Is Tom Brady Vegan? You’ll Be Surprised (2024)

Tom Brady is one of the few athletes who is loved almost as much as he hated. He just retired after twenty-two seasons (years) of playing football.

Right before the 2022 Super Bowl, Brady officially launched his new vegan protein powder, TB12, and opened up to reporters about his diet and eating habits.

Of course, this has many people wondering, “Is Tom Brady Vegan?

Tom Brady is not 100% vegan. He follows what he calls an “80/20 diet,” consisting of 80% plant-based foods and 20% meat and fish.

Tom Brady claims that he’s followed this diet for most of his career and that it’s part of what allowed him to become such a phenomenal athlete. 

Whether you’re a Brady fanboy or a hater, you can’t help but respect him as an athlete. He retired and set the record for having the longest career in the NFL (among numerous other records and seven Superbowl rings). 

In today’s post, I’m going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Tom Brady’s diet and explain his so-called 80/20 diet. Then, I’ll break down his brand-new vegan protein brand, TB12. 

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Is Tom Brady Vegetarian or Vegan? 

Is Tom Brady Vegetarian or Vegan

Tom Brady is neither vegan nor vegetarian. In his words, he follows an “80% vegan diet.” However, being 80% vegan doesn’t make one a vegan; it just makes them a healthy eater. And that’s exactly what Tom Brady is. 

Tom Brady eats primarily vegan because it’s healthier than eating a meat-based diet, not because he wants to save the planet.

Although he’s not 100% vegan, I definitely respect his contribution to a better world and the fact that he’s promoted plant-based eating to a wider audience. 

The majority of vegans choose the lifestyle for ethical reasons. The meat industry is cruel and unethical. Plus it’s just flat-out bad for the planet. To the ethical vegan, health comes second while the planet comes first. 

Personally, I became vegan for both ethical and health reasons. I had my eyes opened to the evils of the meat industry shortly after my doctor told me I should incorporate more plant-based food in my diet.

I took it as a sign and decided that I would go all-in on the vegan diet. I haven’t looked back since. 

Is Tom Brady’s Wife Vegan? 

Is Tom Brady’s Wife Vegan

Tom Brady’s wife is the stunning model, Gisele Bündchen. She built her career as one of the highest-paid models in history and even got ranked on the Forbes list! 

Gisele follows the same diet that Tom does, consisting of 80% plant-based foods while allowing for 20% meat, fish, and animal-derived products.

Sometimes, when you’re a couple, it’s just easier to eat the same diet. You’ll save on groceries and you can keep each other accountable! 

Obviously, the diet is working out for her, though. She’s currently 41 years old and looks like she’s still in her 20s! 

Tom Brady’s Daily Diet: What He Eats

Tom Brady’s Daily Diet

Tom Brady actively promotes a plant-based lifestyle. This aligns with the opinion of many vegan doctors.

Although many doctors aren’t fully on board with a completely vegan lifestyle, most doctors agree that eating a diet that consists of primarily plant-based food is far healthier than the alternative. 

80/20 Vegan-Meat Diet

So, what do an 80% vegan and 20% meat-based diet look like? Well, it means that most of your daily meals are going to consist of plant-based foods, while you may incorporate a small serving of meat, eggs, fish, or dairy into a single daily meal. 

Or it could also mean eating plant-based throughout the week and incorporating a few servings of meat on your weekend day off.

Following an 80/20 diet, the majority of your food would come from plant-based protein sources like beans, legumes, nuts, and vegan protein supplements. Meat would be a small “treat” that makes up a small percentage of your diet. 

Is The “Flexitarian” Diet Healthier Than A Pure Vegan Diet? 

Is The “Flexitarian” Diet Healthier Than A Pure Vegan Diet

Some dieticians are referring to this diet as a flexitarian diet. The percentage doesn’t have to be exactly 80/20, but the idea of a flexitarian diet is to eat primarily plant-based food while consuming a smaller percentage of meat. 

The logic behind this dates back to our primal roots… 

During the early, primal stages of our human development (when some would argue that humanity was at its fittest) meat wasn’t an everyday meal.

Most humans survived primarily off of plant-based foods. Meat and animal-derived products were a luxury that required time and effort to acquire. 

As a result, primal humans didn’t consume nearly as much meat as your average American.

Many doctors, and even government officials, believe that our excessive consumption of meat and obsession with protein has contributed to the onslaught of cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses that plague the Western world. 

Tom Brady’s Vegan Protein Company

Prior to the 2022 Super Bowl, Tom Brady released his long-awaited vegan protein company – TB12. It came at the perfect time, as Brady just announced his official retirement. Presumably, he plans on becoming a household staple in fitness and nutrition. 

While TB12 is certainly on the more expensive side, it’s made with ultra-pure ingredients, is packed with amino acids, and is 100% made and sourced in America.

You can purchase containers individually or save by signing up for a monthly subscription. 

His protein comes as part of the complete TB12 diet, designed to promote full-body health and immunity. You can learn more by watching the ad itself:

What’s In TB12 Vegan Protein? 

Tom Brady used his favorite vegan protein source as the base of his supplement. TB12 is primarily made up of high-quality pea protein. Peas are legumes and are a rich source of protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals. 

In addition to pea protein, TB12 also contains a full amino acid profile with 18 different essential and non-essential amino acids. These work together to create a perfectly balanced vegan protein supplement with everything your body needs to recover. 


While Tom Brady isn’t a pure vegan, he is mostly vegan. When one of the best-performing athletes of all time recommends that people switch to a primarily plant-based diet, you know that it’s healthy, right? 

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