5 Best Vegan Perfume Brands: For Men And Women 2024 

Perfume is a huge part of American culture. So, I was surprised to learn that a lot of perfumes aren’t quite as “natural” as I thought. In fact, many perfumes use a number of animal-derived oils and musks that are taken from exploited captive animals. Pretty messed up, right? 

Thankfully, not all perfume is a product of animal cruelty. There are actually some really great vegan perfume brands on the market! The best part is that they’re also a good bit cheaper since they don’t come from high-end designer brands. 

If you’ve been searching for the perfect fragrance, then you’ve come to the right spot! Below, I’ll show you some of the best vegan perfume brands for women and men that my boyfriend and I have been using lately. 

Skylar Coconut Cove Eau de Perfume
Skylar Coconut Cove Eau de Perfume
Editor's Choice
By Invitation Rose Gold from Michael Bublé Fragrances
By Invitation Rose Gold from Michael Bublé Fragrances
Reader's Choice
Scent-Organix So Serene Perfume for Men & Women by Scent Beauty
Scent-Organix So Serene Perfume for Men & Women by Scent Beauty

Is Perfume Vegan? 

Before I became a vegan, I always thought that perfume was inherently vegan. It all smells so bright, vibrant, and natural. What’s not to like, right? 

However, many of the top-selling designer perfume brands are NOT vegan. Many of them contain musk and body oils taken from captive or slaughtered animals.

These “musky” scents often imitate certain musks that are given out by the human body and are designed to attract mammals.

One of the biggest reasons why men and women wear perfume is to smell attractive. It all comes down to the complex ways that our bodies respond to pheromones and aromatic stimuli. 

What Is Vegan Perfume Made Of? 

First and foremost, vegan perfume is 100% cruelty-free. This means that vegan perfume isn’t quite as musky as non-vegan perfume. Instead, vegan perfume uses natural oils obtained from wood and various aromatic plants and flowers to create fresh, all-natural scents. 

Other than the main concentrated scent, most vegan perfume contains a bit of alcohol or distilled water, which dilutes the concentrated oil into a spray that you can mist over your skin and clothing. 

The Best Vegan Perfume Brands 2024: Smell Your Best! 

Are you ready to smell your absolute best? These vegan perfume brands are perfect for vegans who want to top off their style with some amazing, all-natural scents. Whether you’re looking for something floral, earthy, or fresh, I guarantee you’ll enjoy at least one of these. 

Take a look! 

1) Skylar Coconut Cove Eau de Perfume (link)

  • Best For: Women

Skylar Eau de Perfume is one of my favourite vegan perfume brands. It’s designed with plant-based, skin-conscious individuals like myself in mind. 

Firstly, this perfume is 100% cruelty-free, so absolutely no animals were exploited to create any of the scents in the perfume. Additionally, the perfume wasn’t tested on animals, which is a big win for vegans

Secondly, all of the ingredients are hypoallergenic, which makes this vegan perfume perfect for those with sensitive skin. I naturally have pale, somewhat sensitive skin, and this perfume has never bothered me or caused any irritation or rashes. 

The Coconut Cove scent is light and tropical and isn’t overpowering. Every time I smell it, the scent takes me back to my last vacation to Hawaii, sitting on the beach, sipping a coconut and tanning. 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-free perfume
  • Light scent


  • The scent may be a bit too light for some

2) By Invitation Rose Gold from Michael Bublé Fragrances (link)

  • Best For: Women

Most people know Canadian singer Michael Buble for his Sinatra-like songs and soaring vocals. However, most people don’t know that he also has his own line of perfume and cologne for men and women! 

Of all the perfumes I’ve tried of his, I have to say that the By Invitation Rose Gold is my favourite. It has a rich, floral scent that features a heavy aroma of roses. It also features notes of pear, magnolia flowers, cinnamon, and a bit of sweet toasted vanilla. 

It’s a warm, intimate scent that’s perfect for a date or a night out at the club. It’s also 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so you never have to worry about any animals being harmed to help you smell better. 


  • Rich floral scents
  • Notes of cinnamon, vanilla, magnolia, and pear
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Affordable


  • The scent may be a bit too strong for those with a sensitive nose

3) Scent-Organix So Serene Perfume for Men & Women by Scent Beauty (link)

  • Best For: Men & Women (Unisex) 

If you’re looking for a moderate perfume that smells great on both men and women, then you’ll love Scent-Organix “So Serene” Perfume. This all-natural perfume is biodegradable and free from any parabens, sulfites, and other nasty chemicals that aren’t good for your skin.

The “So Serene” scent has strong notes of mandarin orange and lavender with an underlying scent profile of green tea, limes, and freesia (a South African flower).

The company also offers several other unisex scents that range from wood, rich, and herbal to fruity, light, and floral. While the price point is a bit higher than other vegan perfumes I’ve tried, Scent-Organix is more concentrated and strong, so the bottle lasts me a bit longer. 


  • Smells great on men and women
  • Vibrant citrusy scent
  • Made from biodegradable ingredients
  • 86% all-natural


  • Higher price point than other vegan perfume

4) Herban Cowboy Men’s Cologne, Dusk (link)

  • Best For: Men

Herban Cowboy’s Men’s “Dusk” Cologne is, by far, one of the best vegan perfume brands made for men. I recently got this as a present for my boyfriend’s birthday, and we both love it. Unlike most men’s cologne and body spray, this scent comes from all-natural herbs and plant-based oils. 

It doesn’t contain any of the strong chemical scents or animal-derived musks that you’ll find in other men’s cologne brands. Seeing as I have a sensitive nose to chemicals, I really enjoy smelling this on my man! It’s strong, deep, and masculine without being overpowering. 


  • Strong smell without the chemicals
  • No animal-derived musks or oils
  • Made from mostly natural ingredients
  • Affordable price point


  • It’s not very concentrated, so you’ll use it a bit faster than some vegan perfumes I’ve tried

5) Pacifica Beauty, French Lilac (link)

  • Best For: Women

If you like floral scents, but you’re not looking for something quite as strong as the Michael Buble perfume I mentioned above, then Pacifica Beauty’s “French Lilac” scent is the next best thing. 

It’s a light, vibrant, and lively perfume that features notes of lilac flowers. It’s the perfect perfume for everyday wear. Whether you’re going to work, running errands, or just need a refreshing spritz in the middle of a hot day, you’ll enjoy this vegan perfume. 

It’s also designed with a hypoallergenic spray base, which makes it an excellent choice for anybody with sensitive skin! 


  • Light floral scent
  • Perfect for everyday wear
  • Hypoallergenic and made for sensitive skin
  • Long-lasting scent


  • It’s not a strong scent, so you may have to use extra for added effect

Conclusion – What’s The Best Vegan Perfume? 

If I had to choose, I would have to say that Scent-Organix “So Serene” Perfume is the best vegan perfume brand that I’ve tried. It smells super-fresh and vibrant without being too overpowering or musky. Since it’s a unisex perfume, my boyfriend can also use it as well. 

One thing we all know is that perfume isn’t a good substitute for good hygiene! Make sure you have your pits covered and check out my favourite vegan deodorant brands next

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