Veg*n Diet: Should You Jump On This Trend in 2024?

Like any other industry, the world of plant-based diets has terminologies of its own to refer to plant-eaters with different dietary preferences.

Pescetarian, bivalvegan, carbitarian, and seagan are just some examples that we have already discussed.

Another term that we often come across in the non-meat-eating community is “veg*n.

What does it mean? Does it refer to a distinct eating pattern, or is it just another way to write vegan? Let’s discuss.

What Is Veg*n?

If you were expecting to learn about a new group of plant-eaters with some unique dietary patterns, you would be disappointed because the term veg*n doesn’t refer to any such group.

Veg*n is simply a term for vegetarians and vegans combined (no interesting stuff here).

What does the term veg n mean

The Problem

The problem with the term veg*n is that it puts all the plant-eaters in one category, although they are not the same in reality. As discussed in our series of articles, there are significant differences in various plant-eaters’ dietary patterns. The same goes for vegans and vegetarians.

Vegetarians only refrain from eating meat, whereas veganism calls for eliminating animal products from all areas of life. These include diet, clothing, and even cosmetics. Not all vegans do so, though. Some vegans only follow the guidelines of veganism in their diet and continue to use other animal-based products. They are often referred to as ‘strict vegetarians‘ by staunch vegans.

The term veg*n can also be confusing and misleading for new converts.

Why Do They Use It, Then?

Veg*n is used as shorthand for vegetarians and vegans, making it easier to refer to the two major categories of plant-eaters in any discussion. Instead of repeating the two terms or using only one, which can offend the group of plant-eaters and make them feel excluded, you can simply use the term “veg*n”.

However, to avoid any confusion, it is essential to briefly explain the term at the beginning of the article or blog post as an all-encompassing term that refers to both vegetarians and vegans.

If you have committed or are thinking to commit to a plant-based lifestyle, it is crucial that you develop a basic understanding of the various terms commonly used in the industry and their meanings to make informed decisions at every step of the way.

The purpose of writing this series of articles on different types of vegans is to help you in this journey. If you find this article helpful, refer to my article on the pollo-pescetarian-vegetarian diet to learn about other vegan terms.

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