Holi Vegan Kitchen Menu 2024: Holistic Food Choices

Gone are the times when healthy, organic, holistic food could only be found in the kitchen of your home. Thanks to the increasing awareness and demand, an increasing number of restaurants are providing healthier food options on their menu, just like many are offering vegan food upon popular demand.

Holi Vegan Kitchen has combined both to bring you vegan food that offers holistic nutrition.

Let’s take a look at the Holi Vegan Kitchen menu to find out what this Florida-based restaurant has to offer.

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Holi Vegan Kitchen Options

Holi Vegan Kitchen Options

Holi Vegan Kitchen has taken some of every one’s all-time favorite fast food items and has given them a healthier vegan spin. The food options at Holi Vegan Kitchen are grouped under the following categories:

  • Breakfast & Brunch
  • Appetizers
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Bowls
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps & Quesadillas
  • Pizzettas
  • Burgers
  • Sides
  • Sauces
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

If you haven’t already figured it out, let me say out loud that Holi Vegan Kitchen offers 100% vegan food.

The restaurant also proudly asserts that they use high-quality, organic, plant ingredients from local farms and artisanal food producers to bring you the best that Mother Nature has to offer. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into the plant-based menu of Holi Vegan Kitchen (like we do with every restaurant we review) to find out what all is there for you to enjoy without being concerned about mistakenly consuming some animal ingredient or compromising much on your healthy diet.

Holi Vegan Kitchen Menu – A Detailed Breakdown

Holi Vegan Kitchen may not be a leading restaurant chain. But, it has some really good food choices on the menu. Your vegan options at Holi Vegan Kitchen include:

Holi Vegan Kitchen Breakfast & Brunch Options

Holi Vegan Kitchen Breakfast & Brunch Options

There’s nothing better than having good food after a long, peaceful sleep. Holi Vegan Kitchen makes sure not to disappoint you with its breakfast and brunch menu. 

Holi Vegan Kitchen opens its doors to customers at 10 am every morning to serve delicious and healthy vegan breakfast. While breakfast is only available till 11:30 on weekdays, you can avail of it till 2 pm over the weekend.

No more compromising on dear sleep on the weekend to enjoy a good, wholesome brunch with your loved ones.

There aren’t too many options, but whatever choices are available will surely leave you delighted and satisfied.

Breakfast options at Holi Vegan Kitchen include:

Bread Basket with Butter and Jam

Bread Basket with Butter and Jam

For those who prefer simple, basic breakfast, Holi Vegan Kitchen offers a breadbasket.

Warm and fresh dairy-free, egg-free bread is served with vegan butter and homemade jam sourced from local producers. 

Does this breakfast remind you of something?

It sure does to me; of my granny’s kitchen filled with the heavenly smell of bread from the oven and fresh fruit jam cooking on the stovetop that we would also bring home on our way back and that would make our breakfast on rushed weekday mornings for several following days.

At Holi Vegan Kitchen, this classic breakfast combination is served with your choice of warm beverage from tea or coffee. 

Warm Bagel with Cream Cheese

Warm Bagel with Cream Cheese

Another classic breakfast option given a vegan spin in the Holi Vegan Kitchen is a bagel with cream cheese. 

Cream cheese is non-dairy and is served with fresh, warm bagels made with all plant-based ingredients in the following varieties:

  • Everything 
  • Plain 
  • Multigrain 
  • Cinnamon Raisin

Bagel Avocado Toast

Bagel Avocado Toast

Like a bagel, but craving some savory flavors? Try Holi Vegan Kitchen’s Bagel Avocado Toast!

Featuring avocado with homemade vegan cream cheese, red cabbage, and black pepper on a plain bagel, this vegan breakfast toast is fresh, creamy, hearty, and oh-so-delicious.

Buckwheat Banana Bread Pancakes

Buckwheat Banana Bread Pancakes

Who doesn’t like being served a stack of fresh, warm pancakes for breakfast? But, sadly, pancakes do not make a great food option health-wise.

Holi Vegan Kitchen has attempted to make these breakfast classics a little healthier by replacing the white, all-purpose flour with the highly nutritious, gluten-free, protein and fiber-packed buckwheat flour.

What makes these vegan pancakes at Holi Vegan Kitchenmore interesting and exciting is that they also offer the goodness of banana bread along with that of traditional pancakes.

The delicious, freshly-made vegan pancakes are served with maple syrup and a topping of your choice from the following:

  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Bananas
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Coconut Flakes

When in the mood to indulge, you can also have your pancakes topped with a scoop of vegan ice cream (at an additional price).

Yogurt Bowl with Homemade Granola

Yogurt Bowl with Homemade Granola

What’s better than crunchy, crispy, delicious, and nutrient-packed granola? The one made at home using fresh, organic ingredients! 

Holi Vegan Kitchen offers you the goodness of homemade granola with fresh cashew cream yogurt, fresh fruit, and coconut flakes. 

If you’re looking for something that checks all the boxes for a great breakfast dish, this vegan granola bowl at Holi Vegan Kitchen won’t disappoint you.

It’s rich, hearty, refreshing, crunchy, creamy, healthy, light yet filling. It’s also gluten-free. What more do you want?

Sweet Potato Hash with Links

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, hash browns offer a perfect combination of textures and provide a powerful flavor burst despite being made with only a few ingredients. They are simple yet delightful. 

At Holi Vegan Kitchen, hash browns are made healthier by swapping regular potatoes with sweet potatoes.

Hand-picked organic sweet potatoes are mixed with kale, yellow onion, and tempeh to make healthy and gluten-free vegan hash browns. These are served with vegan sausage links to make a filling meal.

Pesto Garden Scramble

Pesto Garden Scramble

Love tofu? Or craving some cheesy scrambled eggs? Get yourself the Pesto Garden Scramble from the Holi Vegan Kitchen menu.

This rich and creamy vegan scramble is made with tofu, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, cashew cheese, and raw homemade pesto for a hint of spice.

Have it on its own or order a bread basket along with it to enjoy a cheesy vegan scramble sandwich for breakfast.

Raw Fresh Super Acai Bowl

Raw Fresh Super Acai Bowl

Whether you follow the raw vegan diet or simply looking for something different than usual breakfast items, Holi Vegan Kitchen’s Raw Acai Bowl makes a great option. 

This vegan acai bowl features a thick, creamy blend of bananas and blueberries that comes topped with nuts, coconut, cacao nibs, chia seeds, and some more (fresh and whole) berries.

Holi Classic Brunch

Have a big appetite, feeling very hungry, or can’t choose between the various vegan breakfast options Holi Vegan Kitchen offers? Get yourself the Holi Classic Brunch!

Designed for the hearty eaters, this vegan alternative to American breakfast includes pesto garden scramble, roasted potatoes, vegan Italian sausage, and vegan pancakes.

It is served with your choice of drink from Americano coffee, orange juice, or mimosa.

Holi Chef Brunch

Holi Chef Brunch

Feel like ordering yourself a full vegan breakfast, but not a fan of sausages? Order Holi Chef Breakfast instead of the classic one. It contains Holi Vegan Kitchen’s signature vegan bagel avocado toast instead of plant-based sausage.

All the remaining ingredients are the same, i.e., pesto garden scramble, roasted potatoes, and vegan pancakes. 

You also get the option to choose your favorite drink from coffee (Americano), orange juice, and mimosa.

Holi Vegan Kitchen Appetizer Options

When you’re at Holi Vegan Kitchen for a fully vegan meal, it only makes sense to get yourself a vegan appetizer first.

The restaurant has limited appetizer options, but they make a great and possibly one of the most versatile appetizer menus you could find at a restaurant, as each item on it represents a distinct cuisine.

Your options for vegan appetizers at Holi Vegan Kitchen include:



Bread slices are toasted to crispy perfection and then rubbed with garlic before topping them with a healthy, delicious mix of tomato, sprouts, basil, and vegan mozzarella and balsamic glaze to make this classic Italian antipasto item in the Holi Vegan Kitchen.

Each serving of this delicious vegan bruschetta at Holi Vegan Kitchen contains three pieces, making it an ideal option for a quick lunch or snack.



An empanada is a highly versatile and popular item from Spanish cuisine. It can be fried or baked and filled with literally anything and everything. 

At Holi Vegan Kitchen, these are available in three filling options:

  • Spinach
  • Corn
  • Impossible meat (for $1 extra charge)

This delicious appetizer also makes a great snack option. You can also order a couple of vegan empanadas from Holi Vegan Kitchen for a quick, on-the-go lunch.

Loaded Roasted Potatoes

Loaded Roasted Potatoes

Next up on the Holi Vegan Kitchen’s appetizer menu, we have a classic English side – roasted potatoes – amped up with green onions and homemade vegan cheese.

These offer a perfect beginning to the meal for all the cheese lovers out there. 

Yuca Bites

Yuca Bites

The last option on the vegan appetizer list of Holi Vegan Kitchen comes from South America. These small yucca patties come topped with fresh green onions and a delicious chimi mayo sauce on the side.

Holi Vegan Kitchen Salad Options

Whether you’re looking to add wholesome veggie nutrients to your diet or one of those few people who genuinely like salads, you have the following vegan-friendly salad options on the Holi Kitchen menu to choose from:

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

This typically non-vegan salad is given a vegan spin and made more interesting at the Holi Vegan Kitchen.

It’s made with kale, arugula, romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, radish, capers, and sunflower seeds and comes topped with plant-based parmesan, vegan Caesar dressing, and bean croutons. 

Multivitamin Salad

Supply your body with a healthy dose of vitamins from natural sources with this nutritious and colorful multivitamin salad from Holi Vegan Kitchen.

It’s made with mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, red beets, bean sprouts, sunflower seeds, and cashews and served with a creamy, nutty, slightly spicy sesame ginger dressing. 

Every bite of this vegan salad will create an explosion of natural flavors and textures in your mouth.

Energy Salad

Energy Salad

Looking for a light yet filling lunch or a mid-day pick-me-up vegan option? Energy Salad from Holi Vegan Kitchen makes a great option. It offers a delicious combination of natural ingredients and is also packed with healthy nutrients that provide an instant energy boost. 

The ingredients of this Holi Vegan Kitchen salad include mixed greens, carrots, bean sprouts, grape tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds. It’s served with the vegan sesame ginger dressing.

Chickpea Quinoa Salad

Chickpea Quinoa Salad

For those who prefer a more filling salad that also serves as a meal replacement, Holi Vegan Kitchen offers this rich, healthy, and wholesome chickpea and quinoa salad.

As the name says, the star ingredients in this vegan salad are chickpeas and quinoa. Other elements include red onion, cucumber, grape tomatoes, and bean sprouts.

All these ingredients are served over a bed of mixed greens with a creamy and citrusy lemon avocado dressing on the side.

Red Quinoa Salad

This is another filling vegan salad option for quinoa lovers (and those who do not like chickpeas in their salad) on the Holi Vegan Kitchen menu.

It is made with red quinoa (as evident from the name), tomatoes, cucumbers, almonds, and raisins and served with a creamy, citrusy, herby lemon avocado cilantro dressing.

Raw Cobb Salad

Raw Cobb Salad

This one is for all the tofu lovers out there. This vegan salad on the Holi Vegan Kitchen menu stars the creamy yet chewy tofu but pairs it up with a bunch of other ingredients for a balanced flavor and nutrient combination.

These include mixed greens, cabbage, tomatoes, chickpeas, and vegan bacon.

Holi Vegan Kitchen Soup Options

A bowl of warm, rich, hearty soup is as comforting as a warm hug. Have them on their own, as a light meal, or as an appetizer; soups always make a great food choice. But, they are not typically vegan. That’s not the case at Holi Vegan Kitchen, though.

Like all other items on the Holi Vegan Kitchen menu, the soups they offer are also made with 100% plant-based ingredients. The options, however, are limited; there are only two.

Here’s what you can choose from when ordering a vegan soup at Holi Vegan Kitchen:

Raw Green Goddess Soup

Raw Green Goddess Soup

Made with a plant-based broth, this vegan soup comes with a healthy and nutritious mix of raw vegetables, including spinach, cucumber, bell peppers, and avocado. It comes topped with raw tahini. 

This Holi Vegan Kitchen soup is also oil-free.

Holi Soup of the Day

Holi Vegan Kitchen menu doesn’t provide any details about what options are available in this category. But, you can rest assured of finding some great plant-based options.

Holi Vegan Kitchen Bowls

Bowls are healthy, filling, and offer great taste if made the right way. Holi Vegan Kitchen offers three different vegan bowl options

The choices you have are:

Holi Purple Bowl

Holi Purple Bowl

Refreshing, nutritious, and filling, this Holi Vegan Kitchen’s plant-based bowl is made with red cabbage, kale, bean sprouts, beets, grape tomatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, and bean croutons.

You also get a sesame ginger dressing on the side for an added burst of flavor.

Holi Orange Sunset Bowl

Featuring natural ingredients in beautiful hues of yellow, orange, and green, this vegan bowl offers an incredible combination of slightly sweet, nutty, buttery, creamy, and refreshing flavors.

The ingredients that give this robust flavor profile to the vegan bowl include carrots, lentils, mixed greens, bean sprouts, roasted butternut squash, roasted tofu, and pumpkin seeds. 

As mentioned above, this vegan bowl on the Holi Vegan Kitchen menu is also served with a sesame ginger dressing.

Warm Tex-Mex Bowl

Do you prefer rice bowls over salad bowls? Or craving some Mexican flavors? This vegan Tex-Mex bowl at Holi Vegan Kitchen checks both boxes.

Featuring spiced roasted tofu, seasoned black beans, roasted corn, kale, avocado, pico de gallo, and sriracha mayo over a bed of brown rice, this vegan rice bowl offers an incredible combination of flavors and textures that will leave you in pure bliss.

Holi Vegan Kitchen Sandwiches

Sandwiches are one of the most popular fast food options worldwide. And for all the right reasons. They are delicious, filling, and come in a huge variety of options. But, like many other food choices, it’s still a bit of a struggle to find a good vegan sandwich. 

Holi Vegan Kitchen has resolved this problem for Floridians. The restaurant offers a range of scrumptious sandwiches that are sure to create a party of flavors and textures in your mouth. 

Your options for plant-based sandwiches at Holi Vegan Kitchen include: 

Portobello Avocado Sandwich

Portobello Avocado Sandwich

If you like mushrooms, you would love this vegan sandwich starring roasted Portobello mushrooms.

These are paired with avocado and two types of vegan cheese – provolone and cashew cheese (homemade) – to add some creamy, cheesy goodness. 

The vegan mushroom sandwich comes in the vegan bread of your choice from a regular bun, gluten-free bun, and gluten-free wrap. You also get the option to choose your preferred side from rice, salad, black beans, or roasted potatoes.

Jerk Tempeh Plantain Panini

Starring jerk marinated tempeh, this vegan sandwich is made with Panini bread and is packed with plant protein.

The tempeh is paired with arugula, tomato, sweet plantain, and slightly spicy sriracha cashew mayo to make it even healthier and more flavorful.

Just like the one mentioned above, this Holi Vegan Kitchen’s meatless sandwich also comes with the option to choose your favorite side from rice, salad, roasted potatoes, and black beans.

Impossible Meatball Sandwich

Impossible Meatball Sandwich

Enwrapping the meaty goodness of classic Italian meatballs in a sandwich without compromising on your vegan dietary commitment, this Holi Vegan Kitchen sandwich features meatballs made with Impossible meat.

These are paired with arugula, delicious marinara sauce, and vegan provolone inside a hoagie bun. 

For the side, you have the option to get a salad, rice, roasted potatoes, or black beans.

BLT Sandwich

BLT Sandwich

Classic BLT sandwich has two-star ingredients – toasted bread and smoky bacon. Holi Vegan Kitchen makes sure that you get both of these in their vegan version of the BLT sandwich as well.

They do so by using dairy-free bread and homemade eggplant bacon (ever heard of that before? I hadn’t).

The vegan bacon is paired with lettuce, tomatoes, cashew mayo, and sriracha mayo to bring you a powerful and unforgettable flavor combination.

White Bean “Tuna” Salad Sandwich

White Bean “Tuna” Salad Sandwich

In the mood for some meaty goodness from the ocean? Well, you can’t have that when on the vegan diet, but you can surely enjoy a similar flavor in this vegan tuna sandwich at Holi Vegan Kitchen. 

The menu doesn’t tell what exactly their plant-based tuna is made of, but since the restaurant is 100% vegan, you can rest assured that it’s safe for you to eat.

Along with vegan tuna, you also get lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, avocado, creamy vegan mayo, and tangy mustard.

Raw Sandwich with Turmeric Bread

Have you ever heard of turmeric bread? I have not, but the word ‘turmeric’ in the name makes it sound like a healthier bread variety.

Moreover, the Holi Vegan Kitchen menu highlights that it’s raw turmeric bread and comes stuffed with tomatoes, bean sprouts, avocado, pickles, and vegan ricotta.

This Holi Vegan Kitchen sandwich is also suitable for those hardcore vegans that follow a raw plant-based diet.

Mushroom Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Homemade Cashew Cheese

Mushroom Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Homemade Cashew Cheese

Cheese and mushrooms make a delectable combination. If you agree to this, you would simply love this vegan grilled cheese sandwich made with homemade cashew cheese, mushrooms, and mustard for a hint of spice and tanginess.

Falafel Pita Pocket

Falafel Pita Pocket

This Arabic version of the sandwich is made with pita bread instead of any regular bread variety.

When you order this vegan sandwich at Holi Vegan Kitchen, you get pockets of pita bread filled with baked falafel, red onions, cucumber, tomatoes, and homemade vegan tzatziki sauce.

You get the option to choose your favorite side from rice, salad, roasted potatoes, and black beans with this Holi Vegan sandwich as well.

Holi Vegan Kitchen Wraps & Quesadillas

Wraps and quesadillas make great options for quick, grab-and-go meals on days when you don’t have time for a proper sit-down lunch or dinner.

They can also be made with a huge variety of stuffing, which means almost everyone (including vegans) can find a wrap or quesadilla that they like. 

When eating at Holi Vegan Kitchen, you can find the following vegan varieties of wraps and quesadillas:

Quinoa, Black Bean, and Corn Quesadilla

Quinoa, Black Bean, and Corn Quesadilla

Made with a whole wheat tortilla, this vegan quesadilla at Holi Vegan Kitchen comes stuffed with black beans, red peppers, corn, quinoa, and vegan mozzarella cheese.

It is served with pico de gallo and guacamole on the side. You can also choose to have it made in a regular or gluten-free tortilla.

Tempeh and Mushroom Quesadilla

Tempeh and Mushroom Quesadilla

This protein-packed vegan quesadilla is made with tempeh, mushrooms, red peppers, onion, and vegan mozzarella on a whole wheat tortilla.

Like the one mentioned above, this also comes in regular and gluten-free options and is served with pico and guac on the side.

Avocado and Chickpea Wrap

Avocado and Chickpea Wrap

Creamy avocado and chickpea salad are paired with baby spinach, tomatoes, and a citrusy, creamy lemon avocado dressing to make this whole wheat tortilla wrap. 

The restaurant doesn’t allow you to make any substitutions in the filling, but you can choose between regular and gluten-free tortillas.

Black Bean and Brown Rice Burrito

Burritos are both filling and satisfying and make a great meal on their own. At Holi Vegan Kitchen, there is only one burrito option available, but it is sure to satisfy all your burrito cravings.

It features black beans, brown rice, and a delectable homemade cashew cheese sauce inside your choice of regular or gluten-free whole wheat tortilla and comes with freshly made pico de gallo and guacamole on the side.

Impossible Tacos

Craving for some meaty goodness? Get yourself vegan tacos at Holi Vegan Kitchen. As the name says, these are made with Impossible meat. Other components of the taco filling include brown rice, onion, cilantro, and pico de gallo. 

These vegan tacos are served with fresh guacamole and a lime wedge for an extra burst of flavor.

Roasted Tofu Veggie Tacos

Roasted Tofu Veggie Tacos

Love a kick of spice in your food? Try these Holi Vegan Kitchen tacos made with corn tortillas, roasted tofu, mushrooms, greens, and a delicious, spicy, homemade chimichurri sauce.

Holi Vegan Kitchen Pizzettas

Pizza is pure comfort food in all its shapes and forms. Holi Vegan Kitchen offers flatbread pizzettas in the following vegan-friendly varieties:

Caprese Flatbread Pizzetta

Caprese Flatbread Pizzetta

Love the classic combination of tomatoes, basil, and cheese? Try this vegan pizzetta at Holi Vegan Kitchen.

You get a flatbread topped with fresh tomatoes, basil, bean sprouts, vegan mozzarella cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze and olive oil. 

Pesto Garlic Pizzetta

Pesto Garlic Pizzetta

Like the herby, garlicky, buttery, spicy pesto? You’ll love this pesto garlic pizzetta from Holi Vegan Kitchen because it uses fresh, homemade pesto. This vegan pizza includes diced tomatoes, basil, garlic, bean sprouts, and vegan mozzarella.

Polenta Crust Pizzetta

This flatbread pizzetta on the Holi Vegan Kitchen menu features a crispy polenta crust topped with cashew nut ricotta, arugula, radish, and bean sprouts. It’s different but oh-so-delicious, and above all, vegan-friendly.

Raw Turmeric Crust Pizzetta

Suitable for those following a raw vegan diet, this Holi Vegan Kitchen pizzetta is made with (as the name tells) a raw turmeric crust. 

The toppings of the vegan pizza include zucchini, radish, sweet potatoes, carrots, bean sprouts, mushrooms, olives, and vegan ricotta.  

Note: You can get all the pizzettas made gluten-free at a small additional cost.

Holi Vegan Kitchen Plant-Based Burgers

A big, thick, juicy burger tops the list of comfort fast foods for a huge majority of people. If you’re one of them, but can’t savor conventional meaty burgers because you’re a vegan, you would be glad to know that Holi Vegan Kitchen offers meatless burgers.  

Here are your choices for a vegan burger at Holi Vegan Kitchen:

Lentil Burger

Lentil Burger

Lentil burger may sound boring, but the one available at Holi Vegan Kitchen is anything but that. Featuring a delicious, moist, and juicy lentil and mushroom patty with onions, tomato, arugula, and a creamy, spicy chimichurri mayo sauce on a fresh vegan bun, this lentil burger hits all the right spots.

If you haven’t tried a lentil burger yet or your previous experiences have not been so great. You won’t regret ordering it, give it a try.

Southwest Black Bean Burger

Southwest Black Bean Burger

Another delicious plant-based burger on the Holi Vegan Kitchen menu, this one is made with a black bean and corn patty, romaine lettuce, onions, tomato, sautéed mushrooms, pickles, and a scrumptious, creamy raw cashew cheese sauce.  

Southwest Veggie Burger

A fresh veggie patty is paired with onions, tomato, lettuce, pickles, mushrooms, spicy and creamy chipotle mayo, and cashew cheese sauce to make this wholesome, nutrient-rich veggie burger that also tastes great.

Beyond Burger

Want to have an authentic meaty burger experience? Try the Beyond Burger featuring a thick, juicy Beyond meat patty with sautéed onions, tomatoes, kale, sautéed mushrooms, and creamy, spicy chimi mayo sauce inside a fresh, moist vegan-friendly bun.

It’s meaty, creamy, spicy, with a hint of natural sweetness (from tomatoes and onions), checking all the boxes for a good burger.

If you didn’t already know and are interested in finding out, the beef doppelganger produced by Beyond Meat has peat protein as the main ingredient.

Other components of it include mung bean protein, rice protein, potato start, apple extract, coconut oil, and canola oil.

Impossible Burger

Impossible Burger

This is another variety of plant-based meat burgers available at Holi Vegan Kitchen. This one features an Impossible Burger patty (made with soy protein) along with fresh romaine lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, and melted vegan cheese inside a dairy and egg-free bun.

Note: All the burgers at Holi Vegan Kitchen come standard in a regular vegan bun along with a side of your choice from rice, salad, black beans, or roasted potatoes.

Those who are gluten-intolerant or avoiding it for general health purposes can also have the burgers made in a gluten-free bun or wrap. 

More Vegan Mains on the Holi Vegan Kitchen Menu

Wasabi Coconut Twice-Baked Potatoes

As the name tells, this vegan entrée at Holi Vegan Kitchen is comprised of twice-baked potatoes marinated with wasabi and coconut.

It comes with your choice of topping from sour cream and chives, raw cashew cheese sauce, and bacon, along with a salad, black beans, or quinoa on the side.

Holi Vegan Kitchen Sides

Holi Vegan Kitchen Sides

When eating at Holi Vegan Kitchen, you can also order extra sides to add more variety to your vegan meal and make it more filling. 

Your options for plant-based sides at Holi Vegan Kitchen include the following:

  • Black Beans & Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Black Beans
  • House Salad
  • Steamed Quinoa
  • Marinated Tempeh Jerky
  • Vegan Tuna Salad
  • Roasted Tofu Cubes
  • Lentils 
  • Avocado

Holi Vegan Kitchen Sauces and Dressings

Holi Vegan Kitchen Sauces and Dressings

Add more flavor to your plant-based meal at Holi Vegan Kitchen by ordering one or more of the following vegan sauces and dressings:

  • Sriracha Cashew Mayo
  • Chimi Mayo
  • Pesto Sauce
  • Vegan Tzatziki Sauce
  • Raw Cashew Cheese
  • Sesame Ginger Dressing
  • Lemon Avocado Cilantro Dressing
  • Caesar Dressing

Holi Vegan Kitchen Dessert Options

Holi Vegan Kitchen Dessert Options

You don’t necessarily need a sweet tooth to appreciate a good dessert. But, sadly, you don’t get vegan dessert options at most restaurants. That’s not the case at Holi Vegan Kitchen, though.

The all-vegan restaurant offers plant-based versions of a few popular sweet treats, so vegans can also enjoy their great taste without compromising their dietary commitments. 

Your options for vegan desserts at Holi Vegan Kitchen include:

  • Coconut Rice Pudding  

Homemade rice pudding is made with coconut milk and comes with fresh mango pieces.

  • Chocolate Mousse  

As rich, delicious, and decadent as regular chocolate mousse, this vegan chocolate mousse is made with avocado and sweetened with agave. It comes topped with fresh strawberries.

  • Ice Cream 

What’s a better dessert than a hearty serving of rich, creamy ice cream? The one available at Holi Vegan Kitchen is made at home using all vegan-friendly ingredients in seasonal fruit flavors.

  • Brownie with Ice Cream

A piece of soft, moist, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth warm brownie served with your choice of vegan ice cream from available seasonal flavors.

  • Homemade Cakes

These are vegan cakes prepared by local bakers in an assortment of flavors. They are served in slices.

  • Raw Berries Cashew Cheesecake

This vegan cheesecake made by local bakers features a date and walnut base topped with a berry-flavored vegan cheesecake mixture. It is served in slices and is topped with raw berry sauce, fresh berries, and mango pieces before serving.

  • Vanilla Bean Cake

A classic vanilla cake made with vegan ingredients served with cashew cream and ice cream.

  • Homemade Cookies

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, these homemade cookies are prepared by local artisan bakers without dairy, eggs, or any other animal ingredients. These come in a variety of flavors, which the Holi Vegan Kitchen menu doesn’t specify.

  • Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Soft, moist, and slightly chewy, these homemade vegan cinnamon rolls are served warm and come topped with the delicious sugar icing that cinnamon rolls are typically served with.

  • Kombucha Float

Kombucha is known for its incredible combination of nutrients and health benefits. At Holi Vegan Kitchen, it’s transformed into a delicious dessert drink by pairing up with two scoops of ice cream.

You can also add a shot of Nespresso or Samuel smith chocolate stout to your kombucha float.

Holi Vegan Kitchen Beverage Options

Holi Vegan Kitchen Beverage Options

Holi Vegan Kitchen may not have the best vegan drinks menu of all restaurants, but it has quite a few good options to choose from. 

Here’s everything that you will find on the Holi Vegan Kitchen drinks menu:

Teas & Coffees

  • Assorted Teas
  • Iced-Tea – available in an assortment of flavors
  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Cappuccino 
  • Late
  • Macchiato
  • Matcha Latte
  • Decaffeinated Coffee

Fresh Juices

  • Orange Juice
  • Celery Juice
  • Lemonade with Mint & Pineapple
  • Orange, Carrot, and Ginger Juice
  • Green Apple, Cucumber, Mint, and Pineapple Juice
  • Kale, Celery, Green Apple, Parsley, Ginger, and Lemon Juice
  • Beetroot, Strawberries, Apple, and Ginger Juice
  • Jamu Wellness Shot
  • Ginger Shot
  • Turmeric Shot
  • Turmeric Ginger Lemon Shot

Vegan Smoothies at Holi Vegan Kitchen

  • Pineapple, Orange, and Strawberry Smoothie – made with coconut milk
  • Banana, Papaya, and Hemp Powder Smoothie – made with almond milk
  • Blueberries, Banana, Date, Vanilla, and Espresso Smoothie – made with coconut milk
  • Spinach, Kale, Pineapple, and Matcha Smoothie – made with coconut water
  • Papaya, Banana, Strawberries, and Pineapple Smoothie – made with orange juice
  • Papaya and Banana Smoothie – made with orange juice

Note: You can have hemp powder, flax seeds powder, chia seeds, cacao nibs, or spirulina added to any of the dairy-free smoothies available at Holi Vegan Kitchen.

Other Beverages on the Holi Vegan Kitchen Menu

  • Golden Mylk
  • Locally-Prepared Kombucha in seasonal flavors

Alcoholic Drinks on the Holi Vegan Kitchen Menu


  • Wynwood La Rubia
  • Wynwood Pops Porter
  • Samuel Smith’s Chocolate Stout
  • Funky Buddha Floridian
  • Rogue Dead Guy Ale
  • Ja Alai


  • Las Canitas, Malbec
  • Familia Navarro Torre, Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec
  • Juan Cruz Navarro Torre, Gran Malbec
  • Maria Navarro Torre, Torrontes


Conclusion Holi Vegan

Healthy, vegan food was once infamous for being unhealthy. But, now, many restaurants are challenging this once prevalent notion. Holi Vegan Kitchen is one of them.

The restaurant offers a good range of vegan fast food options, ranging from breakfast items to burgers and sandwiches to wraps, desserts, and drinks. If you live in Florida or are visiting the state and are in the mood for some delicious fast food, give Holi Vegan Kitchen a try.

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