5 Best Vegan Winter Boots 2024: Don’t Get Cold Feet

When it comes to shoes, I’m usually only concerned with comfort and style… except for the winter. In the winter, I need something warm, cozy, and water-resistant to get me through the snow, ice, rain, and slush. Oh, the joys of winter, right? 

Even if the region you live in doesn’t get snowstorms, blizzards, and freeze-overs, it’s always nice to have a durable vegan winter boot to keep your toes from getting cold. 

If you’re looking for the best vegan winter boots to keep your feet warm and dry, then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’ve got a ski trip planned or you’re just tired of dealing with cold, wet feet, I’ve put together a quick list of my favorite women’s vegan winter boots that I’ve worn over the past couple of years. 

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the guys, either. I also included a few of my top choices for men’s vegan winter boots as well! 

Let’s jump into the snow, shall we? 

Storm by Cougar Women's Winter and Snow Boots
Storm by Cougar Women's Winter and Snow Boots
Editor's Choice
Columbia Women's Paninaro Omni
Columbia Women's Paninaro Omni
Reader's Choice
STQ Boots for Women Ladies Combat Ankle Boots
STQ Boots for Women Ladies Combat Ankle Boots

What Are Vegan Winter Boots Made Out Of? 

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean that you should have to deal with cold, wet feet or have to worry about slipping and falling in ice and snow.

Historically, winter boots have been made using some of the most non-vegan materials on the market, including:

  • Animal leather
  • Sheep’s wool 
  • Animal skin fur

In the past, these were the warmest materials that humans had at their disposal. So, it makes sense that leather, fur, and wool would be the go-to choice for making a warm, water-resistant winter boot. 

Today, things are different. 

Manufacturers have figured out how to make vegan-friendly synthetic and plant-based leather. Combinations of cotton and synthetic threads are just as warm as wool (if not warmer).

If you’re a sucker for that “real fur” look, you’ll be happy to find out that synthetic fur is not only warmer than real fur, but it’s more durable as well! 

If you’re interested in the process, check out this video of how hemp-based faux fur is made: 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common materials used to make vegan winter boots:

Non-Vegan Boot MaterialVegan Winter Boot Alternative
Animal Leather: Directly supports the meat industry and the wholesale slaughter of animals.  Animals that have “outlived their use” are killed for their meat and then skinned for their leather on cruel farms. Faux Leather: This synthetic leather is made from polyurethane. It looks and feels just like real leather, and is far more durable.  Plant-Based Leather: It feels just like real leather. Although it starts off looking a bit strange, dyes and wax are added to it to make it appear no different than traditional leather.  Vegan leather manufacturers grind up fibrous fruits and mix them with hardeners, cool them, bake them, and then cut the resulting plant leather into strips of plant leather! 
Sheep’s Wool: Many people aren’t aware of how cruel the sheep wool industry is. Instead of ethically collecting naturally-shed wool, farmers restrain the sheep and roughly shear them, often resulting in cuts and bruises on the skin.  Once the sheep get a bit older and can’t produce as much wool, they’re killed for their meat. Vegan Wool: While traditional wool and yarn are made from sheep’s wool, vegan wool is made using plant-based fibers. The most commonly used plants for vegan wool are cotton, hemp, and bamboo. 
Fur: Fur is easily one of the worst evils, as the majority of animals slaughtered for their fur aren’t ever eaten or utilized in any other way.  Small, innocent, and often endangered animals are killed solely for their warm furs, while their bodies are cast aside like an old rag. Faux Fur: It looks just like real fur, but it’s made using a blend of acrylic fibers and polyester.  It’s not quite as breathable as traditional fur, but it’s just as warm and comfy! 

The Best Vegan Winter Boots For Women 

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect from a vegan winter boot, it’s time to jump into the part you’ve been waiting for! 

For the past few years, I’ve had to deal with some serious ice and snow. Eventually, it got to a point where my regular vegan leather boots simply couldn’t keep up.

After just a quick walk down the street to the corner store, they were soaking wet and my feet were just as cold as if I’d worn no shoes at all.  

That’s when I knew that I needed to find and buy something warm, water-resistant, and vegan-friendly. After lots of research, I ended up with the following boots, all of which have served me well.

So, without further ado, here are the best vegan winter boots for women

Personal Comfort Rating: 5/5

If you’re looking for one of the best all-around vegan winter boots, then Storm by Cougar’s Winter Snow Boots are easily my top choice. Not only are they incredibly warm and comfy, but they’re also 100% waterproof! This is really important once the snow starts to fall hard. 

Most of the winter boots I’ve experimented with are only water-resistant, meaning that eventually, the water will seep through. The more watery the slush is, the quicker this happens. 

With Storm by Cougar’s snow boots, though, I’ve never had this issue. One day, I trudged through snow and ice for three hours straight after I missed the last bus, and my feet remained dry the entire time. 

The outer sole is made with a medium-hard rubber that provides a bit of shock absorption, while still providing a solid base that won’t wear down too quickly.

The sole features a wave-pattern groove design that easily allows any snow to fall off with each step. A quick tap of your boots on a stair is all it takes to dislodge any extra ice or salt that may be stuck in the grooves. 

They feature a super-comfy fur lining along the main tube of the boot. Not only does it look cute with almost any winter outfit, but it also keeps your ankles warm and provides soft padding to ensure that your boots don’t give you any blisters or discomfort. 

You’ll be able to choose between two design patterns; one that uses faux snakeskin leather and the other that uses a pure textile design. Personally, I opted for faux leather as it looks the most stylish. 


  • They’re comfortable enough to walk around in for hours. 
  • 100% waterproof lower allows you to trudge through slush and water without fear. 
  • Durable, slip-resistant outer sole performs great on the ice. 
  • Stylish design looks great with most winter outfits. 
  • Available with faux snake leather or pure textile upper. 


  • They’re on the more expensive side.

Personal Comfort Rating: 4/5 

Lace-up vegan winter boots are great 90% of the time. Sometimes, you just want a pair of winter boots that you can “pull on,” without having to spend an extra three minutes lacing them up.

If you’re looking for a pair of tall, pull-on vegan winter boots, then Columbia’s Paninaro Omni-Heat Winter Boots are an outstanding choice. 

These boots are particularly nice whenever we get hit with a severe blizzard. Once the snowdrifts at my front door reached three to four feet high, my shorter boots didn’t cut it. I needed an extra-tall winter boot that I could pull up to cover the lower half of my pants. That’s when I found these! 

While Columbia isn’t exactly a “vegan” brand (most of their winter boots aren’t vegan), these particular boots are 100% vegan-friendly. 

The sole is made out of 100% rubber, the lower is made out of thick, waterproof polyurethane liner, and the upper is made from a flexible, waterproof textile that’s similar to the materials used to make Columbia’s heavy-duty winter jackets. 

The outsole provides excellent traction on the ice, and the sides of the outsole are also textured to give you a little bit of extra grip, which really comes in handy if you’re out hiking in the snow.

These are also some seriously warm vegan winter boots! According to Columbia, the uppers are packed with 200 grams of insulation material. They’re so warm that I once caught my feet sweating while I was standing in foot-deep snow. 


  • Built to Columbia’s high standard of quality. 
  • 100% waterproof lower, middle, and upper. 
  • Contains 200 grams of insulation for an extra-warm boot. 
  • Textured outsole provides extra traction in the snow and ice. 
  • Stylish, futuristic look. 


  • They’re a bit expensive. 
  • There have been reports of the side zippers breaking from time to time. 

Personal Comfort Rating: 4/5 

The other pairs of boots I’ve shown you so far are designed to handle severe ice and snow. Sometimes, you don’t need hardcore, waterproof snow boots, though. You may just want something that’s stylish and warm. 

If you’re looking for a pair of stylish, warm vegan winter boots that are great for a cool night out, then STQ’s Vegan Winter Combat Boots are perfect.

From the outside, they look just like your typical stylish combat boot. However, the inside of these boots is insulated and lined with warm, protective fabric to keep your feet nice and toasty. 

Unlike most uncomfortable combat boots, this pair of STQ’s features a faux wool-padded collar. This all but eliminated any discomfort and blisters from walking! 

Although these boots are technically lace-up boots, they also feature a side zipper that allows you to easily take them on and off. I may have to adjust or tighten my laces once every few days, but most of the time the zipper is all I need.

This is great when you’re in a rush or need to quickly throw your boots on to take the dogs on a walk. 

The main reason I love these boots is that they look incredibly cute. Most vegan winter boots require you to sacrifice style for warmth; these don’t. The entire boot is made from durable synthetic leather that features smooth piping along the uppers to make a fashion statement. 

They may not be waterproof, but they’ll provide a bit of water resistance and plenty of warmth when it comes to mild snow or a bit of drizzling winter rain! 


  • They’re made with vegan-friendly faux leather. 
  • They’re water-resistant. 
  • Padded boot collar provides extra comfort and eliminates blisters. 
  • They look stylish, feature leather piping, and have a light heel. 
  • The soles are slip-resistant and can easily handle light ice and snow. 
  • The interior is warm and insulated. 


  • They’re not 100% waterproof. 
  • They’re not designed for heavy blizzards and high snow. 

The Best Vegan Winter Boots For Men

To be upfront, I have a lot more experience shopping for women’s boots than men’s boots. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a good eye for quality and comfort, though!

After doing a bit of research and getting some first-hand reports from a few of my guy friends, I found that these are some of the best vegan winter boots for men

If you’ve been looking for a comfortable, warm, eco-conscious boot that’ll last all winter, you have got to check these out… 

Personal Comfort Rating: 5/5

Although Nortiv8 may not be an easily recognizable big-name brand, its boots are engineered to the highest degree of quality, and most of the reviews are nothing short of outstanding. 

If you’re looking for a hardcore vegan winter boot that can handle the roughest weather and terrain, then Nortiv8’s Insulated Waterproof Snow Boots are a perfect fit.

The lower and middle are 100% waterproof and coated in durable rubber that can withstand sharp ice. 

If you’re the type of guy who likes to kick snow and ice, then you’ll love the reinforced toe cap. Whether it’s done intentionally or accidentally, you’ll be able to painlessly slam your toe into a solid brick of ice! 

Now let’s talk about how warm these bad boys are… 

The first thing you’ll notice is that the top of the boot collars is lined with vegan faux fur to provide an extra-comfortable fit.

Looking deeper, the inner walls of the boots are lined with 200 grams of heat-reflecting Thinsulate material designed to keep your feet warm and cozy, no matter how long you’re trudging through the snow. 

The outsole is made from extra-thick rubber and features a sharp, textured groove pattern designed to offer extra traction while walking on hardened ice.

Whether you’re hiking up a snow-capped mountain or you’re just trying to shovel your front driveway, this pair of Nortiv8’s will serve you well! 


  • Designed with durable faux suede leather, rubber, and faux fur. 
  • Affordable.
  • Thinsulate-lined interior provides extra warmth in the snow. 
  • Sharp, textured outsole provides superior traction on ice. 
  • 100% waterproof lower allows you to walk through the snow without issues. 
  • Sturdy yet flexible. 


  • The insoles aren’t very comfortable, so you may have to add your own padded insert. 

Personal Comfort Rating: 5/5

Sorel is well known for making some of the world’s best vegan boots and shoes. If you’re looking for a pair of high-quality vegan winter boots that also look great, then Sorel’s Men’s Explorer Boots are an easy (if somewhat expensive) choice. 

The lower is made from ultra-durable EVA rubber, which is slip-resistant and performs great on snow and ice. The solid structure of the rubber and EVA sole also conforms to the natural curvature of your feet, providing added strength, support, and comfort as you walk. 

Although the upper looks like it’s made from real suede leather, it’s actually made from 100% polyurethane vegan leather. Other than being a vegan alternative, the PU leather used to make Sorel’s boots is far more durable and will last a lot longer than traditional leather. 

These aren’t quite as insulated as the Nortiv8 snow boots I mentioned above. However, they still feature 100 grams of Thinsulate lining. This provides a good level of warmth without being too hot on the more pleasant winter days.  


  • High-quality EVA rubber sole is slip-resistant and supports your feet. 
  • 100% vegan leather upper is both durable and waterproof. 
  • Features 100 grams of Thinsulate lining for added warmth. 
  • Stylish design is available in multiple faux leather colors. 


  • Sorel is a well-known brand, so they’re a bit expensive. 

Conclusion – Where Can You Find The Best Vegan Winter Boots? 

If you’re looking to find the best vegan winter boots, then Amazon is, by far, your best choice. The one time I went into a retail store looking for vegan leather boots, I found it almost impossible to find out the materials used to make the boots and the clerks had no idea either. 

When shopping on Amazon, you’ll be able to read detailed customer reviews, look at the exact materials used to make the boots, and get two-day shipping if you’re a Prime member. In my opinion, buying vegan winter boots on Amazon is easier and more affordable. 

If you liked this article and you’re interested in learning more about vegan shoes and how they’re made, be sure to check out this post! 

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