4 Best Vegan Restaurants In Orlando 2024: Good Food in the South

Orlando is known for a lot of things. It’s best known for being the home to Disney World, Universal Studios, and a bunch of other theme parks. It’s become a global tourism hub thanks to film fans and roller coaster fans alike. 

What many people don’t know is that Orlando is also a great city for vegans

If you’ve ever been curious about what type of vegan food is available in Orlando, then you’ve come to the right place. I got the chance to visit Orlando just a few months ago. While I was there, I tried some truly exceptional vegan food. 

Below, I’ll show you some of the best vegan restaurants in Orlando! Whether you’re an Orlando local or just passing through on vacation, I guarantee one of these awesome spots will vibe with you. 

Is Orlando A Good City For Vegans? 

Is Orlando A Good City For Vegans

Orlando is in the dead center of Florida. Florida, as a whole, isn’t known for being very vegan-friendly. For one, it’s “The South” – an area of the US known for being not-so-vegan.

That being said, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that Orlando is one of the top ten cities in the US for vegans

In 2019, Orlando finally landed a spot on PETA’s famous top-ten vegan cities list

This rating is given based on multiple factors, such as:

  • The number of vegan restaurants in Orlando
  • The concentration of vegan eaters in Orlando
  • The cost of healthy, vegan-friendly food in Orlando

So, if you’re a vegan who loves fun in the sun, roller coasters, big city life, and great food, then Orlando might just be the perfect place for you to move to! The only downside is the incredibly hot summers when temperatures regularly reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more. 

But hey – if nothing else, you should at least visit for a couple of days! 

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Orlando To Try In 2024

While I was in Orlando, I had the chance to try some really great vegan food. To be honest, I really wasn’t expecting much when I went. However, I left happily surprised with a lot of great recommendations for my vegan friends and family. 

So, here’s my list of the best vegan restaurants in Orlando. I hope you enjoy the food as much as I did! 

1) Leguminati


If you’re looking for the ultimate vegan lunch, then look no further than Leguminati. The name alone is what first attracted me to the restaurant. However, the food is what made me go back two times during my trip. 

The menu at Leguminati reminds me a lot of Taco Bell. The only thing on their menu is a wrap that looks like Taco Bell’s Gordita Crunch. However, these wraps are all 100% vegan and made from plant-based cheese, meat, and legumes. 

The first day I went, I got the OG Crunch wrap, which is made with vegan beef crumble, vegan sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce, and vegan queso. The wraps are perfectly toasted and have just the right amount of crunch to them! 

The second day I went, I ended up getting the Buffalo Crunch wrap, which is made with vegan buffalo chicken, vegan ranch, lettuce, and tomato. I really love their house-made buffalo sauce, and it makes the vegan meat taste just like chicken. 

Overall, it’s a small spot with a small menu. But every single wrap on their menu is incredible!  

2) Veggie Garden

Veggie Garden

Veggie Garden is a vegan Vietnamese restaurant that has some of the best vegan pho that I’ve ever had.

The vibe here is definitely more upscale, so if you’re looking for something fancy and classy, then this is the place. I love how all of the food is plated, and the atmosphere here is very relaxing. 

The entire menu here is 100% vegan, so you can order anything you want! 

It’s full of classic Vietnamese options, like vegan spring rolls, vegan noodle dishes, and soup. I’ve always been a sucker for noodles, so I ended up going with the Tofu Pho.

This classic dish is made with rice noodles, broccoli, cauliflower, fried tofu, and carrots, The broth and seasonings are also 100% plant-based as well. 

I also tried the spring rolls for my appetizer while I waited on my pho. They were really fresh since they’re all made by hand in the restaurant. None of the food here is ever frozen or pre-packaged, so you’re getting the real deal! 

3) Karelyn’s Vegan Soul Cafe

Karelyn’s Vegan Soul Cafe
  • Website: No Website
  • Address: 1508 E Michigan St, Orlando, FL 32806
  • Favorite Dish: Fried Chicken & Mac n Cheese Sandwich

Karelyn’s Vegan Soul Cafe has some of the best vegan soul food that I’ve ever had (and I mean that). I’ve tried vegan soul food in several different states, most recently in Austin and Portland, and this place blew me away. 

The menu is packed full of your favorite Southern soul food… except it’s all vegan! To be clear, nothing on this menu looks remotely plant-based.

You’ll find fried chicken, mac n’ cheese, baked potatoes, and BBQ sandwiches. If it wasn’t for the very clear name of the restaurant, I’d assume that it wasn’t vegan. 

I was super excited to see what the food tasted like, so I got the Fried “Chicken” & Mac n’ Cheese sandwich. Think of a Chick-Fil-A fried chicken sandwich but vegan and topped with housemade mac n’ cheese.  

When I say that this was one of the best sandwiches that I’ve ever had in my life, I’m not exaggerating. I got my sandwich with a side of their house-made vegan fries as well. The fries are so crispy and delicious that I got some to-go as well! 

4) Hungry Pants

Hungry Pants

Hungry Pants has a chic, modern atmosphere and a relaxed vibe. The food is simple, fresh, and tastes great. Plus, they offer a great selection of craft beers. What’s not to love? 

The menu is broken up into several parts, depending on how hungry you are: Nibble, Nosh, Hungry, or Famished. The smaller meals are finger foods like wontons or plant-based dips, while the larger meals are big vegan sandwiches, veggie burgers, and wraps. 

I ended up going with the Black Bean Wontons for my appetizer and their signature CLT Sandwich that’s made with curry-lime tempeh, avocado, arugula, and topped with a cilantro aioli (kind of like mayo). The whole sandwich is placed on grilled wheat bread for a crispy, satisfying crunch. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the food. Unlike Karelyn’s Vegan Soul Food, everything here was really fresh and simple.

The meals are definitely a bit lighter, which makes this spot perfect for a lunch date! They also offer some homemade vegan pastries and sweets as well, if you’re feeling dessert. 

The Verdict – What’s The Best Vegan Restaurant In Orlando? 

What’s The Best Vegan Restaurant In Orlando

If I had to choose, I’d say that Karelyn’s Vegan Soul Cafe is one of the best vegan restaurants in Orlando. The delicious BBQ and fried “chicken” sandwiches here are unlike any other vegan soul food restaurant I’ve visited. 

If you love delicious food, but don’t have a lot of time to cook, then check out my list of the best lazy vegan recipes next

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