6 Vegan Pizza Crust Brands (2023)

Pizza has all of the food elements that science tells humans are drawn to due to their evolutionary diets (you could blame your forefathers for your pizza obsession). It’s rich, complex, fatty, and packed with carbs.

Not to mention it’s utterly delicious and entirely customizable. No wonder pizza is one of the most popular dishes worldwide, and there are countless pizza places all around.

But sadly, the vegan food industry is far behind on this. So your best bet is to make your own.

Don’t forget to get the premade crust to make the process easier and quicker. Read on to learn about some of the best vegan pizza crust brands.

Is Pizza Crust Not Vegan?

If you’re into cooking or know how pizza crust is made, you may wonder why we are looking for vegan pizza crust brands when the classic pizza dough is vegan-friendly. Is pizza dough not vegan, you may ask?

The truth is pizza dough is only vegan when made the traditional way. And not all pizza/crust makers of today follow the classic recipe. Many use whey instead of water to make crusts more flavorful and rich, add a slight tanginess to them, and improve the texture. Some may use milk.

Most pizza dough recipes do not call for eggs, but some store-bought crusts might contain them. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry and buy the ones that you’re sure meet the vegan dietary guidelines. This is exactly what I am here to help you with today. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Best Vegan Pizza Crust Brands

Here are my top picks for brands to buy vegan pizza crust from:

1. Wrawp (LINK)

All our lives, we’ve had baked pizza crusts. But Wrawp brings you one that’s dehydrated to keep all the nutrients intact. Dehydration also gives the pizza crust a long shelf life and makes it suitable to be consumed raw, making it a perfect option for stocking your pantry for those sudden, untimely pizza cravings.

Wrawp is not just a vegan brand; it’s healthy, too. All of Wrawp’s products, including pizza crusts, are made with real, organic fruits and vegetables, ensuring you get a good dose of nutrients in each slice (making pizza less of a guilty pleasure).  Here are the core ingredients of Wrawp’s pizza crusts:

Vegan Pizza Crust Brands 11

Wrawp’s dehydrated pizza crusts come in three varieties – Original, Spirulina, and Tomato. All are soy-free, nut-free, made without any preservatives, and paleo-friendly. You can have them raw or bake them for up to a minute for a crispy crust. Since they are thin and get soft when rehydrated, they can also be used to make vegan calzones.

To sum up, Wrawp’s has made the health enthusiasts’ long-standing desire for guilt-free (healthy) pizza crust a reality. Now, you can be on a diet and still have pizza. Just be careful of the toppings you use.

The only potential downside for some is that Wrawp’s vegan pizza crusts are thin, so those who like theirs thicker might not find it as satisfying. But I believe you can compromise on the crust’s thickness for nutrients. It’s not that bad of a deal.

The brand is also gluten-free and wheat-free.

2. Flatout (LINK)

Flatout pizza crust is accidentally vegan. But it’s intentionally prepared to be low on calories. One Flatout pizza crust contains just 130 calories. Moreover, it comes in personal-sized pieces, helping to prevent overeating.

If you’re trying to lose weight or are watching your calories for general health purposes, this can make an excellent choice to satisfy your pizza craving without exceeding your daily calorie limit.

It’s artisanal-style thin crust (just how I like it). Here’s what it’s made of:

Vegan Pizza Crust Brands 1

Flatout offers just one type of pizza crust, but there are several great flatbread options. So, if you’re looking to switch things up, you may use those as your pizza base. Just make sure to check the ingredients before picking any item to confirm it doesn’t have anything that goes against your dietary commitments.

The only thing that can be a bummer for some vegans is that Flatout isn’t a certified vegan brand (it’s essentially a health brand that focuses on making low-calorie products). If you don’t mind buying from such a company, I recommend giving Flatout vegan pizza crust a try.

Flatout pizza crust may not be certified vegan, but it’s certified Kosher-friendly.

3. Angelic Bakehouse (LINK)

For those who only (or prefer to) buy from all-vegan brands, Angelic Bakehouse makes another great option. Along with being entirely vegan-friendly, the brand makes everything the healthy way using sprouted grains. The product line includes breads, wraps, buns, and pizza crusts.

There’s only one variety of vegan pizza crust at Angelic Bakehouse, but it comes in two sizes, packed with 7 sprouted whole grains. Here’s the full list of ingredients:

Note:  A few online sources state that it also comes in a reduced sodium variety, but I couldn’t find it on the brand’s website.

Angelic Bakehouse pizza crusts are certified vegan, Kosher, and non-GMO.

4. Mauk Family Farms (LINK)

Offering raw, vegan, organic pizza crusts for over a decade, Mauk Family Farms has established a name for itself in both the vegan and health eaters’ community. They come in four varieties and require no baking, which means you can whip up a pizza in no time.

Of all the brands on our list, Mauk Family Farms offers the largest variety of vegan pizza crusts. Your options include

  • Raw Breakfast Crusts
  • Raw Wheat Free Crusts
  • Raw Mineral Rich Crusts
  • Raw Green Spirulina Crusts
  • Raw Acai Blueberry Crusts

In addition to being vegan, all of Mauk Family Farms’ crusts are grains and gluten-free. They are also 100% organic.

5. Cali’flour Foods (LINK)

The humble cauliflower has gained unparalleled attention and praise in the health eaters’ community during the past several years. The discovery of the versatility of cauliflower has also made it a viable alternative for certain non-vegan dishes, such as wings.

Cauliflower pizza crusts are also popular, but they aren’t always vegan-friendly. Cali-flour Foods offer one that is. It’s called Plant-Based Italian Crust and is made by combining cauliflower with sunflower and sesame seed flours, basil, olive oil, and nutritional yeast to keep it rich, healthy, and packed with cheesy goodness yet as close to the authentic pizza crust as possible. It’s also low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free, and Keto-friendly.

An important thing to note is that the pizza crust isn’t vegan-certified. However, it comes labeled as plant-based and dairy-free, making it vegan-friendly.

Take a look at the full list of Cali’flour Foods vegan pizza crust ingredients to confirm yourself:

Vegan Pizza Crust Brands 2

It’s also important to mention that Cali’flour Foods isn’t a vegan brand. In fact, the company offers only one vegan-friendly product, which is this pizza crust. It may not be an ideal brand to buy from, but if you’re looking for a healthy, low-glycemic alternative to pizza crusts without severely compromising on flavor or texture, this one makes one of your best (if not the best) options.

6. Rich’s (LINK)

Claiming to be the first in the world to create non-dairy whipped topping (in 1945), Rich’s brings a legacy of over 75 years with its foods. But the brand doesn’t just rely on its past reputation; it continues to build it up by delivering incredible quality products and a large variety of choices to its consumers.

When it comes to plant-based pizza crusts, no other brand can offer you as much variety as Rich’s does.

Whether you want a pizza dough ball, a sheeted, ready-to-bake vegan pizza crust, or a par-baked crust, one that is made of regular pizza flour, cauliflower, or whole grains, a regular crust, thin crust, or a thick one, Rich’s has it all for you and some more.

 In total, you have a whopping 29 options in the vegan pizza category. It’s not a 100% vegan brand, though. If this doesn’t bother you, Rich’s vegan pizza crust is a must-try (it’s at the top of my next month’s grocery list).

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Pizza Crust Brands That Are Not Vegan

Here are some of the popular brands whose pizza crusts aren’t vegan-friendly:

  • Caulipower
  • Boboli
  • Cappello’s
  • Wewalka
  • Outer Aisle
  • Market Pantry
  • Golden Home

Buying Guide

When looking for the best vegan pizza brands, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure you’re making an informed decision.


Check the ingredient list to ensure the pizza is entirely plant-based and free from animal-derived ingredients. Some common vegan ingredients to look for are:

  • Vegetables (such as bell peppers, onions, olives, and mushrooms)
  • Vegan cheese alternatives (made from cashews, almonds or soy)
  • Meat substitutes (such as soy-based pepperoni or sausage)

Nutritional Value

Compare the nutritional content of various vegan pizza brands to make a choice that aligns with your dietary needs. Consider aspects such as calorie count, protein content, and the amounts of healthy fats, sodium, and sugars.

Flavor Options

Explore different flavor profiles to find one that suits your taste preferences. Some popular vegan pizza flavors include:

MargheritaTomato sauce, vegan cheese, and fresh basil
BBQBarbeque sauce, plant-based proteins, and assorted vegetables
BuffaloSpicy buffalo sauce, vegan cheese, and plant-based chicken alternatives

Brand Reputation

Research the reputation of various vegan pizza brands by reading customer reviews, considering recommendations, and evaluating the brand’s commitment to ethical and environmentally-friendly practice


While there are countless pizza places literally everywhere and a few vegan options, too, there’s something extraordinarily satisfying about creating your own pizza with all your favorite toppings and loads of (dairy-free) cheese.

However, considering that many people struggle with making the crust from scratch, it’s best to buy it premade.

Use this list as your reference guide for the best brands to buy vegan-friendly pizza crusts. However, if you’re dedicated to making pizza crust from scratch, take a look at the following video for a vegan pizza crust recipe that doesn’t require yeast.

Now that you’ve got your pizza crusts sorted, how about knowing the best brands for vegan cheese? After all, what’s a pizza without cheese? Check out my article Best Vegan Cheese Brands to know your options.

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