9 Best Raw Vegan Cookbooks (2024)

Looking to find the best raw vegan recipes?

One of the best ways to dive into this culinary world is through raw vegan cookbooks filled with exciting and easy-to-follow recipes.

These cookbooks provide a comprehensive guide to the world of raw veganism, presenting readers with various recipes and techniques to help them create tasty and nutritious meals without the need for cooking.

From vibrant salads and hearty entrees to scrumptious desserts and snacks, raw vegan cookbooks offer something for everyone.

In this article, I’ve carefully researched and compiled a list of the best raw vegan cookbooks available, helping you make informed choices to elevate your plant-based culinary journey. Let’s dive in!

Best Raw Vegan Cookbooks

Discover our top picks for the best raw vegan cookbooks available on the market.

This cookbook is a great choice for those seeking a raw vegan diet transformation with its simple recipes, meal and exercise plans, and valuable tips.


  • Easy-to-follow recipes with minimal ingredients
  • Includes meal plans and exercise tips along with 75 recipes
  • Positive impact on weight loss and overall health


  • Requires a large quantity of fresh produce
  • Not suitable for everyone’s lifestyle
  • May not completely eliminate cravings for cooked or meat-based meals

After trying out the Fully Raw Diet, I’ve noticed an increase in my energy levels, clearer skin, and a more positive outlook on life.

The recipes are easy to make, featuring mostly fruits and vegetables, which is perfect for a raw vegan lifestyle. I especially enjoyed the variety of flavors and textures in each dish, ensuring that I never got bored.

The 21-day plan helped me transition smoothly into the raw vegan diet, with meal and exercise plans guiding my journey.

Although it was challenging at times, I appreciated the book’s holistic approach by addressing not just the food, but also emotional and physical aspects of this lifestyle change.

One drawback, however, is the amount of fresh produce required for the recipes. It may seem daunting at first, and could be a potential deterrent for some individuals.

In addition, this diet may not fully address all personal cravings, so adjustments might be needed to suit individual preferences. Overall, The Fully Raw Diet is worth considering for those seeking a transformative experience in the world of raw veganism.

For those seeking accessible and appetizing raw vegan recipes, Simple and Delicious Vegan by ElaVegan is a top choice thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions, gluten-free options, and beautiful visuals.


  • Wide variety of creative and tasty recipes
  • Gluten-free options included
  • Vibrant and colorful photos for each dish


  • Some ingredients may be hard to find
  • Not all recipes are fully raw
  • Can be slightly heavy on prep time

After trying a few recipes from Simple and Delicious Vegan, I found that ElaVegan’s approach to raw vegan cooking is not only creative but also incredibly satisfying.

With 100 diverse recipes to choose from, there’s something to suit every palate, and every dish I prepared was full of flavor and beautifully presented.

The cookbook is well-organized, with clear instructions and ingredient lists, making it easy to follow even for beginners.

ElaVegan also provides many gluten-free alternatives, making this cookbook ideal for those with dietary restrictions. The full-page photos for each recipe are not only visually stunning but also helpful for presentation ideas.

A few recipes had ingredients that were harder to come by in my local grocery store, but with some online shopping, I managed to source everything needed. While not all recipes are entirely raw, the majority are, and I appreciated the balance of raw and cooked vegan dishes.

Lastly, some dishes do require a bit of prep time, but the delicious results are certainly worth the effort!

If you’re looking to explore raw vegan cuisine and revitalize your body, the 21-Day Vegan Raw Food Diet Plan offers a variety of satisfying recipes and a comprehensive guide.


  • Informative and easy-to-follow meal plan
  • 75 diverse and enjoyable recipes
  • Included calorie count for each meal


  • Some recipes may require extra equipment like a dehydrator
  • Meal portions within the plan aren’t designed for a single person
  • Lack of photos for recipes

The 21-Day Vegan Raw Food Diet Plan has been a valuable companion in my raw vegan journey. I have learned a plethora of information within the first week of using the book, and I appreciate the variety of recipes available.

Some of my favorites are now staples in my daily meal plan, and I enjoy experimenting with new combinations.

The book’s thoughtful approach to raw food cuisine allows beginners to ease into the lifestyle, while seasoned raw vegans can find fresh inspiration. I appreciate the included shopping lists and three-week meal plan to make meal planning a breeze.

However, the portion sizes were not calculated for a single person, so some adjustments may be necessary when shopping for ingredients.

One minor drawback was the lack of visual aids for the recipes, making it a bit challenging to envision the final dish. Additionally, the book recommends using a dehydrator for some recipes, which could be an investment some readers might not be prepared to make.

Overall, the 21-Day Vegan Raw Food Diet Plan has been incredibly helpful in enhancing my raw vegan experience and would be an excellent addition to any plant-based library.

This cookbook is a must-have for those seeking creative, delicious, and mostly raw vegan recipes to elevate their kitchen game.


  • Unique and flavorful recipes
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Humorous and engaging writing style


  • Not completely raw recipes
  • Some recipes use honey
  • Oven heating required for certain dishes

Having just tried some recipes from “Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.”, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and inventiveness of the dishes. The author, Laura Miller, shares her passion for vegan and mostly raw food through a collection of unique and tasty recipes that even non-vegans will appreciate.

One thing to note is that not all of the recipes are completely raw, so if you’re strictly seeking raw food options, this may not be the ideal choice. However, the majority of the cookbook is filled with fabulous, plant-based dishes that will make you forget about any minor shortcomings.

Laura’s humorous and light-hearted writing style keeps you engaged and entertained throughout the book. Overall, “Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.” is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, offering both inspiration and guidance for those looking to explore the delicious world of raw vegan cuisine.

This raw vegan cookbook gives you expert guidance and delicious recipes to help prevent cancer and improve overall health.


  • Comprehensive and easy-to-follow recipes
  • Highly informative with a focus on cancer prevention
  • Vibrant and detailed photos


  • Not suitable for raw food beginners
  • Limited meal variety
  • Some recipes require expensive ingredients

I recently experimented with the recipes in the Stop Making Cancer raw vegan cookbook, and it’s a treasure trove of information and inspiration for those looking to prevent cancer and make healthier food choices.

The recipes are more than just delicious; they’re well thought out and specifically curated to provide optimal nutrition and benefits.

The book pays attention to detail, featuring vibrant and appetizing photos that truly bring the recipes to life.

Even though the recipes are relatively easy to follow, beginners to the raw food lifestyle may find some of the techniques challenging. But, with practice and dedication, anyone can master them.

One downside to the book is the limited meal variety; however, the recipes provided can be adapted and adjusted to create new variations.

Additionally, some recipes call for pricey ingredients that may not be suitable for all budgets. Nevertheless, I believe that the health benefits offered by this cookbook far outweigh its drawbacks.

Modern Raw is a must-have cookbook for raw vegan enthusiasts looking to explore a variety of flavorful and creative recipes, despite the need for a dehydrator for some dishes.


  • Varied and flavorful recipes
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Tips and tricks for raw food preparation


  • Requires a dehydrator for some recipes
  • Some desserts contain high amounts of fat and sugar
  • Not all recipes are completely raw

The Modern Raw cookbook is filled with stunning photos and creative recipes that can help elevate your raw vegan meals to the next level. The variety of dishes included guarantees there is something for every foodie to enjoy, even those not following a strictly raw diet.

I recently tried a few recipes from the book and was amazed by the depth of flavors achieved without cooking.

However, I was surprised to find out that a dehydrator is essential for some recipes; if you don’t already own one, you may not be able to try everything in the book.

That said, there is still a good selection of recipes that can be prepared without this specialized equipment.

While the desserts look tempting, they can be quite rich in fat and sugar, relying heavily on coconut oil and sweeteners. This might not be ideal for those seeking healthier dessert options.

Nonetheless, Rachel Carr’s Modern Raw cookbook remains an excellent choice for anyone interested in discovering new and exciting raw vegan dishes to add to their culinary repertoire.

If you’re seeking a diverse and visually appealing raw vegan cookbook, Raw and Radiant is a terrific choice for quick recipes and holistic tips that nourish the body.


  • Includes 130 diverse, quick recipes
  • Beautiful photography provides inspiration
  • Offers holistic tips for a healthy lifestyle


  • Lacks nutritional information for each recipe
  • Few skincare recipes, despite indications
  • Some recipes may require special equipment

The moment I opened Raw and Radiant, I was instantly drawn to its vibrant photography and beautifully presented recipes. Author Summer Sanders has crafted an engaging, informative cookbook that promotes health and wellness through whole, plant-based foods.

The book offers 130 quick recipes that cater to a variety of taste preferences, ranging from smoothies and salads to entrees and desserts. I particularly enjoyed the unique flavor combinations and the author’s focus on superfoods, which made my raw vegan journey both delicious and exciting.

Apart from recipes, Raw and Radiant also provides valuable holistic tips throughout the pages, making it a comprehensive guide for a healthier lifestyle. However, it’s worth noting that the book lacks nutritional information, which might be important for some readers, and the skincare recipe section is quite limited.

Additionally, a few recipes may call for special equipment, such as a high-speed blender or a food processor. Regardless, I found the overall experience using Raw and Radiant to be delightful and inspiring, making it a great addition to my collection.

The Southern Vegan cookbook is perfect for those looking to add unique and flavorful dishes to their raw vegan repertoire.


  • Wide variety of unique recipes
  • Caters to different cooking styles and time constraints
  • Accessible for both experienced and beginner cooks


  • May not suit all dietary needs and preferences
  • Requires some specialty ingredients
  • Limited photos of the dishes

Having tried out Southern Vegan cookbook, I must say that it brings a delightful twist to raw vegan cuisine. The author has skillfully combined plant-based ingredients to recreate the rich flavors of classic Southern dishes.

I’ve tried the gumbo, and my non-vegan boyfriend couldn’t help but rave about its taste.

The cookbook offers several easy-to-follow recipes that cater to various preferences and dietary needs. Be it a lazy afternoon or a day when I’m feeling ambitious, I can always pick a recipe that matches my mood.

But, do note that some recipes call for specialty ingredients, which might be difficult to find in regular grocery stores.

One minor drawback of this cookbook is that it lacks photos for all the dishes, which would have been a helpful addition to visualize the final product.

Nonetheless, Southern Vegan is an excellent addition to any raw vegan cookbook collection for its unique and satisfying recipes.

A unique, entertaining and creative addition to your vegan cookbook collection.


  • Fun and engaging writing style
  • Varied and creative recipes
  • Visually appealing layout


  • Vulgar language may not be for everyone
  • Some ingredients can be hard to find
  • Not specifically focused on raw recipes

Bad Manners: The Official Cookbook stands out from the crowd with its humorous, unapologetic approach to vegan cooking. The cookbook offers a range of unique, delicious recipes that even non-vegans can enjoy.

The overall presentation and design is inviting, making it an excellent gift choice for vegans and beginners alike.

While the language can be a turn-off for some readers, others find it refreshing and engaging.

One thing to consider is that this cookbook isn’t specifically focused on raw vegan recipes, so it might not cater to everyone’s preferences.

Nevertheless, the book provides an interesting take on vegan cooking and adds personality to the mix.

In a nutshell, if you’re searching for a cookbook that combines humor with vegan culinary delights, Bad Manners: The Official Cookbook is worth considering.

However, if you’re specifically looking for raw vegan recipes or are sensitive to vulgar language, you might want to browse other options.

Buying Guide

When purchasing a raw vegan cookbook, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure you’re choosing the best one for your needs.

In this section, we’ll provide some pointers to help make the selection process easier and ensure you find the perfect cookbook for your raw vegan journey.

Recipe Variety and Difficulty

A good raw vegan cookbook should offer a variety of recipes to choose from. This ranges from simple dishes to more complex ones that could challenge your culinary skills. Being able to explore and experiment with a mixture of recipes will keep your raw vegan meals exciting and enjoyable.

Ingredient Accessibility

Another important factor to consider is ingredient accessibility. The cookbook should include recipes with ingredients that can be found easily in most grocery stores or online retailers. This way, you won’t have to hunt for specialty items to prepare your favorite raw vegan meals.

Nutrition and Health Information

A well-rounded raw vegan cookbook should not only focus on delicious recipes but also provide important nutrition and health information. This could include the nutritional value of specific ingredients or guidance on how to create balanced and satisfying meals to promote optimal health while following a raw vegan diet.

Author Credentials and Experience

It’s also important to consider the author’s credentials and experience in the raw vegan lifestyle. An author with a strong background in nutrition, culinary arts, or raw veganism can offer valuable insights and tips to help you make the most out of your raw vegan cookbook.

Layout and Design

The cookbook should be visually appealing and user-friendly, with a well-organized layout and design that makes it easy to navigate through the recipes. Consider whether it includes helpful features like a table of contents, index, or glossary to simplify finding specific recipes or information.

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