5 Best Vegan Pepperoni Brands 2024: Choose From Many

When it comes to comfort foods, there is hardly anything that matches the status of pepperoni pizza. But, one of the downsides of turning vegan is that you cannot enjoy those freshly-baked, cheesy pepperoni pizzas that many of us—if not all—pizza fans love to devour. Not anymore, though!

The popularity of veganism and the resulting increase in demand for plant-based versions of various meat products have led many companies to develop vegan pepperonis. However, just like any other product, not all vegan pepperoni varieties available in the market are the same.

Fret not; you don’t have to try every vegan pepperoni variety out there to find the best vegan pepperoni brands. I have done the job for you!

What Are the Best Vegan Pepperoni Brands?

Choose from the following vegan pepperoni brands to make your meatless pizzas more flavorful:

1. Lifelight

If you’re looking for a vegan pepperoni that looks and tastes just like the real thing, Lifelight won’t disappoint you.

Its Smart Deli Pepperoni is the closest meatless alternative you can find for pepperoni. Moreover, it’s completely free of saturated fats, making it an ideal choice for fitness freak vegans or those who are keeping a close check on their weight.

Aside from that, Lifelight’s Smart Deli Pepperoni contains a good amount of protein, so it’s a brand you must try if you want to have classic pepperoni pizza without compromising on your plant-based diet.

2. Yves Veggie Cuisine

Pepperonis have got a bad rap among health enthusiasts. But, Yves proved that pepperonis couldn’t only be made without meat; they can also be healthier. The brand’s veggie pizza pepperoni only has 1 gram of fat per serving. The brand also claims that each pepperoni slice provides 15% of recommended daily amount of iron.

Whether or not this claim is true, Yves surely knows how to make great-tasting plant-based pepperonis.

What is the best vegan pepperoni brand

3. Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.

If you have been vegan for any length of time, you may already be aware of Louisville. The brand has been making plant-based meat replacements since 2012 and is a trusted name in the vegan community. For pepperoni-loving plant-eaters, Louisville offers Enid’s Perfect Pepperoni. It’s not as healthier as the other two vegan pepperoni varieties mentioned earlier but will surely be a treat for your taste buds.

Louisville’s vegan pepperoni doesn’t have the traditional appearance of other pepperoni pizzas since it comes in the shape of a sausage. However, it tastes just how you want the pepperoni to be. With Louisville, you’re in for a treat.

4. The BE-Hive

According to many vegans, the BE-Hive’s Seitan Pepperoni has the most realistic and closest texture to the original one, which alone is enough to make this brand a winner for them. However, the brand has more to offer. The combination of sundried tomatoes with a special blend of spices hits all the right notes and creates a riot of flavors in the mouth. The pepperoni also comes pre-sliced, making it easier to use.

The company claims that BE-Hive’s Vegan Seitan Pepperoni offers 18 grams of protein, 11% of the recommended daily amount for iron, and 5.8% of calcium. Offering a perfect combination of taste, texture, and convenience, the BE-Hive’s Vegan Seitan Pepperoni is a must-try for all vegans.

5. Green Slice Foods LLC

If you’re a health-conscious vegan craving pizza, Green Slice Foods LLC makes it possible for you to satisfy your craving without going overboard on calories. The brand may not be as well-known as many other vegan meat companies, but its quality is even better than many major brands.

Green Slice Foods LLC is a woman-owned small business based in Vermont. One of its must-try products for pepperoni lovers is the Organic Meatless Deli Slices, which are made with non-GMO ingredients, have zero saturated fats, and are gluten-free.

With pea protein as the core ingredient, the Deli Slices offer a great taste with a hint of herbs and spices. In addition to pizzas, these vegan deli slices are also perfect for sandwiches and wraps.

Try Organic Meatless Deli Slices by Green Slice Veggeroni to treat your taste buds. The pleasure that you get from supporting a small business and woman entrepreneurship will be an added advantage.

To Sum Up – What Is the Best Vegan Pepperoni Brand?

All these brands have nailed meatless pepperonis. They offer great taste and will satisfy your cravings for classic pepperoni.

However, some of them are calorie-dense, while others are healthier with minimum fat quantity. Some are also organic, while others are not. So, the pizza that you choose to try should depend on your dietary choices and health goals.

If you’re not worried about calories or ‘unhealthy’ ingredients and are just looking for a good vegan pepperoni brand, none of these brands will disappoint you.

Are you interested in learning more about vegan food brands? Check out my blog for a series of articles on what food companies and restaurants cater to their vegan customers and what they have to offer!

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