XVX Vegan: Say “No” to Drugs in Your Diet

Whether you’re a vegan or thinking of becoming one, you must know that there are various versions of veganism in terms of dietary choices.

Hardcore vegans abstain from all animal products, but other groups have a more lenient approach and allow for limited or occasional meat or other animal products.

Some vegan followers have also combined the principles of veganism with that of other food ideologies, primarily to achieve greater health benefits. XVX veganism is one of them!

What Does xVx Vegan Mean?

XVX Veganism is an extension of the Straight Edge lifestyle, where followers refrain from intoxicants—alcohol, drugs, and nicotine—in addition to animal products. In other words, xVx vegans follow a plant-based, sober lifestyle.

What Does XVX Stand For?

XVX stands for Vegan Straight Edge. It’s often regarded as an acronym for the term Vegan Straight Edge; however, it’s more of a symbol and not exactly an acronym.

“X” is the symbol of Straight Edge, whereas “V” represents veganism. Hence, it is also sometimes referred to simply as “VX”.

As the renowned American musician and animal rights activist Moby explained in an Instagram post:

XVX vegan is essentially a redundant expression. However, it is so widely used that it has become the standard term for Straight Edge vegans.

What Is the Straight Edge Lifestyle?

Straight Edge is a subculture of hardcore punk that emerged in the ‘80s but gained widespread popularity to the extent that it became a global revolutionary movement during the ‘90s.

The Straight Edge lifestyle calls for abstaining from all forms of intoxicants. These primarily include alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, but some people have expanded it even more to include caffeine, prescription drugs, promiscuous sex, and animal products.

Straight Edge symbol

A Brief History of the Straight Edge Movement

Centered on loud and aggressive rock music, the punk subculture has been historically known for its distinct fashion sense, unique forms of expression, non-conformity, tattoos, and widespread use of recreational drugs. However, it all started to change in 1981 with the release of Minor Threat’s—a new American hardcore punk band—song called “Straight Edge.”

No one—not even Ian MacKaye, the songwriter and the band’s vocalist—in their wildest dreams could have thought that the 46-seconds-long song would start an international movement against one of the core elements of the punk culture: drugs.

Named Straight Edge (after the song that created it), the revolutionary movement called for abstaining from all forms of intoxicants, including alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

By the ‘90s, the movement had gained a cult following in different parts of the world. Although the ideology may not seem to be as popular now, a huge Straight Edge community still exists, with several new converts further expanding it year after year.

Why should you follow an xVx vegan lifestyle

Should You Become an XVX Vegan?

At a time when about 21 million Americans have been reported to have at least one addiction, and the economic burden of alcohol and drug addiction has exceeded $600 billion per year, endorsing a lifestyle that requires giving up on all forms of intoxicants may seem like a short in the dark.

However, I believe that an intoxicant-free lifestyle is the need of the hour. The reason is that it has a huge impact.

In addition to causing a huge economic burden and disrupting the quality of life, alcohol, drugs, and smoking collectively cause about 11.8 million deaths globally every year. These are more than the deaths from all types of cancers.

Even though there is an increasing awareness and concern about health among the masses, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use are still a major obstacle in achieving many people’s health goals. The Straight Edge vegan lifestyle can be the way out. 

It not only guarantees health benefits, but as an extension of veganism, it is also good for the environment, the animals, and the planet on the whole.

You can refer to my articles “Vegan Straight Edge” and “Why Go Vegan” to learn more about the benefits of the Straight Edge and vegan lifestyles.

All in all, the xVx vegan lifestyle promises far-ranging benefits for its followers and is an excellent way for them to reduce their environmental impact and play their part in animal welfare. All these factors make it worth living the restrictive lifestyle that xVx veganism advocates.

Need more reasons or convincing to commit to the XVX vegan lifestyle? Check out the following video:

A Final Word

Committing to the xVx vegan lifestyle is a reflection of your personality. It reflects your kind heart that cares for animals and is concerned about Mother Earth.

In today’s world, where their consumption has become a norm, abstaining from alcohol, drugs, and tobacco shows your sincerity and commitment to living a healthy life. A sober lifestyle is not only good for your health but also allows you to be more productive.

Don’t waste your time and life running after the temporary pleasures these intoxicants provide; aim for bigger things and stay sober to achieve them.

You can check out my blog for articles on various forms of vegan diets.

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