Crumbl Cookies Vegan Options 2023: The Crumbling Truth

2020 was the year when the world, as we knew it, completely changed. A virus outbreak in an East Asian country spread like wildfire and became a pandemic in no time, bringing the world to a grinding halt.

It was a sad and depressing period overall. 

But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining; some good things happened that year too like the pollution declined (even if only temporarily), we got to spend more time with our families, people found new interests, and some businesses made it big – such as Crumbl Cookies.

It was in 2020, when the world was shut down, that the humble cookie shop from Utah captured everyone’s attention – through the infamous Tiktok – and became one of the highest performing new businesses in the US with a whopping 93% year-over-year growth.

Now that’s what you call success. But what are Crumbl Cookies vegan options? Let’s find out.

What’s So Special About Crumbl Cookies?

What’s So Special About Crumbl Cookies

There are several things Crumbl Cookies is known for. These include 140 plus cookie flavors (yes, you read that right), a rotating menu that changes every week, and its incredibly appealing Tiktok account.

Can there be anything more interesting and exciting than behind-the-scene clips of a cookie shop?

Seeing frosting being applied on freshly-baked cookies and those ooey-gooey cookies being pulled apart is oddly satisfying. 

But, as a person who turned vegan years ago, I couldn’t help but think how many animal ingredients those seemingly delicious cookies contain. Find out if there are any Crumbl Cookies vegan options or are any Crumbl Cookies vegan?

Does Crumbl Cookies have Vegan Options?

Does Crumbl Cookies have Vegan Options?

With fingers crossed and the heart praying a little too hard, I ran a Google search to find out if there are any Crumbl Cookies vegan options. And to my utter disappointment, the search result that caught my attention said it didn’t. 

I felt my heart sinking a bit at that moment, but as a vegan for many years, I have learned not to trust just any food-related information. So, to confirm what I had just read, I opened Crumbl Cookies’ official website and went to the FAQ page.

After a bit of searching, I found the question that I was looking for, only to know that the extra time and effort wasn’t worth it. 

Crumbl Cookies does not have any vegan options. It’s official. Take a look yourself, if you don’t trust my words.

It was a heartbreaking discovery. But, you know what saddened me the most? It was knowing that they weren’t even planning to come up with vegan-friendly cookies.

The Final Word

The Final Word

Nothing is more disappointing to see a food chain growing massively in terms of locations and offerings and generating immense revenue not being considerate of the varying food choices of people.

It’s high time restaurants include vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, dairy-free items in their standard menus from the very beginning and not make people request and plead them to diversify their food choices.

We all deserve to have a similar range of food choices available. We all deserve good food.

Until Crumbl Cookies decide to revisit their menu and make it more inclusive, you can try the following recipe to make vegan cookies at home:

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