Is Jeff Goldblum Vegan? (2024)

Jeff Goldblum’s claim to fame may have been his roles in The Fly, Independence Day, and Jurassic Park, but he has been in the news in the vegan community for some other reason lately. The 70-yer-old actor is rumored to be vegan. But is he? Is Jeff Goldblum vegan? 

No. Jeff Goldblum is not vegan. He may choose to eat plant-based foods sometimes, but the Jurassic Park actor is definitely not vegan or vegetarian. He is an omnivore, like most others.

Why is Jeff Goldblum Considered Vegan, Then?

Jeff Goldblum has never been known as a vegan. He never claimed to be one, either. What’s up with the news then, you may wonder.

Well, that has turned out to be just another false celebrity news, but it wasn’t completely baseless. There were a couple of incidents in 2018 that led Goldblum’s fans and vegans to presume that he may have made the shift to a plant-based diet.

First off, the beloved actor and musician opted for vegan wings on Hot Ones. 

Here’s the episode for those who haven’t seen it…

Shortly after that episode aired, Goldblum was spotted at a vegan restaurant by the American filmmaker, actor, and comedian Kevin Smith. It was his tweet about the encounter that sort of confirmed the speculations that were being about Jeff Goldblum’s transition to veganism since the Hot One’s episode. 

Jeff Goldblum’s transition to veganism

Wrote Smith with a Jurassic Park GIF that showed Dr. Ian Malcolm (Goldblum) running for his life from – you must have guessed it already – a dinosaur, a tyrannosaurus rex, to be specific.

It turns out that people who presumed that Jeff Goldblum had turned vegan weren’t entirely at fault. These incidents would make anyone believe so. 

Kevin Smith’s tweet was like a seal of approval on the speculations on the rumors sparked by Hot Ones.

How Do We Know Jeff Goldblum is Not Vegan?

Both the incidents narrated above point toward Goldblum’s transition to veganism. How can we then say that he is not vegan, you may ask?

Well, it was another of Jeff Goldblum’s shows that cleared the confusion raised by Hot Ones. It was The World According to Jeff Goldblum that on-aired late in 2019, a year later than the Hot One’s episode and Kevin Smith’s tweet.

He ate ice creams and BBQ meat and also talked about eating insects on the show. Though he did mention the impact of animal industries on the environment, the alternative he presented to eating animals wasn’t vegan-friendly. He suggested eating insects as a sustainable alternative. 

Even if we ignore the ice creams (although we shouldn’t, as they have animal ingredients, too), Jeff Goldblum was seen eating meat and insects on the show, which clearly showed that he hadn’t restricted himself to eating plant foods.

Jeff Goldblum Is an Advocate for Healthy Eating

The Fly actor may not be vegan, but he strongly advocates a healthy diet and is more inclined towards plant-based foods.

“I want to eat something that has integrity. I am constantly seeing how I feel – what seems best for my inner environment and our shared outer environment. I like fruits and vegetables and whole grains and lead protein,” he wrote in an article published in GQ magazine in 2016.

Again, this statement may raise doubts regarding Goldblum’s dietary associations. But, it’s important to note that even though he talked about the environment and his preference for plant-based foods, he also clearly said that he eats lean protein as well.

Protein may come from plant-based sources, but the term ‘lean protein’ is generally used for less fatty meats. So, it’s hard to believe that he was referring to plant protein and not meat in the article.

Is Jeff Goldblum Vegan? The Wrap Up

Is Jeff Goldblum Vegan
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Although the Jurassic Park famed actor never openly stated his association or disassociation with veganism, there have been rumors of him becoming vegan for the past few years.

They are not true, though, because the American actor and musician were seen eating meat, insects, and ice creams in his show The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

Having said that, he is pro-clean, healthy eating. He has cut out the unhealthy stuff from his diet – sugary, fatty, fried foods, and booze. He doesn’t smoke and works out regularly. Now we know why he is aging like fine wine.

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