Red White Ramen would be my go-to favorite.

They offer some of the best vegan ramens I’ve ever had at great prices, and the vibe is awesome as well. 

If you love Asian food and ramen, then be sure to check out my latest post answering whether or not Maruchan Ramen is vegan next!

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