Is ColourPop Vegan? Some of Its Makeup Isn’t

They say you get what you pay for. And it aptly applies to the beauty industry. However, some brands have been breaking the norm by providing high-quality products, with formulas similar to those of luxury beauty brands, at drugstore prices. ColourPop is one of the best among them.

The LA-based cosmetics brand is well-known for its premium-quality products and affordable prices. But is the brand inclusive? Does it cater to the specific needs of its different consumer groups? Is ColourPop vegan?

This is exactly what we’re going to discuss today. Keep reading for a comprehensive vegan analysis of the popular cosmetics brand and get answers to all your questions regarding the vegan status of various ColourPop products.

Is ColourPop Cosmetics Vegan?

ColourPop is not a 100% vegan makeup brand.

But, don’t lose heart!

It may because its sister brands, Sol Beauty and Fourth Ray Beauty, are both completely vegan beauty brands that ColourPop offers a good range of vegan-friendly makeup. The company claims that most of its products are vegan-friendly…

The exceptions are quite a few, though.

According to various sources, the company is working to make all its products vegan-friendly. But, I couldn’t find any official statement regarding this.

Will ColourPop ever become a 100% vegan makeup brand?

Which ColourPop Products Are Vegan?

ColourPop vegan products

ColourPop does not provide a list of vegan makeup products on its website. Since most of their products are vegan-friendly, they provide a list of non-vegan products on the website.

They do, however, often announce their vegan product ranges on Twitter. From the social media platform, we know that ColourPop’s all-brow products are vegan.

ColourPop Non-Vegan Products

You can find ColourPop’s non-vegan product list below.

While the list is taken from their FAQs page, I have categorized the products into different groups for your convenience.

ColourPop Non-Vegan Eye Shadows

  • 143 – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • 143 – Shadow Palette
  • 5 Star Island – Shadow Palette
  • A Whole New World – Super Shock Shadow
  • All That – Shadow Palette
  • Amor – Shadow Palette
  • Anna – Shadow Palette
  • As You Wave – Super Shock Shadow
  • Baby Got Peach – Shadow Palette
  • Bae – Super Shock Shadow
  • Balloon Pop – Super Shock Shadow
  • Bare Necessities – Shadow Palette
  • Baroque – Shadow Palette
  • Bassline – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Be Our Guest – Super Shock Shadow
  • Bill – Super Shock Shadow
  • Bitter Sweet – Colour Stix
  • Bittipop – Foursome
  • Blue Moon – Shadow Palette
  • Blush Crush – Shadow Palette
  • Brady – Super Shock Shadow
  • Brunch Date – Shadow Palette
  • Bye Bye Birdie! – Shadow Palette
  • California Love – Shadow Palette
  • Candy Button – Shadow Palette
  • Cherish – Shadow Palette
  • Cloud – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Cloud Spun – Shadow Palette
  • Coast to Coral – Shadow Palette
  • Come and Get It – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Cream Soda – Shadow Palette
  • Creamsicle – Shadow Palette
  • Dream St. – Shadow Palette
  • Drift – Super Shock Shadow
  • Elsa – Shadow Palette
  • Facet – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Fade Into Hue – Shadow Palette
  • Fault Line – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Flower – Shadow Palette
  • Flower Child – Super Shock Shadow
  • Flutter By – Shadow Palette
  • Flying Circus – Super Shock Shadow
  • Free Time – Colour Stix
  • Friendly – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Gather Round Sisters – Shadow Palette
  • Garden Variety – Shadow Palette
  • Give It to Me Straight – Shadow Palette
  • Going Coconuts – Shadow Palette
  • Going Steady – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Gumball – Super Shock Shadow
  • Heart 2 Heart – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Howlin’ – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Is This Real Life – Super Shock Shadow Vault
  • It’s a Princess Thing – Shadow Palette
  • It’s All Good – Shadow Palette
  • It’s My Pleasure – Shadow Palette
  • Kk – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Labelle of the Ball – Shadow Palette
  • Limoncello – Shadow Palette
  • Light Up – Super Shock Shadow
  • Lilac You a Lot – Shadow Palette
  • Lucky Ox – Shadow Palette
  • Lyric – Shadow Palette
  • Main Squeeze – Shadow Palette
  • Make It Fearless – Shadow Palette
  • Mar – Shadow Palette
  • Mariposa – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Melt 4 U – Shadow Palette
  • Menage a Muah – Shadow Palette
  • Midnight Masquerade – Shadow Palette
  • Milky Way – Super Shock Shadow
  • Miss Bliss – Shadow Palette
  • Misunderstood – Shadow Palette
  • Monarch – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Mulan – Shadow Palette
  • Nectar – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Neutrino – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Nude Mood – Shadow Palette
  • Off Melrose – Shadow Palette
  • Ooh La La! – Shadow Palette
  • Ornate – Shadow Palette
  • Over It – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Paradox – Super Shock Shadow
  • Perception – Shadow Palette
  • Poodle – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Pretty Guardian – Shadow Palette
  • Proceed With Caution – Shadow Palette
  • REM – Super Shock Shadow
  • Roy G. Biv – Super Shock Shadow
  • S.W.A.K. – Shadow Palette
  • Salvaje – Shadow Palette
  • Sandstone – Shadow Palette
  • Seventh Heaven – Super Shock Shadow
  • Shake It Up – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • She’s a Rainbow – Shadow Palette
  • Skyway – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Snow Much Fun – Shadow Palette
  • So Jaded – Shadow Palette
  • Sol – Shadow Palette
  • Sommel-YAY! – Super Shock Shadow Kit
  • Sorbet – Shadow Palette
  • Stay Golden – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Stone Cold Fox – Shadow Palette
  • Strawberry Shake – Shadow Palette
  • Sweet Talk – Shadow Palette
  • Sugar Sugar – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • TBH – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Tea Party – Super Shock Shadow
  • That’s Taupe – Shadow Palette
  • The Aquarius – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • The Leo – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • The Most – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • The Sagittarius – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • The Vibez – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • The Zodiac – Shadow Palette
  • Thumper – Shadow Palette
  • Too Haute – Shadow Palette
  • Truly Madly Deeply – Shadow Palette
  • Turntables – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Twitterpated – Super Shock Shadow
  • Two to Mango – Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Urth – Lite Stix
  • Walk on Air – Super Shock Shadow
  • What Dreams Are Made Of – Shadow Palette
  • Wine & Only – Shadow Palette
  • Wine Down – Super Shock Shadow
  • Yes, Please! – Shadow Palette
ColourPop non-vegan products

ColourPop Non-Vegan Blush & Cheek Palettes

  • Between the Sheets – Super Shock Blush
  • Beyond – Serum Blush
  • Birthday Suit – Super Shock Blush
  • Brut Flute – Super Shock Blush
  • Bubbles – Serum Blush
  • Cheerio – Super Shock Blush
  • Drop of a Hat – Super Shock Blush
  • Enchanted Mirror – Pressed Powder Blush
  • Flower Power – Pressed Powder Blush
  • Hotline – Serum Blush
  • I Need Space – Pressed Powder Blush
  • More Is More – Blush Stix
  • Prenup – Super Shock Blush
  • Psst – Serum Blush
  • So Cosmo – Serum Blush
  • Trippin’ – Pressed Powder Blush
  • Tumble 4 Ya – Serum Blush
  • Wallaby – Blush Stix
  • Why, Hello – Pressed Powder Blush
  • Cookie Cluster – Cheek Palette
  • Tea Cakes – Cheek Palette

ColourPop Non-Vegan Highlighters

  • Andalasia – Pressed Powder Highlighter
  • Big Tough Girl – Pressed Powder Highlighter
  • Coastin’ – Super Shock Highlighter
  • Happy Camper – Pressed Powder Highlighter
  • Hippo – Super Shock Highlighter
  • Lantern Fest – Super Shock Highlighter
  • Meet Me on the Other Side – Super Shock Highlighter
  • Mistress of All Evil – Super Shock Highlighter
  • On the Cusp – Super Shock Highlighter
  • Parasol – Super Shock Highlighter
  • Part of Your World – Super Shock Highlighter
  • Poor Unfortunate Souls – Super Shock Highlighter
  • The Real Thing – Super Shock Highlighter
  • Viva Eyes – Foursome
  • Wisp – Super Shock Highlighter
  • You’re A Catch – Super Shock Highlighter
  • You’re A Trip – Super Shock Highlighter

ColourPop Non-Vegan Eye Liners

  • Amethyst Hour – Creme Gel Liner
  • Best O – Crème Gel Colour
  • Best O Liner – Crème Gel Liner
  • Call Me – Crème Gel Colour
  • Call Me Liner – Crème Gel Liner
  • Charmer – Créme Gel Colour
  • Charmer – Créme Gel Liner
  • Chili – BFF Liquid Liner
  • Ducky – BFF Liquid Liner
  • Flowerful – Crème Gel Colour
  • Gold Rush – Metallic Liquid Liner
  • Joy Ride – Crème Gel Colour
  • Joy Ride – Crème Gel Liner
  • No Shame Liner – Crème Gel Liner
  • Sincerely Yours – Crème Gel Liner
  • Star Crossed Colours – Crème Gel Liner Vault
  • The Rose Standard – Metallic Liquid Liner
  • Try Me – BFF Liquid Liner
  • Wine Not? – BFF Liquid Liner

ColourPop Non-Vegan Mascaras

  • Left on Red – BFF Mascara
  • Lovers’ Coral – BFF Mascara
  • Pink Inc. – BFF Mascara
  • Plum and Get It – BFF Mascara
  • Purple Prose – BFF Mascara
  • Wine O’Clock – BFF Mascara

ColourPop Non-Vegan Lipsticks and Glosses

  • Avenue – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Check In – Lux Gloss
  • Figgy Wit It – Lux Gloss
  • Flower – Lux Gloss
  • Flurries – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Gingham – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Know It All – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Love Bug – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Mama – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Most Likely To – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Relay Race – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Skyfall – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Speed Dial – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Stuntin’ – So Juicy
  • Sunny Side – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Trap – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Tulle – Ultra Matte Lip
  • Wolfie – Ultra Glossy Lip

ColourPop Non-Vegan Pigments

  • Don’t Leave – Super Shock Pigment
  • Issa – Super Shock Pigment
  • Latchkey – Pressed Pigment
  • Oh Ship – Pressed Powder Pigment
  • Ringlet – Super Shock Pigment
  • Sleeper – Pressed Powder Pigment
  • Solstice With the Mostest – Pressed Powder Pigment
  • Take a Sip – Pressed Pigment
  • The Archer – Loose Pigment
  • The Crab – Loose Pigment
  • The Scales – Loose Pigment
  • Warm & Fuzzy – Super Shock Pigment

ColourPop Non-Vegan Illuminator

  • Rose Gold – Pretty Fresh Hydrating Illuminator

ColourPop Non-Vegan Glitters

  • Feeling Euphoric – Mini Glitterally Obsessed Vault
  • Sugar Free – Pressed Glitter

ColourPop Non-Vegan Concealer

  • Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Creamy Concealer

Keeping this list in perspective, you may not have a wide variety of vegan eyeshadow options to choose from ColourPop’s line. However, you are likely to have a good choice of vegan products in other cosmetics categories.

In addition to this list, ColourPop also provides the vegan status of every item on the product page. You can find the vegan label just above the detailed description.

Need some ideas on what ColourPop vegan products you should buy? Or maybe you want to know how they look when applied?

Check out the following video to see full-face makeup using ColourPop’s vegan products only:

The Final Word

Even though ColourPop isn’t completely vegan, it does offer a wide range of vegan-friendly products. The brand also doesn’t shy away from declaring the vegan status of its products.

The fact that the company provides a comprehensive list of non-vegan products and highlights the vegan status of each item on the product page makes it extremely easy for consumers to figure out if the product they’re buying contains any animal-derived ingredients or not.

What makes ColourPop even more appealing for vegans, or ethical consumers in general, is that it’s 100% cruelty-free. Neither ColourPop nor its parent company – Seed Beauty – tests its ingredients, formulas, or finished products on animals.

Furthermore, the cosmetics brand doesn’t work with suppliers or any third parties that perform animal testing. They do not even sell in China, where animal testing was mandatory for all imported products until recently (the new law that exempts “general cosmetics” from animal testing has become applicable from May 2, 2021 only).

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of the most common questions vegans ask about the ColourPop line of cosmetics to settle the discussion once and for all:

· Is ColourPop makeup vegan?

Not all ColourPop makeup is vegan. However, there is a good range of vegan cosmetics available.

· Is ColourPop mascara vegan?

All ColourPop mascaras apart from the ones mentioned above are vegan.

· Is ColourPop Tinted Moisturizer vegan?

ColourPop’s Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer is vegan.

· Is ColourPop Sailor Moon vegan?

The Sailor Moon shadow palette is not vegan. All other products in the Sailor Moon collection are, however, vegan-friendly.

· Is ColourPop Animal Crossing vegan?

The whole Animal Crossing collection isn’t vegan. Only the following items are vegan-friendly:

  • Fruit Basket – Lip Tint Mini Kit
  • Fruit Roots – Lip Tint Mini Kit
  • Pick of the Bunch – Lip Tint Mini Kit
  • Bellionaire – Glitter Gel
  • Flower Tender – Pressed Powder Blush
  • Nook Inc – Eyeshadow Palette
  • What a Hoot – Eyeshadow Palette

· Is ColourPop foundation vegan?

All ColourPop foundations are free of animal ingredients. Hence, they are vegan-friendly.

· Is ColourPop Lippie Stix vegan?

Yes. All ColourPop Lippie Stix are vegan.

· Are ColourPop brushes vegan?

ColourPop makeup brushes are not mentioned in the non-vegan product list. Hence, it can be presumed that they are vegan-friendly.

· Is ColourPop cruelty-free?

ColourPop is a PETA-certified cruelty-free cosmetics brand.

· Is ColourPop allnatural?

No. ColourPop doesn’t use all-natural ingredients. In other words, ColourPop Cosmetics isn’t organic.

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