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Vegan Calm is here to help anyone learn about this wonderful plant-based lifestyle.

Whether you’re an experienced vegan or a complete beginner who can’t tell a pescatarian from a flexitarian, Vegan Calm will have plenty of valuable knowledge to offer you!

Emma Main Author Profile
Who Am I?

I’m Emma, the creator of Vegan Calm. Seven years ago, I decided to become a vegan, mainly for ethical and physical-health reasons. 

It wasn’t a decision I made lightly, and I did a ton of research before deciding to dive deep into the vegan lifestyle.

At that time in my life, I was under a lot of stress from my career and personal relationships. 

To my surprise, shortly after beginning my new vegan diet, I noticed that I felt much calmer and peaceful with my place in life.

Since then, I’ve been hooked on learning as much as I can about being vegan. I’ve also discovered a passion for sharing my knowledge with whoever is interested in the topic.

This inspired me to come up with Vegan Calm. No matter what you’re hoping to get out of being vegan, I hope you can find some type of benefit from it as I have luckily experienced.

Find Your Balance

To me, being vegan is all about finding balance the right balance in life. 

Is there something that’s bothering you that being vegan might be able to help with?

Maybe you’re feeling unbalanced from the unfair treatment of animals, or the waste of resources that a non-plant-based diet can have. 

Or maybe you’re seeking more balance in your physical and mental health. 

Whatever your reasons are for becoming vegan, Vegan Calm will try its best to provide beneficial information to you. 

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