9 Best Vegan Wallets 2024: Keep Your Cash Safe

As soon as humans invented currency, they created ways to keep it safe. Not long ago, individuals would carry their coins in a fancy “coinpurse.” Now that money mostly consists of paper bills and credit cards, though, a slim wallet is the obvious choice.

Historically, wallets have always been made out of leather. Leather is durable, flexible, odor-resistant, and mostly waterproof, making it an ideal material for wallets. After going vegan, I had to swap out my animal skin wallet for a vegan wallet.

Thankfully, vegan-friendly materials like faux leather, canvas, cork, aluminum, and even wood are being used to create some of the best vegan wallets that money can buy. If you’ve been looking for a high-quality vegan wallet, then this post is for you!

Below, I’ll give you a quick run-down on the most popular types of vegan wallets. Then, I’ll show you my top picks for vegan minimalist wallets, as well as my top picks for vegan leather wallets (for those who prefer a more traditional wallet style).

Are you ready to fold some bills?

Minimalist Wallet for Men RFID Blocking Aluminum Wallet
Minimalist Wallet for Men RFID Blocking Aluminum Wallet
Editor's Choice
Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallets for Men
Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallets for Men
Reader's Choice
Minimalist Wallet for Men, ARW Metal Money Clip Wallet
Minimalist Wallet for Men, ARW Metal Money Clip Wallet

Why You Should Switch To A Vegan Wallet

When I first started my vegan journey (just over seven years ago), I thought it was all about changing my diet and swapping meat for a 100% plant-based diet.

To be fair, dietary changes are probably the most important part of being a vegan. Once you break your body’s addiction to meat, it’ll change the way you look at everything else in your life.

After researching meal plans from respected vegan doctors and getting my diet down to a science, I started to look at other areas in my life where I could go vegan. I quickly made a list of some of the not-so-vegan items that I’d been using my whole life, such as:

  • Wool clothing
  • Leather clothing and shoes
  • and leather wallets and clutches

The zipper on my old leather clutch just broke, so I figured that it was the perfect time to shop for a new vegan wallet!

I did a bit of research and eventually ended up going with Nautica’s “On The Double” vegan leather clutch (which I’ve fully reviewed below).

Types Of Vegan Wallets

When I first started looking for vegan wallets, I really didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that I couldn’t buy anything made from real leather.

So, to help make your shopping experience smoother, I decided to give you a quick breakdown of the various types of vegan wallets you’ll be able to choose from.

Minimalist Vegan Wallets

Minimalist wallets are the newest type of wallets on the market, and they’ve been becoming a lot more popular due to their unisex nature, their smaller size, and added security features.

Sometimes referred to as “hard wallets,” minimalist wallets typically feature a hard outer shell made from aluminum, carbon fiber, wood, or a combination thereof.

They don’t have quite as much bill storage as a traditional bi-fold or tri-fold wallet, but they’re a lot less clunky.

Minimalist wallets are designed to provide easy, safe storage for your most important cards.

While they don’t have a lot of space for bills, many minimalist wallets feature a built-in bill clip or may have a small pocket to hold a few tightly-folded bills.

Let’s be honest, though, it’s becoming pretty uncommon to carry cash around…

Vegan Leather Wallets & Clutches

If you’re not a minimalist and you like the freedom of being able to store all of your cards, bills, photos, etc. in your wallet, then you’ll appreciate the more traditional design of a vegan leather wallet.

Vegan men’s wallets are typically bi-fold or tri-fold-style wallets. Vegan wallets for women tend to be clutch-style and have a bit more space (you know, for the extra tube of lipstick we girls always carry).

RFID-Blocking Wallets (Important!)

What if somebody was able to walk by you on the street and use a machine they had hidden in their pocket to scan your credit card numbers through your wallet? Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right?

Well, I have news for some of you – it’s real and it happens every day.

It’s made possible by RFID scanners that can scan your card information through materials like cloth, leather, etc. Check out this short video on how hackers steal credit card info just by standing nearby:

Thankfully, wallet manufacturers have caught on! Most modern wallets have a built-in liner or coating that prevents data transmission, known as RFID-blocking.

When it comes to your personal identity and credit cards, you can never be too safe. So make sure that you look for RFID-blocking vegan wallets!

The Best Vegan Minimalist Wallets To Avoid Clutter

Since they’re particularly trendy, I’ll start my list of the best vegan wallets off with minimalist-style wallets. These wallets are slim, small, and guaranteed to reduce clutter!

Although I usually prefer clutch-style wallets, I love my vegan minimalist wallet whenever I’m going out. It’s really hard trying to dance or do something active with a clunky clutch knocking around.

My minimalist wallet is so small that I can slip it into my smallest pocket. Or, if I’m wearing a pocket-less dress, it’s small enough to fit in my boyfriend’s pocket!

Quality Rating: 10/10

I recently purchased Donword’s Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet as a gift for my cousin. After using it for a week, he called to thank me and told me that it was one of the most useful presents that he’d ever received!

Donword easily makes one of the best vegan wallets I’ve ever seen. The build quality ensures that this wallet is pretty much indestructible.

The outer case is pure aluminum and features lightweight carbon fiber inserts that act as spacers between the aluminum outer shell.

You could run over this wallet with a car and your cards would still be safe and intact!

It holds around five or six cards and features a small finger hole that allows you to pull the cards out of the secure casing.

For those of you who like to carry cash, it also has a nice money clip on the back side that can hold a few folded bills!

I really like the brushed texture of the aluminum as well. It’s available in six different colors:

  • Army Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Forged Carbon
  • Carbon Fiber Black
  • Silver

Last but not least, it comes with a built-in RFID-blocking liner, so you’ll never have to worry about your card info getting stolen.

Why It’s Great:

  • High-quality ultra-durable casing made from forged aluminum and carbon fiber.
  • Features an additional money clip on the back to hold bills.
  • Available in six awesome colors and textures.
  • Futuristic design that makes it stand apart from other minimalist wallets.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • RFID-Blocking technology

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • It’s a bit more expensive than other minimalist wallets.

Quality Rating: 9/10

Muradin’s Tactical Bi-fold Wallet may not be as cool-looking as the Donword wallet I reviewed above, but it’s a lot more functional.

The wallet opens up like a bi-fold and provides an interior slot that holds two or three cards.

It also has a clear pocket for your ID, so you don’t have to worry about taking it in and out of your wallet every time somebody asks to see your ID.

Both sides of the wallet’s exterior also feature a pocket. There’s an easy-access pocket in the front (which is great for your most-used credit card) as well as a second clear pocket on the back of the wallet (perfect for secondary ID, work badge, etc.).

My favorite thing about this wallet is that the inside has a “hidden compartment” behind the main card storage area.

It’s not much, but it’s the perfect place to store a small memory card, personal item, or a few folded bills that you don’t want others knowing you have!

Like most modern minimalist wallets, it’s RFID-blocking as well. It features an aluminum frame, a sturdy canvas exterior (or optional faux leather), and is available in eleven different colors.

Why It’s Great:

  • RFID-Blocking.
  • Features a “hidden compartment.”
  • Features easy-access outer pockets for your most-used cards.
  • Features two clear pockets for ID storage.
  • Sturdy build and design.

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • The design isn’t as futuristic or modern as other minimalist wallets.

Quality Rating: 7/10

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, yet still attractive vegan wallet, then ARW’s Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder is worth considering. The design is incredibly simple – two thin aluminum plates held together by stretchy nylon straps.

The nylon straps mean that you can store as little as one or two cards in this wallet without having to worry about it being too loose.

Conversely, since the straps are stretchy, you can store up to fifteen cards in this vegan minimalist wallet! Most minimalist wallets feature a more solid design that doesn’t give the user quite as much flexibility.

While the nylon straps make for a more flexible wallet, they’re also the wallet’s main weak point. If one of the straps becomes frayed, snaps, or gets cut, there’s a chance that all of your cards could fall out.

On a more positive note, this 100% vegan-friendly wallet features a bill clip on the back and is RFID-blocking, so you can carry it with confidence.

It doesn’t feature a clear slot for your ID or easy-access pockets, but if you’re just looking for a simple hard wallet, then that shouldn’t be an issue.

Why It’s Great:

  • Flexible nylon straps allow you to fit up to 15 cards in the wallet.
  • RFID-Blocking technology.
  • Built-in money clip.
  • Affordable.

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • The flexible nylon straps are a weak point that could break.
  • No clear slot for ID cards.

Quality Rating: 10/10

Just because a wallet is minimalist doesn’t mean that it needs to be boring. If you’re looking for a more attractive vegan wallet, then MVC’s Wooden Minimalist Wallet is one of the best-looking minimalist wallets you can buy.

It’s also the minimalist wallet that I use whenever I need something small!

Although the frame of the wallet is crafted from durable aluminum, the outside is made from real walnut wood, giving it an incredibly smooth texture.

The card storage slot is expandable and can hold up to fifteen cards, meaning you’ll never have to compromise. The card slot can be adjusted to be tighter or looser with MVC’s included hex wrench tool as well.

There’s a large money clip on the back of the wallet that can hold up to eight bills. I love how wide the clip is, which gives me some added peace of mind, knowing that my bills won’t fall out.

If you don’t like the clip, it’s also fully detachable, making for a slimmer profile.

Why It’s Great:

  • RFID-blocking security liner.
  • Large, detachable money clip capable of holding 8 bills.
  • Wood paneling provides great texture and gives it a natural look.
  • Expandable card slot holds up to 15 cards.

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • It’s on the more expensive side.
  • It doesn’t have a clear slot for an ID.

Quality Rating: 7/10

If you’re looking for a super-affordable, super-simple, and ultra-minimalist vegan wallet with RFID-blocking, then ZDKSDOO’s Minimalist Pop-Up Wallet is a solid choice.

So far, the other minimalist wallets I’ve shown require you to manually slide your cards out of the card slot with your hand.

This wallet features a small spring-loaded switch that makes your cards pop up when pressed! It’s a really cool feature that makes grabbing your cards out of the wallet a lot faster than other wallets.

The design is very simple. It’s just a three-sided aluminum slot with an open-top, allowing your cards to slide in and out with ease.

The inner walls of the wallet are also spring-loaded, which provides pressure on the sides of the cards and keeps them secure in your wallet, so they won’t fall out.

Why It’s Great:

  • Super-simple, foolproof design made from durable aluminum.
  • Spring-loaded switch makes your cards pop up when activated.
  • RFID-blocking technology keeps your cards safe.
  • Very affordable.

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • Only holds six or seven cards.
  • No space for bills.
  • No clear slot for ID.

The Best Vegan Leather Wallets (They Feel Like The Real Thing!)

Vegan minimalist wallets are great and all, but let’s be honest – some of us prefer something larger! My minimalist wallet is perfect when I’m going out and being active.

However, when I’ve got a long workday or flight ahead of me, I like my full-sized clutch that has plenty of space for my cards, bills, loose change, and extra makeup.

So, to conclude my list of the best vegan wallets, I figured I’d show you some of my favorite vegan leather wallets. They’re larger, offer more storage, and are 100% cruelty-free!

Quality Rating: 10/10

Nautica’s “On The Double” Vegan Leather Clutch is the perfect clutch. I’ve always liked Nautica as a brand and I’ve found that their products are always crafted with care and quality.

Unlike some of the cheaper clutches I’ve owned, the zipper on this vegan leather clutch is incredibly durable. After zipping and unzipping it thousands of times the past year, it still works perfectly!

The design is simple and non-frivolous, meaning that it goes just as well with my business attire as it does with my “day off” outfits.

In terms of storage, this handy little clutch literally fits everything. It features individual slots for up to twelve cards (although you could fit two cards in each slot, for a total of twenty-four), as well as two separate clear slots for an ID or work badge.

Behind the card slots, you’ll find several more wide slots designed to hold full-length bills, so you don’t have to worry about folding them up. And that’s just half of the storage…

The other half of the clutch features two large pockets, each big enough to hold my extra-large iPhone.

Separating the two open pockets is a large zippered pocket that’s perfect for keeping your loose change and coins in, so they don’t fall out whenever you open up your wallet!

The vegan leather is available in three different shades: red, dark purple, and indigo blue.

Why It’s Great:

  • Affordable.
  • High-quality zipper.
  • The wrist strap allows you to keep it secure.
  • Stores up to twenty-four cards.
  • Two clear slots for ID badges.
  • Storage space for a large smartphone.
  • Zippered pocket for small items or loose change.

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • Some reviews state that the RFID-blocking liner doesn’t work 100% of the time.

Quality Rating: 8/10

The first time that I heard of a “cork” wallet, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was shopping for a father’s day gift a while back and stumbled across this 100% vegan leather wallet.

The texture was so smooth that I almost put it back, thinking that it was real leather. Then I looked at the label a little closer and read that it was made from cork bark (the same stuff that’s in your wine bottles).

Corkor’s Cork Wallet is a great option if you’re looking for a vegan leather alternative other than synthetic faux leather.

It’s made from specialized cork fabric that looks and feels like leather. Except it’s not; it comes from sustainably-sourced cork tree bark.

It’s a slim bi-fold design that can easily fit around ten cards and has a billfold compartment for any cash you may have on you. I really appreciate the brand itself.

Each wallet is artisan-crafted and comes from a direct-to-consumer brand. The brand is PETA-approved and even features the cruelty-free bunny stamp of approval!

The only downside is that it doesn’t have an RFID-blocking liner, so it’s not as secure as other, more modern wallets. 

Why It’s Great:

  • Made from sustainably-sourced cork tree bark.
  • PETA-approved brand.
  • Smooth, natural texture that feels like real leather.
  • Full-sized bi-fold design.

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • No RFID-blocking technology.

Quality Rating: 8/10

Bi-fold wallets are great and all… But if you’re the type of guy who carries extra cards and extra cash, then tri-fold wallets typically provide a little bit more storage space.

Access Denied’s Vegan Leather Tri-Fold is a solid, well-built vegan wallet that’s made from 100% faux leather.

It features seven credit card slots, three bill slots, and a clear ID window slot as well! Overall, it’s a sleek, professional design that looks as good in your suit pocket as it does in your jeans pocket.

It’s available in four shades: black, blue, brown, and black with carbon fiber texture.

Oh, and it’s also lined with RFID-blocking material, so it’ll keep your valuable cards safe and secure!

Why It’s Great:

  • Affordably priced.
  • Tri-fold wallet design offers plenty of storage.
  • Three separate cash slots and seven credit card slots.
  • Features a clear ID window slot.
  • Made from vegan faux leather.
  • RFID-blocking liner.

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • If you fill up all of the slots, the wallet will be pretty thick.

Quality Rating: 7/10

Even though I ended up choosing the Nautica clutch that I reviewed above, I really like the rustic design of Bird & Fish’s Vegan Leather Bi-Fold Clutch.

It features ten credit card slots, a clear ID window, and a secure zippered pocket in the middle for any loose change you may have.

It’s not as large as other clutches, but if you’re looking for a slightly smaller, more portable design, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s available in seven different colors and you can choose from the more natural earth tones or bright colors like pink and purple.

The only drawback of this clutch is that it does not come with any RFID-blocking liner, so it’s not as secure as some of the other vegan wallets on the market.

Why It’s Great:

  • Made with vegan faux leather.
  • Plenty of storage for cards and cash.
  • Clear ID window for your license.
  • Zippered middle pocket for small items.

What’s Not-So-Great:

  • No RFID-blocking liner.


Isn’t it time you switched your old animal skin wallet out for something sustainable and cruelty-free? Whether you opt for a minimalist design or a larger, more traditional design, these are some of the best vegan wallets on the market

Shoes are another wardrobe item that has traditionally been produced with leather. If you’re interested in learning more about vegan shoes and faux leather alternatives, check out my last post!

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