4 Best Vegan Dating Sites? Meet Your Match Today (2024)

Dating can be tough for vegans. Vegans only make up around 6% of the total US population. That means that only three out of every fifty people you meet will be vegan. 

Of course, there’s no rule saying that you can’t date non-vegans. However, going out to eat certainly becomes problematic if you’re dating somebody with a completely different diet and lifestyle.

If things ever become serious and you move in together, having a fridge full of your partner’s meat and dairy could prove to be awkward. 

In my experience, the best partners for vegans are other vegans or vegetarians. So-called “flexitarian” dieters (who eat mostly plant-based with small portions of meat here and there) can also make good partners as well. 

If you want to find like-minded eaters, then dating sites can be a great resource! Some dating sites allow you to specifically search for matches based on diet. There are also several vegan/vegetarian-specific dating sites you can try as well. 

In today’s post, I’m going to show you the best vegan dating sites and give you some helpful tips on how to meet vegan singles in your area! 

Is There A Tinder For Vegans? 

Is There A Tinder For Vegans

Currently, Tinder is one of the world’s largest dating apps. However, it’s nearly impossible to find anything serious on there, as the vast majority of the members are mostly looking for a quick hookup. 

If you live in a city like Portland or Seattle (which has a higher percentage of vegan eaters), then you could try your luck with Tinder!

I’d just advise you to write a detailed bio that mentions your diet and mentions that you’re looking for other vegans. This will help you filter out some of the nonsense. 

However, if you’re set on finding a vegan partner, then you might have better luck with a vegan dating site or app. Unfortunately, there aren’t any vegan dating apps that have as large of a user base as Tinder.

The closest thing to Tinder is probably the Veggly app, which I’ve reviewed below. 

The Best Vegan Dating Sites To Try In 2024

So, you’re ready to find the vegan match you’ve been waiting for all your life… 

Maybe it’s time to try a vegan dating site! In my experience (and based on some info I’ve gotten from friends), these are some of the best vegan dating sites to try in 2024

1) Veggly


Veggly is easily the largest and fastest-growing vegan dating site on the web. Although it had a slow start, the site has since amassed over 200,000 members worldwide.

They also offer an Android app and an iPhone app, which are available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

As far as app functionality goes, I think that Veggly offers the best platform, by far, for meeting vegan singles.

The app is incredibly similar to Bumble and allows users to search for each other within a given map area, look at pictures, read a brief bio, and initiate conversations with each other. 

It’s also been mentioned by a number of reputable sources, such as the Wall Street Journal, TechRadar, The Beet, and other highly credible news sites. With its ever-growing user base and easy-to-use app, I’d start with Veggly before Any other app! 

2) Veggie Connection 

Veggie Connection 

The Veggie Connection is a small vegan dating website that’s been around since 2002, making it one of the oldest vegan dating sites on the web.

Overall, it’s one of the smallest vegan dating sites, and doesn’t have a whole lot of active users (at least, not in my experience). However, they do have quite a few success stories written by users who’ve found their match on the site. 

Compared to a simple dating app like Tinder, I’d say that Veggie Connection is definitely geared towards finding more long-term relationships.

It also seems like it has a fairly widespread user base, which means that it’s a great way to find vegan singles all around the world. 

Logistically, it might not be the best vegan dating site. However, if you’re looking to meet “the one,” then it could be worth a shot. 

They offer several different pricing options that range from $3 to $9 monthly. If you’re a new user, start with the cheapest package and then see if it’s worth paying more for. 

3) TofuTogether


TofuTogether is one of the only vegan dating apps that I know of. It’s laid out similarly to other apps such as Tinder or Bumble. However, it’s centered around the vegan and vegetarian community. 

Here’s the deal with TofuTogether – it’s got great potential, but it’s not quite there yet. 

The app is laid out very nicely, and I really like the user interface. My friend in NYC has used it to successfully meet three vegan singles. However, it has a very low user base, since the app has only been around for about two years. 

So, unless you live in a huge city, then it’s probably a waste of time. 

I’d definitely keep an eye on this app, though. It has a lot of potential for growth and could very well become the next “vegan Tinder” after a few years of growth. 

4) Green Singles

Green Singles

Green Singles is one of the top-rated vegan dating sites on the internet. The site is laid out like a traditional web forum and looks very similar to the early-2000s version of eHarmony.

Overall, it’s simple and easy to use and allows each user to create a strong profile that tells potential matches all about them. 

Currently, Green Singles only has about 85,000 users, which is quite a small user base compared to Tinder’s massive 7.8 million-strong user base.

That being said, all of the users on the site are vegan or at least vegetarian. This means that there’s a higher chance of meeting somebody that you’ll match well with.

If you’re in a large city, then Green Singles is a great way to meet local vegan singles. If you’re in a more rural area, then it’s still worth a shot. However, you might have to travel a longer distance to meet a potential partner for a date. As the saying goes, though, “All is fair in love and war.” 

Green Singles offers a free version of their site, which is a great way to start. However, they also offer a couple of paid packages that range between $10 and $20 monthly. 

The biggest difference between the paid and free versions is that free users can only respond to messages, while paid members can initiate conversations. This means that paid users have more control over the conversation and interaction. 

How Do I Meet Other Vegans? 

How Do I Meet Other Vegans

Vegan dating apps are great and all… but what about meeting vegan singles in real life

Unfortunately, vegan dating apps have a long way to go. Unless you live in a large vegan-friendly city, most of your matches are likely going to be far away. 

That being said, there are a number of great ways to meet vegan singles in your city without having to worry about dating sites and apps! 

Vegan-Friendly Bars & Restaurants

Vegan-Friendly Bars & Restaurants (2)

There’s a growing number of vegan-friendly restaurants in almost every major city across the U.S. Veganism is as much a lifestyle as it is a diet, so what better place to meet fellow vegans than a vegan eatery? 

If you’re looking for singles, I recommend checking out vegan restaurants with a good bar. This gives you time to sit down, have a few drinks, and wait to talk to other singles who may come and sit at the bar.

Plus, having a few drinks always helps you loosen up and makes it easier to break the ice. 

Local Vegan Meetups & Groups

Local Vegan Meetups & Groups

There’s an awesome site called Meetup that allows people to create groups and events based on their interests. I’ve used this site to find a LOT of cool things to do, and I’ve met tons of great friends through the various events that I’ve gone to.

Whether you’re looking for a group to play soccer with, build robots with, or fellow artists, Meetup has groups and events for any interest you may have. I’ve also found plenty of vegan-friendly groups as well. 

Each group typically hosts monthly meetups at a central location, where everybody can come and meet the rest of the group. I’ve met a lot of great friends and even gone on a couple of dates with the people I’ve met at various events and meetups. 

The site is completely free as well, so you’ll never have to worry about paying for anything. There’s an active community in most mid to large-sized cities, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that interests you. 

Plant-Based Cooking Workshops

Plant-Based Cooking Workshops

If you couldn’t tell already, I love cooking. That’s why the majority of my content is about food! I wasn’t always a good cook, though. When I first went vegan, I was an average chef, at best. 

So, I decided to attend a few plant-based cooking workshops that were being held in my area by local vegan chefs. These workshops changed the way that I look at food and gave me tons of ideas to try at home the next week. 

Cooking workshops also happen to be a great way to meet other vegans! 

The first few classes that I attended each had around fifteen other vegans who were trying to learn more about plant-based life and how to cook great-tasting vegan food.

I still talk to a few of the great friends I met years ago in my first workshop. I’d say around half of the class consisted of singles, too, making it a good spot to find a potential match. 

Even if you don’t meet your match, at least you’ll get to eat some great food! 

Yoga & Meditation Classes

Yoga & Meditation Classes

One of the most surprising places that I’ve met vegans is by attending yoga classes and meditation retreats.

Although yoga isn’t exclusively a vegan thing, a high percentage of yoga practitioners are vegetarian or vegan. In general, everybody tends to be more spiritually-minded, which lends itself to a more conscious, animal-loving environment. 

Yoga is also a great way to improve your overall health, improve your self-confidence, and do some breathwork to improve anxiety. Combined, these activities can all help you in your dating and sex life! 

Vegan Facebook Groups

Vegan Facebook Groups

If you enjoy the ease and simplicity of meeting people online, then you might try to find a few vegan Facebook groups! This is a great way to get used to socializing and sharing with other vegans and can be a great segway into a real-life dating, especially if you experience social anxiety. 

If you live in a mid-sized city, then there’s a good chance that you’ll find a local vegan Facebook group as well. This, of course, lends itself to the possibility of actually getting to meet the other group members that you socialize with online. 

Vegan Speed Dating: Is It A Thing? 

Vegan Speed Dating_ Is It A Thing

I tried vegan speed dating once, and it was mostly just for fun. I was living in NYC at the time, which has a fairly large vegan population. A couple of local vegan bars were hosting vegan speed dating events once a month. 

The idea is simple: 

  • Two complete strangers sit down at a table. 
  • A timer is set (usually less than five minutes). 
  • During that time, you get to know each other as well as possible. 
  • Towards the end of the interaction, you try to get the other person’s contact info. 
  • As long as the interaction went well, you can call each other and schedule a real date some other time. 

Sure, it’s a little bit awkward… But everybody is there for the same thing, so it’s actually easier than talking to complete strangers at a bar. 

The only issue is that vegan speed dating isn’t very popular outside of large cities. If you’re in a big city, then I’d definitely do some research and try to find some places offering vegan speed dating events.

Most of the time, though, I think you’ll be better off meeting vegan singles at local meetup events or online through dating sites. 

Conclusion – What’s The Best Way To Meet Vegan Singles?

What’s The Best Way To Meet Vegan Singles

Vegan dating doesn’t have to be as difficult as many people make it out to be. In my opinion, the best way to meet vegan singles (and the way I met my current boyfriend of three years) is to attend local meetups! 

My boyfriend and I met through a local vegan meetup group, where we met by complete chance. The group had around twenty people and my boyfriend and I struck up a conversation, hit it off, and went on our first date a week later. 

However, if you’re in a large vegan-friendly city, then vegan dating sites and apps are a great alternative! 

First impressions matter. If you want to make an impact on your next vegan date, be sure to check out my list of the best vegan makeup brands next[! 

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