Mythical Mia: Her Impact On Vegans & What You Can Learn From Her

Mythical Mia is a social media influencer who’s most well known for her work as an animal rights activist. She’s based out of Belgium and does a lot of work in her home country.

She also travels around the European countryside as well, making underground “films” showing the awful living conditions in animal farms.

So, how has Mythical Mia impacted the vegan community? 

Most notably, she received widespread media attention for her controversial “rescue” of sixteen rabbits, which supposedly resulted in the death of nearly a hundred other rabbits on the farm.

She gives all of her followers an in-depth, raw look behind the scenes at real-life slaughterhouses and farms. She’s also an ardent animal rights activist. 

Simply put, if you weren’t vegan before watching her content, you’ll probably consider it after. Although this story is what made her go viral and led to her becoming internet famous, her actual life goes far deeper.

In today’s post, I’m going to break through the myth and do my best to show you the real person behind Mythical Mia.

I’ll explain how she’s impacted vegans all over the world (both positively and negatively), and give my thoughts on what you can learn from her life and actions. 

Who Is Mythical Mia & What Does She Stand For? 

Mythical Mia is a Belgium influencer who’s primarily known for her viral Instagram content showing real-life footage of animal cruelty. Perhaps what makes most of her footage so controversial is that it’s often obtained illegally

To film her content, Mythical Mia dons hidden cameras and sneaks into farms after dark. Sometimes, she may disguise herself as a farmworker and sneak into the farms in broad daylight. The content she films is often nothing short of horrifying. 

For example, one of her latest posts from December 2021 displayed footage she obtained from a turkey farm where they’re kept to be slaughtered for the holiday festivities. The footage showed several turkeys that were badly beaten to the point where they were, “covered in blood.” 

You can watch the full video here on Instagram or view a snippet below: 

Who Is Mythical Mia

Mythical Mia Personifies Animals

If you read through Mia’s posts and content, you’ll notice that most of her content tends to personify animals. She uses her words to tell masterful, empathetic stories that really force the reader to put themselves in the animal’s shoes.

For example, here’s a snippet of one of her posts written about the life of slaughterhouse pigs:

From the day you were born, all you’ve ever known is pain. Your mother impregnated against her will, forced to birth another child into a world of burning hell. Imprisoned, confined, encaged, in some cases crammed in with your family, in others, solitary and alone.” 

While some may call it “dramatic,” there are a lot of vegans who’d agree with the sentiment. Unfortunately, Mia isn’t exaggerating when she makes these posts either. She’s seen first-hand how awful some of these slaughterhouses and “animal factories” can be. 

A simple search on YouTube is all it takes if you want to see behind-the-scenes footage for yourself. In fact, seeing how animals were treated in these terrible facilities is part of what drove me to start my vegan journey.

Mythical Mia: Activist

Mia is more than just a content producer on social media, though. She’s a real-life activist who stands behind her words. Whenever there’s an animal rights protest or rally in Europe, you can be sure that Mia is somewhere close by. She may even be leading it! 

Mythical Mia: Activist

The story doesn’t stop there either. 

Although Mia is outspoken online and exercises her right to free speech in the streets, she (and often a group of her followers) have been known for their animal freedom missions.

They’ll sneak onto farms at night and free animals, unlock truckloads of farm animals and let them run wild. 

It may not be legal, but I’m inclined to think that most of the animals she frees have the time of their lives until they’re captured and returned to the farm they’re from.  

Why Mythical Mia? 

It’s always sad to see good-hearted individuals receive hate from ignorant haters. I remember being particularly appalled when I learned about how environmentalist Greta Thunberg was being spoken about on social media. She was just fifteen years old when she started receiving death threats after her outspoken activism

It turns out that Mythical Mia received similar treatment while she was growing up on social media. In an interview, Mia admitted that she changed her real name on social media due to the sheer amount of “rape and death threats” that she received on a daily basis. 

While the internet is a great outlet, it’s also a screen to hide behind. Cyberbullying is a real threat and has driven many young teens to the depths of depression and anxiety. I really have to respect how Mythical Mia stayed strong and didn’t let the threats sway her from her mission. 

Mythical Mia: “You Can’t Be An Environmentalist Without Being Vegan” 

One of the Hallmark quotes that Mythical Mia is known for is, “You can’t be an environmentalist without being a vegan.” 

This really forced me to think about my own actions in a different way. In one of her most recent posts, Mia expounds on the idea by explaining how damaging the meat and animal farming industries are to the environment.

If you want to learn more, here’s another good video with some easy-to-understand diagrams:

She goes on to say that small actions like switching to reusable straws or eclectic cars are good, but they’re “easy for anybody to do.”

If humans were willing to make the harder choice of giving up meat and animal products, then the environment would be far better off than a few people leading eco-friendly lives. 

Mythical Mia: The Rabbit Controversy

Mythical Mia rabbit

If you do a quick Google search on Mythical Mia, you’ll find that pretty much every single headline references what I like to refer to as, “The Rabbit Incident.” 

The story goes as follows:

  • Mia breaks into a farm that was holding several thousand rabbits, presumably for furs or meat. 
  • She “frees” (or steals, depending on your viewpoint) sixteen adult rabbits. 
  • As she’s fleeing the property with her rabbits, some type of chaos ensues within the rabbit farm. 
  • Mia claims that she was “shot at” by the property owner as she was driving away, but this claim was never fully verified. 
  • The farmer claims that Mia’s theft resulted in the death of close to a hundred other rabbits. 

So… crazy story, right? 

This is just the type of thing that has given Mythical Mia her reputation. If you listen to the news headlines, they all read something like, “Vegan Influencer Kills 100 Rabbits While Trying To Save 15.” 

To be fair, though, there is a lot of smoke surrounding the story. The farmer claims he never shot at her and Mia claims that there’s no way that she could have “killed” a hundred rabbits in the five minutes that she was on the farm rescuing a handful of rabbits.

The farmer claims that many of the rabbits she stole were mothers who had just given birth and were nursing. Without their mother to guide them and feed them, the baby rabbits died. 

I’ll let you guys form your own opinions on this one, as I’m kind of on the fence about it. You can read the full story by Insider here

What We Can All Learn From Mythical Mia

Whether you like her, love her or despise her, there are some important lessons that all of us can learn from Mythical Mia and her work as an animal rights activist. Here’s my take… 

1) The Environment & Animal Lives Go Hand-In-Hand

Humans need to start taking better care of the world around us. Switching to LED bulbs and hybrid vehicles isn’t enough to reverse the course of climate change. To create real change, we need to treat animal life, human life, and the environment with equal respect, love, and dignity. 

2) When You Believe In Something, Take Action

One of the biggest things I’ve always respected about Mythical Mia is that she takes action. She’s not just on social media for the views and likes; she’s out in the real world trying to make a difference in whatever way she can.

Whether or not you agree with her tactics and their legality, I see somebody who’s standing up and fighting for what they believe in. 

3) Small Things Can Make A Big Difference

Mythical Mia was never a famous or wealthy individual. She came to social media with zero followers, just like the rest of us. What set her apart and positioned her to make a difference was that she was willing to do small things. 

Whether she creates a small heartfelt post attempting to humanize animals or she rescues one or two animals from the slaughterhouse, every small action she takes creates waves among her followers. When you’re doing what you feel is right, it doesn’t matter how small the action is – take it

4) Breaking The Law Can damage Your Credibility

I’m all about activism and I fully support the strong, hardworking vegan activists out there. However, Mythical Mia lost a lot of her credibility with “The Rabbit Incident.” This arguably took away from the good she was doing and caused many to see her in a different light. 

It may have been a passionate and honorable decision at the moment, but now she has to live with the consequences of her actions. 

Conclusion – Follow Mythical Mia On Social Media

I did my best to provide you all with a fair, honest, and unbiased review of Mythical Mia and her impact on the vegan community.

If you want to learn more, I encourage you to follow her on Instagram @mythical.mia. She doesn’t post quite as much as she used to, but there’s still a lot of value that you can get out of her page. 

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