7 Best Vegan YouTubers: Subscribe To A New Lifestyle in 2024

When I first started my vegan journey seven years ago, YouTube was an incredible resource for me. Don’t get me wrong, I read my fair share of books, articles, and scientific research studies.

But when it comes to staying motivated and creative with your vegan diet every day, the vegan influencers and channels I follow on YouTube and social media have been invaluable. 

Following vegan chefs on YouTube has taught me tons of skills in the kitchen and has kept my diet full of fresh ideas. Watching vegan YouTubers is also great for daily motivation, especially if you’re just getting started with your diet and you’re looking for tips and tricks. 

Whether you’re looking for recipes, ideas, motivation, or drama, I guarantee you’ll get something out of this list! Below, I’m about to show you the best vegan YouTubers and influencers that you should follow ASAP. 

Get ready to subscribe to a new way of life! 

The 7 Best Vegan YouTubers To Follow For Inspiration

Best Vegan YouTubers To Follow For Inspiration

We all go on YouTube for different reasons. Some of us want to learn, while others are seeking entertainment and drama.

Vegan diet and lifestyle pages are currently trending all over social media, so there’s a wide range of vegan YouTubers who each have their own specific niche. So, whatever you’re into, there’s somebody who’s just right for you! 

1) Earthling Ed

Earthling Ed

Ed Winters is known as “Earthling Ed” online. His YouTube channel has over 420,000 active subscribers and he posts on a weekly basis. 

Earthling Ed’s primary focus is on bringing awareness to the vegan lifestyle. He regularly debates non-vegans and encourages open discussion.

He’s also been known for his witty “fact-checking” videos where he questions and corrects leading scientists and influencers about vegan science, ethics, and nutrition. 

One of the things I really appreciate about Earthling Ed’s page is that he brings awareness to the environment. Many people aren’t aware that going vegan can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and Ed often says that going vegan is one of the best ways to save the planet. 

He recently published his book, Vegan Propaganda, which summarizes his beliefs and answers/explains the anti-vegan propaganda that’s being driven by the meat industry.

If you’re a reader, be sure to check out my full review of Vegan Propaganda here! 

2) Cheap Lazy Vegan

Cheap Lazy Vegan

When I first went vegan, I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. This led to me making mistakes (often), spending too much money on vegan specialty items, and eating the same boring food over and over again… 

That is until I started watching The Cheap Lazy Vegan! She started her YouTube page in 2015 and has since amassed a following of over 777,000 followers, making her one of the larger vegan influencers. 

Rose is the Cheap Lazy Vegan and she started her YouTube page to show vegans how to cook easy delicious vegan meals at home.

While vegan food has developed a reputation for being expensive and inaccessible, Rose shows her viewers that eating vegan doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. 

Although she currently resides in Canada, she was born in South Korea. This is why she specializes in vegan Korean cuisine!

She has tons of videos showing her viewers how to cook vegan-friendly Korean dishes such as vegan sushi, kimchi, rice cake soup, and more. She also has tutorials for cooking vegan Indian cuisine and other Asian dishes. 

Cheap Lazy Vegan has lots of day-in-the-life-of videos and grocery shopping vlogs to show you that eating healthy, plant-based meals can be cheap and easy. Given the rising inflation and growing cost of groceries, this is much appreciated! 

3) Avant Garde Vegan

Avant Garde Vegan

The man behind Avant Garde Vegan is chef Gaz Oakley, a professionally trained chef who left his career in the restaurant industry to start his own vegan cooking channel in 2016.

Since then, he’s amassed over 1.43 million subscribers, making him one of the biggest vegan cooking pages on YouTube. 

Avant Garde Vegan is all about cooking delicious plant-based vegan meals. Some of the most popular videos on his page showcase giant skewers and roasts made with plant-based “meat.” Think Beyond Meat, but healthier and made from scratch! 

If you appreciate fine dining and classic food, Avant Garde Vegan is a great page to follow. Oakley was professionally trained and knows a lot about cooking.

He’s best known for finding creative ways of turning traditional animal dishes into veggie-based dishes, such as Roasted Cauliflower Wellington, New-York Vegan Cheesecake, Vegan Brisket, and vegan pastries. 

Personally, I really appreciate his use of vegan protein. I’ve seen him do more than I ever thought possible with vegan meat alternatives like tempeh, seitan, jackfruit, and legumes. 

4) Fully Raw Kristina

Fully Raw Kristina

If you’re interested in learning more about the raw vegan diet, then Fully Raw Kristina is a great YouTuber to follow! Kristina Carillo-Bucaram started her YouTube channel in 2012 as a way of sharing basic knowledge and the benefits of going to a raw vegan diet.

Today, she has 1.25 million subs and over 134 million likes on her videos. Pretty impressive, right? 

As I outlined in this post, the raw vegan diet consists of eating whole, uncooked foods. This means no steamed veggies, bread, rice, or other starches that require cooking.

The idea behind the raw vegan diet is that it’s more nutritious and natural and allows our bodies to get the maximum nutritional value out of plant-based foods. 

It was actually Kristina’s page that convinced me to try my thirty-day raw vegan challenge last year. Although I didn’t end up staying on the raw vegan diet, it showed me the importance of including raw, uncooked veggies in my diet every day. 

In addition to cooking and diet advice, Fully Raw Kristina also vlogs about her daily life and adventures. She often showcases her favorite vegan restaurants while she travels, her daily eating habits, and often talks about her use of fresh herbs and juicing in her diet. 

Whether you’re raw vegan or just curious, I definitely recommend checking her page out! 

5) Vegan Gains

Vegan Gains

Vegan Gains is an up-and-coming fitness influencer who currently has 324,000 followers and growing. His goal is to break the misconception that meat and animal protein are “requirements” to build muscle and get jacked.

Currently, this plant-based bodybuilder is 100% vegan, jacked up, and out here changing minds. 

A lot of Vegan Gains’ content is just workout and fitness videos, where he updates his followers on his gains, daily workouts, and fitness goals.

He also posts a lot of home cooking videos, showing his followers easy vegan protein recipes and his favorite vegan protein supplements that he incorporates into his diet. 

Lately, Vegan Gains has also been posting a lot more lifestyle content. He regularly debates other vloggers, does funny impressions, talks about his vegan pets, and bashes other “fake vegan” YouTubers. 

If you’re into fitness, bodybuilding, or just want to learn more about the vegan lifestyle, Vegan Gains is a pretty good page to keep up with!  

6) The Real Tarzann

The Real Tarzann

Although The Real Tarzann’s YouTube channel isn’t strictly related to the vegan diet and lifestyle, the YouTuber is a strict vegan and is outspoken about his commitment to being a vegan. If you love animals and fitness, then you’ll love this guy! 

The former NFL player started his YouTube channel in 2012 and he now has over 884,000 subscribers on the platform. He’s more active on Instagram but posts weekly videos on YouTube. 

The vlogger lives on a large jungle-filled property in Florida with his pack of dogs and wild animals. He works with zoos and wildlife conservation programs, restoring rescued and endangered animals back to life. 

Whether it’s a tiger, leopard, chimp, gorilla, lemur, flamingo, or giant snake, The Real Tarzann is always hanging out with a new animal friend and dropping cool wildlife facts that will make you appreciate the planet’s diverse life so much more. 

He’s a staunch animal rights activist as well and travels the world working alongside anti-poaching organizations and spreading awareness about humanity’s destruction of wildlife. 

Tarzann recently launched his vegan protein brand, Wyld Protein, which is made using pea protein and amino acids. If you’re an aspiring vegan bodybuilder or athlete, you’ll appreciate his workout and training videos and challenges as well. 

7) Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is one of the world’s youngest billionaires and is arguably the most well-known cosmetics influencer in the world.

She’s primarily known for her online makeup video tutorials where she showcases her daily creations made using her brand, Kylie Cosmetics. 

Kylie Jenner publicly announced that she was switching to a vegan diet in 2017. When she launched Kylie Cosmetics in 2019, she made sure that her brand reflected her lifestyle change.

Kylie Cosmetics is one of the few major brands that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. 

Although she doesn’t offer a lot of content about vegan cooking, she’s a great vegan influencer to follow if you’re looking for fashion and cosmetic content! 

Is Kim Kardashian A Vegetarian? 

Kim Kardashian West hasn’t been very open about her diet. However, shortly after her sister Kylie announced she was going vegan, Kim said that she was mostly vegan and was working on going full vegan.

Her pages and content often showcase her plant-based meals and lifestyle, so I assume she’s 100% vegan at this point. 

Vegan YouTubers Who Are No Longer Vegan 

Vegan YouTubers Who Are No Longer Vegan 

Not all vegan YouTubers stay vegan. Some influencers turn their back on the vegan lifestyle and diet for one reason or another.

Some were never actually vegan, to begin with, and are just using the trend to help their pages grow! Things usually get awkward when your followers catch you in a lie… 

Alyse Parker

Alyse Parker was a popular vegan blogger and YouTuber for several years. She’s also known for her dramatic experiments.

A few years ago, she dramatically changed course and announced that she was going on an all-carnivore diet due to health complications caused by her raw vegan diet. 

Hey, at least she’s honest about it! 

Yovana Mendoza

Yovanna Mendoza was formerly known for her YouTube page, Rawvana. She enjoyed a successful career as a vegan fitness influencer and was best known for her impressive physique, all made possible by her raw vegan diet. 

After being caught on camera eating meat, her career and sponsorships were all but ruined. 

She changed her influencer name and admitted that she had been incorporating meat into her diet after experiencing health problems from her pure vegan diet. Today, she’s mostly vegan but incorporates small amounts of animal products into her diet. 

Conclusion – Take Social Media With A Grain Of Salt

Take Social Media With A Grain Of Salt

YouTube is a great place to find new vegan recipes, get inspired about your vegan lifestyle, and engage in the ethical debates behind veganism. Just keep in mind that it’s still social media.

Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to “perfect” celebrities and influencers.

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