How Tall Is Vegan Gains? Fun Facts About This Bodybuilder

While there are countless YouTubers out there, not everyone enjoys the same popularity. Some are universally famous, whereas others enjoy huge popularity and following in certain communities. Some are loved by everyone, while others are controversial figures. Vegan Gains belong to the latter group in both categories!

If you are a vegan, bodybuilder, or fitness enthusiast, you are likely aware of Vegan Gains. However, if you’re new to the vegan fitness community, here’s a brief introduction to Vegan Gains for you…

Who Is Vegan Gains?

Vegan Gains is essentially the name of the YouTube channel run by Richard Burgess. However, it is now commonly used for Richard himself, which attests to the channel’s popularity.

Richard Burgess is a Canadian YouTuber, vegan activist, and bodybuilder who promotes a vegan lifestyle on his channel. He talks about vegan nutrition, fitness, workouts and also often addresses opposing viewpoints.

Vegan Gains has 337,000 Youtube subscribers, and his total views have crossed the 80 million mark recently, so you can presume how popular his videos are.

Vegan Gains started his YouTube channel in 2015 after being vegan for about 3.5 years. Want to know what prompted him to turn vegan and enter the YouTube world? Check out the following video to know the story…

How Tall and Heavy Is Vegan Gains?

Vegan Gains emphasizes staying healthy, fit, and building muscles while on a vegan diet, so it’s common for people to wonder what his own health is like.

Vegan Gains is 6’3” (1.92 meters) tall and weighs 81 kg (179 lbs.). He also has a good physique with huge upper arms.

Replying to a comment on social media, he said that his arms measure 20-inches…

However, many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts criticize Gains for boasting when all he has is big arms. His body, people argue, is not that of a bodybuilder.

Why Is Vegan Gains So Popular?

It may come as a surprise to many, but it is Gains’ extreme behavior and polemics that have earned him much of the popularity.

I do not mean to discredit his work, but, indeed, he is primarily known for his meltdowns and diatribes against meat-eaters and other YouTubers whom he disagree with.

He had also demonstrated problematic behaviors, such as when he gave murder threats to a fellow YouTuber, Repzion, just because he detracted from his opinion. He also made fun of another YouTuber, Peter Czerwinski (known as Furious Pete), when he got cancer.

Burgess himself has talked about having mental health issues and also described himself as a misanthropist and sadist.

To put it accurately, Vegan Gains is a controversial YouTuber with a disputed reputation. On one hand, many vegans love him for his strong commitment to the plant-based diet and for giving vegans a strong standing against non-vegans. But, on the other hand, many people dislike him for his rude attitude and despicable behavior. Many also call him a sociopath.

The Final Word

Vegan Gains (the channel) may be a source of knowledge for many vegans, particularly those interested to build muscles while on a vegan diet. However, the behavior of the person who runs this channel can be problematic. No sane person would give murder threats to his fellow worker online, make fun of someone upon being diagnosed with cancer, or record his grandfather while the old man was having a fatal heart attack (in case you didn’t already know, Burgess did that too!).

Even though I am a vegan and agree that a vegan diet offers many health benefits, I believe Vegan Gains portrays a wrong image of vegans to the world. Also, I don’t believe that anyone should belittle others to prove their point; it’s simply against basic morals and ethics.

With many other authentic sources of information about the vegan diet, I would prefer to avoid the ones that portray a negative image of vegans or promote hostility and violence in general. However, we live in a free world, so you do you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although he is controversial, we can’t deny the fact that Vegan Gains is a popular YouTuber. Naturally, people have many questions about him and his life.

Let’s wrap up this discussion by answering some of the most common questions people ask about Vegan Gains.

§ What is Vegan Gains real name?

Vegan Gains’ real name is Richard Burgess.

§ How tall is Vegan Gains?

Vegan Gains’ height is 6’3” (1.92 meters)

§ What is Vegan Gains’ weight?

As per the information available online, Vegan Gains weighs about 81 kg.

§ How old is Vegan Gains?

Vegan Gains is 29 years old. He will be 30 in June 2021. He was born on June 26, 1991.

§ How much does Vegan Gains make?

There has been no official statement from Gains himself about his earnings, but various online sources provide estimates of his income.

A 2019 research conducted by Chewsy Gum, a company that makes plant-based chewing gums, reported that Vegan Gains is the highest-paid YouTuber. It further estimated that he earns over USD 24,000 a month from advertisements and merch.

According to another online source, Richard Burgess earns about USD 120,000 from advertisements. However, his net worth will be a lot more as he also receives donations from his viewers, earns through his YouTube videos, and sells merch. In total, Vegan Gains’ net worth can be around a million dollars.

§ Is Vegan Gains Married?

Vegan Gains is married.

He met his wife on Facebook in 2015, and the couple tied the knot in 2016.

§ Who is Vegan Gains’ Wife?

Vegan Gains’ wife’s name is Jasmine Gains. She is also a vegan and a YouTuber. She also performs the role of Gains’ manager.

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