In-N-Out Vegan Options 2023: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

The popularity and passionate following that In-N-Out Burger has enjoyed for more than 70 years is a rare phenomenon.

Exclusive to the West Coast, the regional fast-food chain is known for its delicious burgers, freshly cooked French fries, and not-so-secret menu.

But, does In-N-Out offer vegan food?

Let’s find out!

Does In-N-Out Have Vegan Options?

In-N-Out does not offer vegan burgers, even though there has been a high demand for them for several years. There have also been several protests and petitions, including one from the People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA), demanding an In-N-Out vegan burger.

However, the fast-food chain has not responded to vegans’ demands yet.

Is There Anything Vegan at In-N-Out?

In-N-Out vegan options only include:

  • French fries
  • Beverages

You can, however, also place a custom order for a “veggie burger” at In-N-Out.

Let’s briefly discuss these In-N-Out menu vegan options to ensure there’s nothing non-vegan in them and learn how you can order a “veggie burger” at In-N-Out

 In-N-Out Vegan Items

§ French Fries

In-N-Out French fries

French fries on In-N-Out’s standard menu are the only real vegan food that the restaurant offers. As per In-N-Out’s website, they cook their French fries in 100% sunflower oil. Although the restaurant doesn’t provide any information regarding cross-contamination, numerous online sources claim that they don’t use the same fryer for meat products at In-N-Out.

This may mean that In-N-Out fries are vegan-friendly.

Are In-N-Out Animal-Style Fries Vegan, Too?

Sadly, no! In-N-Out’s Animal-Style Fries are not vegan. The spread used in these fries contains eggs.

§ Beverages

In-N-Out vegan drinks

You can find the maximum number of In-N-Out vegan options in the beverages section of the menu. Here’s the list of drinks that vegans can enjoy at In-N-Out Burger:

  • 7Up
  • Coca-Cola
  • Diet Coke
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Barq’s Root Beer
  • Barq’s Caffeine-Free Root Beer
  • Sweet Tea
  • Iced Tea
  • Coffee

How to Order In-N-Out Vegan Burger?

In-N-Out veggie burger

Frankly, there’s no such thing as a vegan burger at In-N-Out. The “veggie burger” is only a hack created by the vegans who ended up at the restaurant with their non-vegan friends or family members.

To get a “veggie burger” at In-N-Out, simply order any burger without the patty and spread. You’ll get a bun with just vegetables, which are essentially burger toppings, inside. You can add ketchup or mustard to it to add some flavor.

Check out the following video to get a clear idea about how to order vegan at In-N-Out on the secret menu:

Are There Any Vegan Sauces at In-N-Out?

Vegan sauces at In-N-Out

The only sauces available at In-N-Out that meet vegan dietary guidelines are ketchup and mayonnaise. In-N-Out’s famous signature sauce is, unfortunately, not vegan-friendly. It is mayonnaise-based, and so, it contains eggs.

In-N-Out Menu Items That May Appear Vegan but Are Not

In-N-Out Burger Spread is often mistaken as vegan-friendly. However, it is non-vegan and has eggs in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since In-N-Out Burger is immensely popular in California – the state ranked as one of the most vegan-friendly states in the U.S. – it comes as a surprise to many that there are hardly any vegan options at In-N-Out.

Vegans living in California or all over the West Coast ask quite a few questions regarding In-N-Out’s menu. To answer all the queries and clear out the confusion regarding In-N-Out vegan options, I am answering some of the most commonly asked questions here:

§ Does In-N-Out Have Impossible Burgers?

No. In-N-Out does not offer Impossible Burger.

§ Does In-N-Out Make Veggie Burgers?

No. In-N-Out does not offer veggie burgers on its menu. You can, however, get a “veggie burger” at In-N-Out by ordering just any burger without the patty and spread.

§ Does In-N-Out Have Veggie Patty?

No. In-N-Out Burger does not offer any vegetable patty.

§ Is There Any In-N-Out Vegan Sauce?

The only vegan-friendly sauces you can find at the fast-food restaurant are the good old ketchup and mustard.

§ Is In-N-Out Spread Non-Vegan?

Yes. In-N-Out’s spread is non-vegan. It has eggs.

§ Are In-N-Out Fries Vegan?

Yes. As mentioned above, In-N-Out fries are made in sunflower oil in a separate fryer, so they may be vegan-friendly.

§ Do In-N-Out Animal-Style Fries Have Meat?

No. In-N-Out Animal-Style Fries do not have meat. However, this doesn’t make them vegan-friendly. The sauce that they use in Animal-Style Fries has mayonnaise, which contains eggs.

In-N-Out Animal-Style Fries are vegetarian-friendly, though.

§ Are the Buns at In-N-Out Vegan?

In-N-Out’s buns are free of dairy and eggs, which means they are vegan-friendly.

§ Are In-N-Out Shakes Vegans?

No. As per In-N-Out’s allergen menu, In-N-Out shakes are made from real ice cream. Hence, they contain milk. In-N-Out does not offer the option to get your shake made from vegan ice cream.

In-N-Out Vegan Options – A Final Word

Technically, In-N-Out only offers fries and drinks for vegans. Although you can get a so-called veggie burger at the fast-food restaurant, it may not be something you will enjoy eating.

For many people, however, In-N-Out is one of the worst places to eat for vegans. And people are certainly not happy with In-N-Out’s reluctance to include vegan options in their menu despite high demand.

Also, it seems that the restaurant does not have any plans to expand or modify its menu to make it more inclusive for people with varying dietary needs. And here’s what could potentially be the reason behind it:

Vegetarians, however, can have a decent meal at In-N-Out.

In-N-Out Vegetarian Options

Vegetarian foods options at In-N-Out include:

  • Grilled Cheese Burger – Lettuce, tomato, and two slices of American cheese in a freshly baked bun smothered with In-N-Out’s signature sauce. You also have the option to add onions to the burger.
  • AnimalStyle Fries – Freshly cooked French fries topped with In-N-Out’s special sauce, finely chopped grilled onions, and melted American cheese.

Note: It’s important to note that the vegetarian Grilled Cheese Burger is different from the regular Cheeseburger. Both these vegetarian items – burgers and fries – are on In-N-Out’s secret menu.

  • Sodas – Coca Cola, Diet Coke, 7Up, Dr. Pepper
  • Shakes – Chocolate Shake, Vanilla Shake, Strawberry Shake
  • Lemonades – Pink Lemonade, Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade
  • Teas – Sweet Tea, Iced Tea
  • Coffee
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Milk
  • Barq’s Root Beer – Standard and caffeine-free

In-N-Out is a disappointment for vegans. But many other restaurants cater to their vegan customers.

Interested to learn about them? Read my article on Chili’s Vegan Options to find out what vegan-friendly foods this casual dining, American-Mexican restaurant offers.

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